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Hello teachers and classmates:
If American high schools apply for undergraduate courses, what is the saying of SAT or ACT?
Is it the requirement of undergraduate colleges?
Or is it beautiful?
Or can students follow their own wishes or be good at it?
Thank you.
Gu Rui 10 answers Teacher Ma Basically, school sat and act are acceptable.
In recent years, the number of act is increasing.
If children are strong in science, they can consider taking act.
SAT examinations mainly examine students'problem-solving ability and critical thinking skills, while ACT examines more knowledge learned in high school, especially for those mathematically savvy people, ACT has more room to play.
Teacher Wang SAT ACT is required by universities.
It depends on the situation of students.
Many schools recognize it.
Jiang It's the university's requirement, not the high school's requirement.
SAT and ACT are accepted by most universities.
According to one of their specialties, they can take the exam.
Both of them are prepared to have less experience.
ACT is the knowledge learned in the exam, SAT is the ability to study in the exam.
ACT has many relative questions, each question takes a short time, fast students are suitable for ACT.
In addition, ACT has scientific SAT.
Teacher Peng Yes.
That's definitely not the requirement of high school, it's the requirement of university.
If you have already chosen a university, you should see what you really want and prepare according to their requirements.
If you haven't chosen a good university, it depends on your child's expertise.
Traditionally, universities on the East and west coasts required SAT and universities in the central and western regions required ACT.
But now most schools accept both.
For every student, preparing for both is not the best policy.
Sun teacher Arrange according to your child's situation and see which one is suitable for the exam.
Teacher Chen It can be said that these two examinations are equivalent.
Sat schools also accept act.
Students can choose which one to take according to their own situation.
Teacher Wu Colleges can accept their own choices 4 Generally speaking, schools accept SAT and ACT!
When I went abroad, I also took SAT. compared with SAT, ACT has the advantages of simple vocabulary, low difficulty and short examination time.
And most Chinese students go abroad for SAT, so ACT has a comparative advantage (scarcity is the most expensive).
3 Generally speaking, schools accepting SAT scores also accept ACT scores.
SAT examines students'language and reasoning abilities, while ACT focuses more on what they learn in school.
There is no absolute good or bad for both.
It depends on which exam your child is better suited for, so you can choose between them.
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    ABOUT california local customs, tourist attractions
    california Palm Springs - Southern california city tour.
    In 160 kilometers east of Losangeles, snow covered by the San Jacinto foothills, elevated tram (the longest and highest elevated TRAM) can reach the top.
    A population of 32 thousand.
    To "the first us tour the desert flow".
    The famous golf course.
    According to the size of the population, the number of the city's swimming pool ranked first in the world. A 1500.2000 year old palm trees and mineral springs, there are many galleries.
    This beautiful desert town has many beautiful tourist attractions, here follow go four travel together to have a look.
    1, Aerie Aerie Art Garden art garden A desert botanical garden and the adjacent gallery from September to May, the need to make an appointment.
    Address: 71.255 Aerie Dr.
    , Palm Desert.
    2, cabot cabot s Old Museum of Indian tribes' Indian Pueblo Museum A Hopi style structure of the old Indian tribal Museum, the Museum by cabot Yerxa one single handedly built in 20. Here is the trading post, Museums, art galleries and shops of rock.
    Every Wednesday morning to Sunday ten am to four pm on display.
    Tickets: adults aged $2.50, $2, $1 under the age of sixteen.
    Address: 67.616 e.
    Desert View Ave.
    , Desert Hot Springs.
    3, coachella Valley Museum & cultural center coachella Valley Museum & cultural center A collection of local artists and a mud brick house between 1926s September to June permanent collection of cultural relics!
    Every Wednesday to Saturday morning ten am to four pm and Sunday at one point to four points on display.
    Address: 82.616 Miles Ave.
    , Indio.
    4, Indian canyon Indian canyons Andreas Murray and the majestic scenery, towering palm canyon, the canyon has a calm and beautiful, here is a trading post here, can have a picnic, hiking and horseback riding.
    The city is about 5 miles from Palm Springs.
    Summer morning 8:00 to 6:00 in the afternoon opening time, winter morning 8:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon opening time point.
    In July fifteen to August thirty-one ofF- Address: S.
    Palm canyon Dr.
    Tickets: $6 $3.50 adults, the elderly over the age of 62, $1 children 6 to 12 years old, five years old the following free, $3.50 students or military documents, the rider $7. 5, the living desert Living Desert Is Santa Rosa "Santa Rosa."
    the mountains surrounded by a 1200 acre desert show exotic birds and animal, visitor center, bookstore / gift shop, botanical gardens, nature trails, picnic areas, courtyard and cafe Meercat calm.
    Discovery Room is open only on weekends and holidays.
    From September 1st to June 15th this time is open every day from nine a.m. to five p.m., December 25th holiday, every day late admission time is half past four in the afternoon.
    Tickets: free membership, $8.50 adults, older people over the age of 62 $7.50 children aged 3 to 12 years old $4.25, free for children under 3. Summer time from June 16th to August 31st from eight a.m. to 1:00 p.m., tickets: $6.50 age of 13 years and thirteen years of age, children aged three to twelve years old $3.00, children under the age of three free, free parking.
    Address: 47.900 Portola Ave.
    , Palm Desert.
    Desert from Hwy.
    111 to Palm Portola Ave to the East, turn right.
    6, Macallan Mccallum Theatre for the performing Performing Arts Located in the Bob cultural center "Bob Hope cultural Herbert center", the facility is designed to establish the field of artistic performances, which can accommodate 1125 people, Wednesday to Friday, 9:45 in the morning to 10 points by the guide of the free, private tour time is from October to June.
    Address: 73.000 Fred Waring Dr.
    , Palm Desert.
    7, Palm Springs Palm Springs Air Museum Aviation Museum At the Second World War aircraft in 20000 square feet of two air-conditioned rooms, open year-round.
    Open time: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., eight June 1st to August 31st, is open from eight a.m. to 0 p.m..
    Tickets: $7.50 $6 more than adults, the elderly and the military at the age of 64, $3.50 age of 6 years old to 12 years old, 6 years old the following free.
    Please make an appointment with the tour guide.
    Address: 745 N.
    Gene Autry Trail.
    8, Palm Springs Desert Museum Palm Springs Desert Museum A privately funded public Museum, and the United States recognized by the national natural science exhibition facilities, several galleries, Annenberg theater, sculpture garden permanent collection exhibition, American Indian artifacts and artwork, Tuesday to Saturday ten am to five pm, Sunday noon to five p.m., Monday and public holiday.
    Tickets: $6 adults, children aged 6 to 17 years old, students and soldiers $3, aged 62 years or older $5. With adults under the age of six children free.
    The first Friday of every month for free.
    From November to July, two in the afternoon have led by Museum staff tour.
    Address: 101 Museum Dr.
    9, Palm Springs Palm Springs Walk of Stars Avenue Go to visit yesterday and today's star in the famous Palm canyon Drive "palm canyon road", from the mayor Sonny.
    "Sonny Bono" and strong wave Sophia.
    "Sophia Loren" by Roland Bob.
    Herbert, you can find their footprints here.
    Located in Palm canyon Drive.
    10, Elvis Presley honeymoon resort Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway This beautiful mansion has a rich history, because there was a famous Elvis Presley and his new wife Priscilla.
    The first night of Presley "Priscilla Presley" to spend their honeymoon here in May 1, 1967, so it is called the honeymoon hideaway, Elvis Presley continue to use the property at the end of the 1960s.
    11, Macallan Mccallum Adobe mud brick houses Founded in 1885, the small house built with local soil was John Guthrie of the Mccallum family, collected here about the family history.
    Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday noon to 0 PM, Thursday to Saturday morning ten a.m. to four p.m., closed at the end of May to October.
    In 12, Knowles' Knotts Oasis Water Park Oasis Water Park Noury's Oasis Water Park is a water park for a family fun, there are 13 water slides and tidal beaches including "Shark Attack" shark attack for surfing and water skiing special.
    Open the door at eleven every morning, from March 5th to October 24th was over five feet above the $18.95 ticket, children three to five feet $11.95, three feet below the free admission, more than fifteen people have a special offer, the parking fee $4. Address: Gene Autry Trail.
    13, Palm Springs Aerial Tramway Palm Springs aerial tramway The Palm Springs aerial tramway is one of the most spectacular aerial tramway in the world, there is a restaurant, bar, gift shop, picnic area, movie theater and a spectacular trail in 8516 feet of the camp need to apply in advance open every day, can buy additional dinner or no dinner tickets.
    Address: One Tramway Drive.
    14, the Tahquitz Tahquitz canyon Valley Located at 500 Mesquite Ave, Palm canyon Dr in downtown West!
    Walk from the tourist center about 2 hours.
    Business Hours is 7:30 in the morning to 5 p.m. Tickets: $10 adults, 12 children under the age of $5, please make an appointment.
    15, Uprising Rock climbing center climbing center Anyone can do it!
    Here specifically to provide primary climbing courses for persons over the age of six.
    Open all year.
    Address: 1500 S.
    Gene Autry Trail.
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