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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Now in the ninth grade in the United States, GPA is about 85, TOEFL is 100, SSAT is 90%.
If you want to transfer to the Eastern Boarding School, it's better to go to the NJ or NY side.
I'd like to know about the application requirements of Lawrence Eville and peddie.
Tuesday 10 answers Teacher Chen Not this year.
Next year, it will be 11 grade transfer.
Will these two schools accept it?
It's better to consult the school directly.
If you just want to transfer to boarding, there are many good boarding schools in these two states.
Teacher Wang Can we consider the high quality boarding schools for international students?
Everything else meets your requirements.
Your grades are in line.
Hopefully, I will transfer to another school this autumn.
Jiang This year's application is no gooD.The deadline is too early.
If it is next year, first of all, standardization should be improveD.The comparatively competitive results of these two schools will be around 110, and SSAT will be more than 90%.
But grades are only the threshold and the key brick.
Schools attach great importance to documents and interviews.
Sun teacher Lawrence eville, we had a kid with similar grades before.
In the application process, we need to write papers, interviews and so on.
These two parts are also very important.
When writing papers, we can write something we are interested in and convey our enthusiasm to the admissions officer.
Teacher Wu The digital requirements of these two schools may be achievable if you work hard, but they are not just about grades, you have to be prepared for other aspects.
Teacher Liu This year, these two schools are basically impossible.
Actually, they choose to go to school or boarding supplement, but they are not the two schools.
For example, schools with an average SAT score of 50-70 have hope.
If you are interested in a good day school in New Jersey, you can contact us.
Thank you!
1 Do you want to transfer to 15fall?
If so, I don't think there's much chance for these two schools to apply for the Eastern Walk-through.
Good Walk-through is a better time to apply at this stage.
Of course, the specific school requirements for how to apply or contact the school as far as possible, most of the good walking requirements near New York are relatively high, many do not issue i20, it is better to ask the school directly.
In short, Miss Li Hello, classmates.
First of all, your standardized results are very gooD.Lawrence Eville and Eddie are both top boarding schools.
The competition is intense.
The deadlines of the two schools are normal on January 15. Of course, there may be a slight chance to make up for the entries.
However, you should never use standardized grades to measure the success rate of your application.
You also need to pay attention to your current school transcripts, letters of recommendation, your strengths and so on.
If you need further evaluation, you can contact me to see if you can help.
Teacher Xia This year's application is no gooD.The deadline is too early.
If it is next year, first of all, standardization should be improveD.The comparatively competitive results of these two schools will be around 110, and SSAT will be more than 90%.
Specific best contact with the school enrollment, in fact, these two states have many good high schools, it is recommended to look again.
Teacher Huang Lawrenceville schools need TOEFL and SSAT scores, and ISEE can be used to replace SSAT scores.
Peddie School is a school where students applying for grades 9 and 10 must provide SSAT or ISEE scores; students applying for grades 11 must provide PSAT or SAT scores and a graded writing sample; and international students must also provide TOEFL scores.
(School does not accept applications for Grade 12) There are also some basic materials about documents, letters of recommendation, domestic school grades and so on.
Hope to help you!
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    ABOUT georgia local customs, tourist attractions
    In the hometown of gone with the wind
    I called Atlanta as "gone" hometown, it is because the American writer Margaret Mischel wrote a famous novel "gone with the wind here."
    The novel is based on more than 100 years ago the American civil War as the background, and Atlanta Taisho is the main battlefield of the war, the story of the heroine in the troubled times in the face in the flames of war, unfortunately, strong life from an admired manor young lady to eat the force businesswoman, she although persistent in love with a person, but three is still unable to get married, the dream of love.
    So I think Atlanta is called "gone home" is appropriate.
    Atlanta is the largest city in the southeastern United States, is also the capital of Georgia, but earlier it as "description, gone with the wind" in that way but is a city there are local flavor of the town, then the outbreak of the American civil War, the city was almost to dust by the union of arson, and now people over the past 100 years here will have a new feeling, the symbol of Atlanta city emblem of the Phoenix has been diligently from the bath fire rebirth: from the traditional agriculture to develop science and technology, become the transportation, transportation and service, automobile and aircraft manufacturing and other emerging industrial center.
    It has a population of about five million is the modern tourist city;
    there are 70 storey Atlanta Hotel, a world leading beverage coca.cola headquarters, cNN global news network.
    But here in 1996 held the 26 Olympic Games, the only fire phoenix onto the world stage.
    I have two times to Atlanta, is the first time in July 1996, coincided with the 26 Olympic Games will be held here, I was fortunate to have witnessed the Olympic Games many wonderful game.
    I live in the United States and the daughter of a cheerleader for china athletes Leigu waving flag cheer.
    The Olympic Games chinese team honors, 197 countries and regions participating, china won 16 gold medals in fourth, makes me feel particularly excited is the women's girls from the Norway team won the runner up;
    women's volleyball girls beat Russia out of the revival also won the silver card.
    But to my surprise at the Olympic Games will be before the end of the day night, terrorist incident shocked the world happened here: Olympic Plaza a trash suddenly 0, more than 100 tourists were injured, two people were killed on the spot.
    The police arrested a suspect on the spot (on the security), the 0 case of murderers until four years later in North carolina arrested, the wronged security to be released, it is be not at all surprising miscarriages of justice in the United states.
    Last year, the second time I go to the United States, while thinking about the last time to go to Atlanta, but no search "gone" marks, not have regret, this time I have the opportunity to come to the United States, why don't you go to Atlanta again to fill the defect.
    We first went to the civil war history Museum.
    When entering this arched hall, it seems as if time reversal for one hundred years, has described the civil war painting scene here, with the film the way to 360 arc rotation, with sound effects, the tragic scenes of the civil war presented in front of us, to give people a sense of personally on the scene.
    Then we came to the Peachtree Street now tenth downtown Street No. 999. Here is the "home and birthplace Museum gone" - Margaret Michael.
    The residence of Mischel and the Museum was built in the end of nineteenth century, the show pictures and many cultural relics, including literature, Mischel wrote "the typewriter" gone with the wind gone with the wind, 1936 after the publication of Pulitzer prize trophy, and released figures show this novel is the most popular at the time of the book, the circulation of 250 thousand per year in 30 languages, continuous hot.
    In 1939, Warner Brothers according to a novel into a film of the same name, this piece of the show, a sensation across the United States, the number of read "gone" in this movie, far more than other movies, including "Titanic", is the history of Hollywood is most proud of a blockbuster created, film showing time 4 hours, the viewer.
    Won the Oscar for best feature film.
    We are in the course of the visit, to understand the life of Mischel, and a glimpse of the masterpiece "gone" novels and movies of the whole world influence.
    Mischel is an enthusiastic service to the society of the writer, during the Second World War, she volunteered for the American Red cross, and led a $65 million navy warship "Atlantis" reconstruction.
    Her life is full of charity side, she Moerhaosi college (Morehouse) provides a quota of 50 scholarships.
    At noon on August 15, 1949, Margaret Mitchell was killed by a speeding motorcycle in Atlanta city, and the motorcyclist is "crazy gone" this works and admirers of film.
    MS Margaret Michael in Atlanta was held on the same day grand memorial service, the motorcyclist to embrace his infinite love "gone with the wind" novels, with a pious mood and killed Dutch act of atonement.
    The sea music festival, a bit unbelievable.
          Must have the opportunity to experience             The blue sea and beautiful coral reefs for the stage, red snorkeling when the baton, diving enthusiasts carrying every kind of imitation instrument, portrait of "playing", singing and dancing..
    Once a year in Florida in the United States "Sea Music Festival" grand opening, a large number of "sea artists" began their wonderful unique performance!
         As in previous years, this concert create new styles in the American state of Florida "Keith National Marine Sanctuary" (Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary) held.
         In the protected area of water, from around the country more than 400 diving enthusiasts carrying a "musical instrument", on coral reefs for the stage, with the landing to upload music on the seabed with enthusiasm "chuiladanchang, shared with fish.
    Of course, after all, is at the bottom of the sea, all the "artist" just waving imitation instrument frill, pose, and no real underwater music, beautiful music is by sea vessels to hang down to the bottom of the outgoing special speaker.
         However, the performers look like really like playing music, they looked focused, serious blow, pulling the "instrument", "sing" emotion, rhythm and also from time to time with the dance.
         It is interesting, because you really don't have to play music, "artists" to bring all kinds of musical instruments is a generic, fish bone shape, the shape of the crab, fish and other sea creatures shape modeling offbeat "instrument".
         The famous American symphonic music art master Sabrina Maria Alfonso also became a member of the music festival this year, he and several companions dressed in black clothing, together in the water down a symphony".
         Alfonso also used red snorkeling when the baton is put to "command" band "playing".
    He was very happy and said: "now, in my career as a conductor, finally have a command of the underwater experience!"
         20 years of history, special significance      From the beginning of 1984, Florida's "sea concert" held once a year.
    When the founder Bill Beck said that this special concert is to make music and cultural sea coral reefs together, so that people have the opportunity to enjoy the music in the new era under water.
         In 20 years, "Sea Music Festival" every year to attract hundreds of diving enthusiasts.
    In addition to the "sea show" lively and vivid, the activities will also show the diving technology reform and development as well as other underwater art of every hue.
         However, no matter what show, all the "submarine artist" performance must comply with a premise, that is "love the ocean environment, and effectively protect coral reefs, cannot cause any pollution and harm to the environment under the sea.
         Therefore, the sponsor will be focused in the choice of music For example, in 2003 the selected music and the "sea", such as celion Dion portrait interpretation of "Titanic" theme song, Jimmy Baafi's famous works "" fins and local music, as "sea carnival" specially designed "background music" and so on.
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