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    ABOUT georgia local customs, tourist attractions

    Georgia,one of the 7 state in southeastern USA, nickname empire state of the South (Empire State of The South). Named in honor of the English king George II, also known as Georgia. The northern boundary of Tennessee and North Carolina, South Florida, northeast and South Carolina border, Southeast the Atlantic, West adjoin alabama. Area of 152488 square kilometers, twenty-fourth among the 50 states in the. The population of 9690000 (2010). Atlanta (Atlanta).

    Georgia is located in Ministry of Southeast USA, and South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and Florida border, North and 475 km, 370 km east-west, covers an area of 154000 square kilometers, the coastline stretches for 160 kilometers of the Atlantic, is one of the state USA most diversity. Saji Ayushu was one of the American most populous state, with a population of nearly 10000000.

    Because of the relationship between the latitude, and near the Gulf of Mexico's warm waters in the seas, Georgia, a pleasant climate throughout the year. Spring flowers blooming like a piece of brocade Georgia Georgia warm and humid; summer; autumn winter Georgia Georgia is fresh and bright; tender and genial. Summer air temperature is between 27 to 35 degrees Celsius, the winter in northern Georgia will have a small amount of snow.

    The largest city of Atlanta

    Governor: Nathan Deal (Nathan Deal, the Republican Party)


    Saxby Chambliss (Republican)

    Jonny Isaksson (Republican)

    The official language is English

    Area of 154077 square kilometers (twenty-fourth in the nation)

    Georgia State Capital

    - the land of 150132 square kilometers

    Waters 3945 square kilometers (2.6%)

    Population (2010)

    -- a total of 9690000 (ninth in the nation)

    Density of 54.59 people / km2 (eighteenth in the nation)

    To join the federal order

    January 2, 1788 - the date

    - the 4th join American federal

    When the region of Eastern standard time zone: UTC-5/-4

    Latitude 30 degrees 35 degrees N 31'N to

    By degrees 81 degrees W degrees 53'W to 85

    370 kilometers wide

    480 kilometers long


    - the highest 1458 meters

    - an average of 180 meters

    - the lowest 0 meters


    - post GA

    - ISO US-GA

    Atlanta (Atlanta) located in the eastern part of the United States. Located in 350 meters above sea level in the Appalachian foothills of the plateau, is one of the three major U. S. City Heights. Is also the capital of the state of Georgia and the largest industrial and commercial city. Is the capital and the largest city in the state of Georgia. It is the county government resident of Fulton county. Is the ninth metropolitan area of the United states. As a railway hub, the development of Atlanta began in the early 19th century, that was destroyed during the civil war, but was chosen as the state capital quickly rebuilt. In twentieth Century, it was the center of the civil rights movement in the United States, and hosted the 1996 Summer Olympics.
    Atlanta is the ten richest man in the United States, where there are many millions of dollars in the United States of America more than the big rich. In 2013, Atlanta was ranked as the most wealthy American people want to start the big city.
    Area of more than and 350 square kilometers, a population of 500, of the urban area, about 500000 of which blacks accounted for 52%. It is not only a historical city, but also an emerging industrial and commercial city and culture, medical and health center. In 1836 as a railway terminus is built, the Civil War (1861-1865) strategic when the army of the south. In the civil war, after reconstruction. The southeastern part of the United States air traffic location, financial center. Over the past 20 years, with the northern industrial and commercial and population migration south, the development of rapid, there are aircraft, automobiles, fiber, machinery, steel, food and other industries. Lockheed Aircraft Co and Coca Cola Co headquarters. Emory University (US is the latest NEWS ranked twenty-first in the [1]) and the Georgia Institute of Technology. Multiple museums and parks. Developed tourism.

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