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Is it better for children to have more AP subjects?
Does the University think that the child nerdy?
Li 10 answers Teacher Fang All the examinations are not the more the better.
It has become a reality that the top 30 students in the United States submit 4-6 AP scores, even 8 AP scores.
The top 50 schools also submit 2-3 scores, which has become the norm.
However, most Chinese students who are good at science choose calculus, physics, chemistry, biology, macroeconomics and microeconomics.
Look, these are six subjects.
If you want to stand out and be able to master the subject of partial prose, I encourage students to take exams in history, literature, psychology, and even art history.
Teacher Xia According to experience and understanding, it is enough for AP to guarantee that there are four performance submissions.
Too many will not bring more advantages.
Teacher Yang In the first two years, there was a statistic that the average number of early admissions to IVY was 8 AP.
Of course, if you have spare time, you can study by yourself and take more exams.
It is better to complement each other with activities.
Teacher Peng Many schools have limits on the number of AP courses you take, and it takes time for you to make sure that you get good grades when you take AP courses.
Students themselves have to consider whether they have this endurance.
After all, in high school, you have to do a lot of other things well.
Teacher Wu The number of AP courses is only an indicator.
What other factors include AP courses?
How challenging is it?
AP course score.
It depends on whether you have any other activities.
5 Everyone's situation is different.
If there are no extracurricular activities or sports at all, it's certainly nerdy to go to college by AP alone.
1 On the premise that more than 4 can be guaranteed and personal school life can not be delayed, the more the better.
4 Obviously, this problem is not that the more the better, if the child has the ability, interest, and motivation to learn, just do what he can.
Off-topic remarks:
It is better for children to communicate with school teachers to decide this issue.
Schools have different arrangements, and parents are not the most clear about their children's situation.
My feeling is that the children themselves decide to do things, more responsible to do.
Teacher Zhou The more AP courses, the better.
It's related to the quality of course selection and grades.
Whether the university thinks that the child nerdy depends on other factors.
Related to other activities.
Teacher Ma Even five or six Harvard doors are enough.
There are not so many non-Big rattan.
There are also groups that do not record duke.
If you don't flush big rattan, don't get too entangled with how many AP.
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