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I am an American citizen and have been studying in ChinA.If I want to go to high school in the United States, do I need to take TOEFL?
What do you need to take if you don't need it?
Thank you Roseweiwei 10 answers Teacher Huang Need to take an exam.
When applying for the exam, we should look at the commonly used language in the country where we have been teaching for the past two years, so we still need to take TOEFL exam.
Teacher Wu Although you are an American citizen, you still need TOEFL because you have been studying in ChinA.I have an Australian passport for my students.
When I study in China, my school still requires TOEFL.
But if you've been studying in international schools, Vericant in some schools can be exempted.
Miss Li Without the background of American study, TOEFL is the same as international students in admission.
It is necessary to prove linguistic competence.
SSAT is also necessary, similar to the high school entrance exam, to examine academic ability - if you want to have a good boarding or walking, you need to prepare two grades carefully.
Teacher Peng Because you have been studying in China, you still need to take TOEFL, TOEFL and ssat.
Zhang Although you are American, your mother tongue is Chinese, TOEFL must be.
Of course not, public schools.
2 Needed.
Sun teacher If you have been studying in China, it is the Chinese environment, this TOEFL is estimated to be unavoidable.
3 Normally, the requirement of TOEFL in schools does not depend on nationality, but on whether your mother tongue is English.
If not, all international people must take TOEFL.
Teacher Wang We need TOEFL.
You are treated as an international student because your main experience is in China.
1 International students should be considered as long as they apply overseas, but not all international students need TOFEL.
For international school students such as ISB and SAS, TOFEL is not required for general students, ESL students may need it.
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    ABOUT north-dakota local customs, tourist attractions
    North Dakota introduce.
    銆銆銆 Area: 182996 square kilometers In fifty states, ranked seventeenth.
    Population: 653000 In fifty states, ranked forty-five.
    State: Bismarck Bismark The main city: brother Fargo Grand GrandForks Prairie rose State bird: No Oon 銆銆 North Dakota, the name from the Indian language (Sioux Sioux), its meaning is "alliance with friends."
    銆銆 1780 colonial.
    In November 2, 1889, South Dakota and became the thirty-ninth state and fortieth state.
    The prairie rose is the state flower PrairieRose.
    The alias is called "the Sioux state" SiouxState (Sioux Indians in the family, living in the state) or "Flickertail State" FlickertailState.
    銆銆 The capital is Bismarck Bismark, in the south central part of the state, a population of thirty thousand.
    The largest city in the state by brother Fargo, agricultural machinery manufacturing industry is very abundant, in the state's eastern border, a population of only fifty thousand.
    Therefore, the speed of urbanization is very slow.
    The state has 14 institutions of higher learning.
    The most famous is the University of North Dakota, founded in1883, location in the east border of grand GrandForks, students of 8000. 銆銆 State features are: first, for the United States in the state of slow urbanization.
    The full display of rural scenery in the state.
    Second, the yield of spring wheat, ranking first in the nation.
    The state of Lu Du Mai durum (produced for pasta), barley and flax, yield for the state crown.
    The state of Eastern plains.
    The water and soil erosion by etching, emergence of the evil badlands, steep slope and deep valleys, lack of soil, agricultural development is not easy.
    In recent years, the state through the Missouri river has become a long narrow lake, which can not only beautify the local scenery, but also can be used in irrigation and Hydropower development.
    The state of mineral resources is very rich, oil, natural gas and coal, has not been a lot of development.
    The North central International Peace Park InternationalPeaceGarden, across the United States and canadian territory, area of 88 Bismarck is located in the east coast of the Missouri River, is the capital and the second largest city in North Dakota, Burleigh county in the central North Dakota county, North Dakota is also a central commercial, medical center.
    The city was founded in 1872, was named in honor of the German Prime Minister Otto von Bismarck.
    Bismarck center of the North Dakota house of Parliament is the highest building in the state, a total of 19 layers, Bismarck is one of the most popular tourist destination.
    Be quiet house around the park, meandering walking trails and numerous historical sites around, so that visitors can understand the way the history of North dakota.
    The North Dakota Heritage center for the state's official history Museum, in the 1967 years of opening to the outside world, because of the fixed and temporary exhibition is very popular, the fixed exhibition showcases the millions of years ago, people in the area of life.
    A good place for Bismarck or adventure travel, with a number of amusement parks and clubs can enjoy golf, swimming, skating, walking, fun camping.
    Bismarck will go to
    Reason: the United States North Dakota capital attraction where the continents: North America
    scenic region / country: the United States
    attractions at the provincial, state: North Dakota [North Dakota State]
    city attractions: Bismarck [Bismarck]

    Theodore Roosevelt National Park is located in the North Dakota West, founded in 1978, covers an area of 70446 acres, named the National Park is to commemorate the great contribution to the conservation of Theodore - President Roosevelt.
    Theodore Roosevelt National Park in the hinterland of 285 square kilometers, and distributed in three non connected blocks are: North, South and antlers farm.
    Due to the remoteness of Theodor Roosevelt National Park to visit the park less tourists.
    Theodor president came here for the first time in 1883, was "extremely free" atmosphere infection, instantly fell in love with the land of the free.
    He often come here, to built a small farm.
    Theodore Roosevelt wrote in his notebook in this period of time is his days after the president has become an important.
    This place has been designated as the wild animal reserve and National Memorial Park, finally established in 1978 as a national park.
    Theodore Roosevelt National Park is the main Landscape Badlands terrain and the prairie, the badlands terrain known as the Martian landscape.
    The park also preserves the wasteland riotous with colour feature in this region, and the broad riverbed containing petrified wood.
    Most people feel unbelievable is the dome mountain, the rock and sediment formed on the surface of color stripes, very beautiful.
    The park has a rich ecosystem, including animal bison, pronghorn, bighorn sheep, wild horses, prairie dogs, wild turkey, Golden Eagle, etc.
    Theodore Roosevelt National Park
    Reason: the most singular national parks in the United States
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions at the provincial, state: North Dakota [North Dakota State]
    The University of North Dakota (UND) is a four-year public university.
    Founded in 1883, it was awarded the third.
    tier National University by American News and World Report, ranking 168th in the United States in terms of academic reputation.
    The best discipline is aviation, followed by engineering (especially chemical engineering), occupational and physical therapy.
    The subjects selected by the most students were health science (17%), business management (14%), transportation (13%), engineering (8%) and social science (8%).
    The State University is also a university system.
    Its detailed campus situation is visible.
    Founded in 1890, a comprehensive university has 8 colleges and 8680 students.
    North Dakota has eight universities, five two-year colleges, and four aboriginal colleges.
    The state's schools are University of North Dakota in Grand Fork, North Dakota State University in Fargo, Minot State University in Manatee, and Dickinson State University in Dickinson.
    State University, Valley city State college in Valley city, and Mayville State college in Melville.
    Private schools include the University of Mary in Bismarck and Jamestown college in Jamestown.
    Two-year colleges include: North Dakota State University - Bottineau, North Dakota University - Lake in Devils Lake, North Dakota University - Willinston in North Dakota, and North Dakota State colle in Wahpeton.
    Ge of Science), and Bismarck State college, located in Bismarck, Bismarck State college.
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