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Can I make an appointment for an interview by sending an email to the school and calling for an appointment?
Is it okay to have an appointment interview in September?
Is it necessary to provide an approximate date to the admissions office first?
For example, do I want to go to the campus for an interview in early December, or do I want the admissions office to arrange on Site or Skype?
Will there be some good boarding high schools that need to provide TOEFL scores, Vericant scores or a draft of the papers before making an appointment for an interview?
What if there are no Vericant interview results and final TOEFL scores for the September appointment interview?
One hundred and sixty-eight 10 answers Mr.
Jiang If Vericant is required, you have to pass the Vericant interview before proceeding to the next step.
The school gives the formal interview opportunity.
As for the campus and Skype, they are optional.
In the second half of the year, many schools will come to ChinA.You can make an appointment at your city's location.
Generally, there are still many directors.
Some TOEFL schools will ask for it, including SSAT, so start preparing as soon as possible.
Teacher Peng You can make an appointment by email or phone for the school interview in September.
Before that, you need to confirm the school you are applying for and the school itinerary, because you go to more than one school in the United States.
You need to tell the school about your arrival time in the United States to see if it is convenient for the school to receive you for an interview at the American school.
It is suggested that you go to the United States for an interview.
If you can't go to the United States for a campus interview for special reasons, you can arrange SKYPE.
Some schools do, but most schools do not require TOEFL or SSAT grades if you make an early appointment, but some top boarding high schools require standardized grades whenever you make an appointment.
Some schools have to pass VERICANT interviews.
Please go to the official website of VERICANT to find out which schools have to pass through Verick before they can arrange formal interviews.
Teacher Huang It's best to make an appointment for an interview on the phone if conditions permit.
You should first have a campus visit plan, and then ask high school if you can make an appointment for an interview.
Specific school requirements are different, it's best to ask by telephone first.
Zhang Call and email are all right.
Usually you have to make a phone call at rush hour.
Yes, then let the school suggest the time.
It's better to go to the campus.
Some direct There are schools like BLAIR.
T105 Many schools need Willick grades Few schools require submission of application materials before making arrangements.
September may be a little simpler because there are fewer people.
5 Interviews are best conducted on campus, after campus visits.
In this way, the school will feel that you attach more importance to them and that it will be helpful for the application.
Application materials may be required before the interview.
2 You can make an appointment with the school for a later interview.
When you get the relevant results, you will have more content with the interviewer.
Teacher Fang Later interview is good, should have a score, the application submitted after the interview is the beSt.the reason being that (1) With scores and application materials, schools and teachers will have a preliminary understanding of you.
It will also be beneficial for you to start the interview according to your application materials.
Otherwise, you can only ask some of the most common questions, and it's hard for you to play.
(2) With a score, you can be targeted and confident in the interview for yourself.
If the score has no advantage, you can consider the reversal method in the interview.
That is to say, the interview strategy can be considered according to the score.
(3) The last time for the school to collect all the students'data is around mid-February.
The children interviewed late may still be impressed by the teachers.
The students interviewed in August may have been forgotten by the teachers.
(4) We should consider all the links.
Generally speaking, it is too late for students to prepare for standardized examinations.
Therefore, it is not better to make full use of the time for examinations and not use the prime time of examinations for interviews.
It is not better to go to interviews when the examinations are not available.
(5) American families visit study first, in summer and autumn, and then consider whether to apply.
Therefore, they go early and school teachers have not entered the interview status.
The school will not refuse your request for an interview.
It may receive you out of courtesy because the teacher doesn't know you yet.
I hope I can help you.
4 The more "good" boarding high schools, the more resources they have to cope with the doubling of applications from ChinA.But in recent years, there are too many applicants, many high schools have to use standardized grades or third-party interviews to conduct the primary election.
Blair, for example, requires TOEFL to go up to 105 and submit SSAT scores.
In terms of last year's admission, it is not the sooner the interview is better, or try to be fully prepared to go to OC.
Teacher Xia 1. The earlier the appointment, the better.
Of course, the premise is that you have EC ready by yourself or you can prepare EC as planneD.In the case of preparation, the sooner you go to the interview, the better.
The interview time window and the official website of the school are all written.
The specific time is negotiated between the two sides (PA is chosen by yourself on the internet).
You can change it in the future, just like visiting a friend's home.
2. Call.
After the beginning of the school, the admissions office is not so busy.
It can solve problems in the most efficient way.
3. Campus interview OC or network interview Skype depends on family intention.
I still suggest going to OC.Where children are going to stay for four years in the future, they should go and see it anyway, and schools don't.
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    ABOUT nevada local customs, tourist attractions
    Nevada introduce .
    銆銆銆 Area: 286297 square kilometers.
    In fifty states, ranked seventh.
    Population: 633000 In fifty states, ranked forty-sixth.
    State: cameroon Sun city carsoncity The main city of Las Vegas: LasVegas Reynolds Reno State flower: sagebrush.
    Island: Bluebird.
    銆銆 The name of Nevada is from Spanish, its meaning is "snow covered" Snow-clad.
    銆銆 1850 colonial.
    18 to 0 years in October 31st to become the thirty-sixth state of the United states.
    To mount AI Sagebrush (Friends of green bush) is the state flower.
    The alias is called the Silver State SilverState.
    Is the capital city of carsoncity about twenty thousand of the population of cameroon sun.
    The famous university is University of Nevada, founded in 1874, Reno place north of Reynolds in the state capital, about seven thousand students.
    銆銆 The state has four features: first, the United States the most drought state.
    The average annual rainfall of only 185 mm (seven / four inch).
    Second, it is the third lowest population density of states (the average population density per square kilometer, Alaska is less than one, Wyoming and Nevada two, were less than two people).
    Thirdly, the divorce law, where the state of residence within 6 weeks, you can apply for a divorce.
    This method is of some help for tourism development.
    Fourth, the annual number of people outside the state to enter the state of tourism, more than the total population, 55 times.
    From the casino revenue accounted for about half of the total.
    The tourism industry with an annual income of more than $700 million.
    銆銆 The state in the great basin.
    The northern boundary of Oregon and Idaho two, West and southwest two and is adjacent to california.
    Southeast Arizona, the East and the Utah state border.
    The state of west exit by the Sierra Nevada mountains of resistance, drought irrigation can only have local agriculture and animal husbandry.
    Minerals are copper.
    The arid areas of the state wide.
    In the following two areas: population concentration (A) of a small South West border of the state, (B) a district of the southeast corner of the state, close to Lake mead.
    The famous American casino Las Vegas LasVegas in this area.
    One hundred and thirty thousand of the population (large urban Erwuwan).
    This is the first city in the state.
    Nevada Museum of art is located in the state of Nevada in Reno, West Liberty Street No. 160, Nevada is the only one to get recognized by the American Association of Museums art Museum.
    The Museum was established in 1931, is the predecessor of the Nevada Art Gallery (Nevada Art Gallery), founder of University of Nevada professor James car (James e.
    1949 won a gallery exhibition hall and some permanent collections, in 1978, the gallery bought Hawkins house (Hawkins) and moved into the new space, since then, has undergone continuous development and expansion of the Museum.
    2001 Nevada Museum launched the game expansion program of $22 million, the architect will Bruder final (Will Bruder) the design of the four layer structure of the new Museum opened in May 24, 2003, the first year it received more than 120 thousand visitors.
    2007 Nevada art Museum began to develop the visual arts and education project, to enhance its position in the similar institutions in the.
    Today, art Museum every year to receive more than 81 thousand visitors, more than 6300 members of the support, the annual operating budget of $3 million.
    As the Nevada only one approved by the National Art Museum, art Museum's permanent collection of Nevada throughout nineteenth century to twenty-first century art, including five key collection.
    In addition, the Museum will regularly hold a different theme of the exhibition, the exhibition mainly focus on land protection in recent years, people pay more and more attention in the.
    Nevada Museum of Art
    Reason: Nevada only a nationally accredited Art Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, the state of Nevada [Nevada State]
    city Attractions: Reno [Reno]

    The nuclear test Museum opened in March 2005, is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, is mainly to showcase the history of nuclear tests a nuclear test site in the northern Las Vegas desert.
    It is one of the Smithson society membership organization, is one of the 37 National Museum.
    The Museum has been listed as one of the six Museums in America must go, the biggest secret beauty on 1 things in 50 years, there are clearly made accountable to the world. This is the world's first nuclear test Museum, America has conducted nuclear tests at the Nevada test base, the base is located in the northwest of Las Vegas, 60 miles.
    According to the Museum's nuclear test shows us 1 test history, the exhibition also includes atmosphere simulation detonated scenes in the "ground zero Theatre", 0 of the fire and the roar of the audience as witnessed as the real nuclear teSt. Although the nuclear test was strongly opposed by many people in the world, but the nuclear test base on Las Vegas's economic growth and development has played a very important role, it has attracted many scientists and other technical workers to make contributions to the local economy.
    Most of the atmosphere test was carried out in 1950.1960 years in ten years, and this time Las Vegas's population increased from 24624 to 64405, more than doubled.
    Nuclear test site has become a tourist attraction, produced by the 0 mushroom cloud also appeared in a variety of souvenirs.
    National Atomic Testing Museum
    Reason: the world's only Museum of nuclear test
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, the state of Nevada [Nevada State]
    Attractions: Las Vegas city [Las Vegas]

    Lost city Museum The name of the city before the site Museum called Boulder Dam Park Museum (Boulder Dam Park Museum), is located in the state of Nevada, South Ovenden (Overton).
    It is 1935 by the Nevada National Park Management Office was built in a early Indian tribe on the site of the Museum, is now one of the six Nevada Museum cultural Relics Administration management.
    This site is rising because of the Hoover dam and the formation of Lake Mead several times, the Indians live near 5 miles of flooded and destroyed and the formation
    Some ancient city Ruins Museum exhibition in the site area was excavated, including a large number of Indian Pottery, stone tools, textile, tools and various accessories, some archaeological research on city site is still in.
    In addition, the Museum also for some visitors around the reconstruction of ancient Pueblo peoples (Anasazi) of traditional architecture, very local characteristics, make tourists more in-depth understanding of the culture and history.
    Lost city Museum
    Necessary to Reason: one of the most Nevada Museum at
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, the state of Nevada [Nevada State]
    Lied Discovery children's Museum Lyle children's Museum opened in September 1990, is located in Las Vegas city of Nevada, is an area of over 2000 square meters of the interest of the children's Museum.
    Since the establishment of the Museum, it has gradually evolved into an important social resource, has become one of the main social services to children and families in metropolis.
    According to statistics, so far 1 million 600 thousand people have come here to visit, many children and families in the first place to visit Las Vegas.
    There are one hundred kinds of interactive exhibition in the Museum covers children Lyle, science, arts and culture etc.
    On the two floor of the Museum of the children, children can understand the adult world of life in the game, such as work, money, money, shopping.
    There are also games for kids to experience the blind and deaf people use a convenient crutch and wheelchair.
    Lyle children's Museum is the most important feature is to encourage interaction between adults and children, to provide a fun to share through the discovery of the special learning experience for them, and is committed to the service from different cultural background and economic ability of children and families.
    Lied Discovery children's Museum The most interesting
    Reason: Las Vegas children's Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, the state of Nevada [Nevada State]
    Attractions: Las Vegas city [Las Vegas]

    The Las Vegas Museum of natural history is a private, non-profit Museum of natural history, it is located in Las Vegas city of nevada.
    It was established in the 7 1991 16, which is a part of Las Vegas urban cultural promenade.
    Here, will bring you into a strange since prehistoric times to modern wild animal world and their natural ecosystem characteristics, let visitors understand the animal's habits, grasp the scientific research methods and basic principles.
    The Las Vegas Museum of natural history exhibition theme is excavated from the area of the fossil, simulated natural ecological environment and animal life in the exhibition area, moving dinosaur specimens, marine organisms, and the specimen making process.
    In addition, the Museum has just opened in 2010 the Egyptian exhibition hall, the main exhibition related historical relics of Tutankhamun's life.
    The Las Vegas Museum of natural history not only let people see and hear about the history of Las Vegas, understand science and nature, but also provide the opportunity and experience personally participate in the Museum held a variety of learning and training programs, set up a bridge between science and history and people's life.
    Las Vegas Natural History Museum
    Reason: Las Vegas's most interesting Museum of natural history
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, the state of Nevada [Nevada State]
    city Attractions: Las Vegas [Las Vegas]

    valley of fire state park Flame Valley State Park is located in the northeast of Las Vegas 90 kilometers, referred to as the valley of fire.
    It is Nevada's oldest national park, established in 1935, covering an area of 14120 hectares.
    It is called the valley of fire, because of the large area of the valley is visible on the surface of the Mesozoic red sandstone will refract like fiery red in the sun, looked like fire valley.
    Millions of years from weathered sandstone, full of odd shape Valley, as the valley of fire red like burning in general.
    The desert wind here constantly blowing red sandstone, a strange stone shape.
    According to the research, there have been local indigenous Indians, that is the holy land, so there are many murals left on red sandstone murals including contemporary Indian life and the changes of nature, some murals has a history of 8000 years.
    In the park at the entrance to the passenger service center will show the park of multimedia video, introduces these murals, ecological environment and park.
    The peculiar scenery of the flame Valley State Park into a Hollywood sci-fi viewfinder, such as the 1990 Arno - Schwarzenegger starred in the "total recall", 1994 "Star Trek: Star VII Jones", in the 2007 blockbuster chinese "Transformers" etc.
    Valley of Fire State Park
    Reason: Nevada's oldest national park
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, the state of Nevada [Nevada State]
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