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Teachers, is it helpful for children to learn squash to go to school in the United States?
Is squash highly recognized in the United States?
Thank you!
I'm not used to it yet.
10 answers Sun teacher Many high schools don't have squash halls, so it's not convenient to practice.
Half of the acceptance, schools like group sports, can show team cooperation and leadership.
Jiang Generally speaking, unless the application is of super high standard, it depends on whether the school needs it or not.
However, a beneficial sport has a long-term impact on children's high school life and life.
It is more important to find schools with squash sports resources and stick to sport.
Teacher Chen In the final championship of the American Senior High School Squash League, 104 teams participated in each team with seven players.
The average team is about 12 players.
You can figure out the total number, and it's clear how well you approve it.
1 See what help you neeD.First of all, most school squash in the East is a winter sport.
There will be a school sport in the meeting.
This will facilitate the choice of future sports.
If you play well enough to participate in the league, it is a specialty, can increase the chance of admission, if you can become a high-level athlete, there may be direct admission opportunities.
Ivy League University enrolls senior high school students with high squash proficiency every year.
Of course, the students who rank in the top 30 points of the League are the main ones.
Egyptian students are in the majority.
Teacher Liu The acceptance is relatively high.
Zhao There are many special venues in the northeastern part of the school.
We can see which schools have related activities.
It's helpful, but it's based on comprehensive strength.
In order Teacher Ma Squash is still very high, although the popularity in China is not high, not many people play.
3 Hello, this parent!
The recognition of squash in the United States is still very high.
Many schools have very good squash halls and facilities.
There are sports classes and clubs for students to choose from.
No matter what kind of sports hobbies, one is to benefit students'own health, enhance their physique, and cultivate students' willpower.
What's more, sports activities can help students make friends with students who have the same interests and hobbies, exchange experiences, and quickly integrate into campus culture.
If the students persist for a long time, and have participated in some clubs or competitions, or even won prizes, then the admissions officer can also see when applying for school whether you really like the sport, whether you can persevere, whether you have good cooperation ability with teammates, team consciousness.
In addition to sports, students'standardized performance, school GPA, teachers' letters of recommendation, students'and parents' papers, public welfare activities, contributions to the community, as well as students'interview performance, psychological maturity and adaptability to the new environment are all important assessment contents for students when applying for admission.
Teacher Wu Accreditation is limited to the northeast.
Teacher Huang There must be some help.
Squash belongs to the winter routine in some schools with better hardware, and its recognition is still relatively high.
It should be noted that sports expertise, like other expertise, is a supplementary help, and belongs to extra points.
The real competitiveness is the essential attributes of children's English communicative ability, learning ability, personality characteristics and so on.
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    Union Square North carolina State capitol is located in Rowley city, North carolina, began construction in 1833, completed in 1840, is a Greek Revival style building, by architect William Nichols (William Nichols) important works.
    North carolina State capitol is the most well preserved colonial parliament, in 1840 to 1865 of the renovation, in 1973 was listed as a national historic landmark.
    If tourists want to visit it, need two weeks in advance booking.
    The United States Houses of Parliament generally to the public to take a very open attitude, generally will be free and open to visitors, and have received a comprehensive mechanism.
    After simple security, the staff warmly handed, visitors can visit the next free seat has a hundred years of history of ancient buildings.
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    The name of this residence from Yueer Ryan, known as the "father of Rowley" and "the father of wake county".
    Ryan began to build the house in 1760 years, 1770 years completed, is a typical 18 century manor house.
    Ryan and his house in North carolina from colonial to the United States, and Rowley as the capital of North carolina has played a tremendous role, the house has been included in the national register of historic places.
    There is a garden on the outside of the house, it is said that Ryan had in the garden, raise chicken and other animal, in addition, also planted a lot of trees, such as pomegranates, figs, grapes, apples, pears and so on.
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    Pisgah national forest is located in the western North carolina, established in 1916, covers an area of 2075 square kilometers, by green mountains, gurgling streams, waterfalls and lush forests, is the ideal place to get close to nature.
    Pisgah national forest area including the Blue Ridge Mountains, across the 12 county, North carolina, is the most popular place for nature lovers.
    The natural flavor of the park provides a variety of recreational activities for tourists, such as hiking, camping, picnicking, sightseeing, waterfalls, mountain biking, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, in some areas within the park can also hunt.
    The tinkling stream for the visitors to play music, playing a song, waterfalls are all pictures taken place.
    For the convenience of tourists visiting the park, also opened up a number of trails, the winding path and lead the tourists to enter different scenic spots of natural beauty.
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