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Hello, teachers.
I am a boy in junior three.
I went to the United States to study as an exchange student for one year in September this year.
Can this experience help me apply for high school from 2015 to 16?
Or is it possible to increase the chance of admission?
Thank you!
Wang Hong 10 answers Teacher Yang This experience will certainly help if you do well in school.
First of all, it proves that you can live and study independently in the United States.
At the same time, it will certainly help you to understand American culture and environment, if you do well.
Teacher Peng If you exchange students make great progress in every aspect of the year, and have a year of American achievements and a strong letter of promotion from teachers, this year will be helpful; on the contrary, this year's experience may have a negative impact.
I believe you are a responsible student.
I wish you all the best.
Teacher Liu It depends on what improvements have been made for you this year, not just the experience of studying abroaD.First of all, the improvement of language ability and communication ability is one aspect.
In addition, it will be good for you to have a better understanding of American education in the past, which will help you choose schools and adapt to American education in the future.
But for applications, the benefits are not decisive and not absolute.
Because at that time, the application still depends on the examination results, school results, letters of recommendation and so on.
Make good use of this year to get more, and add more chips to the application.
Teacher Wu Maybe it's not the experience itself that will help you apply next year, but the changes that experience brings you - language, awareness, learning ability, communicative ability, etc.
Teacher Xia The fact that you are an exchange student alone will not have much impact on your application, but your year's gains (such as English improvement, familiarity with and adaptation to American educational methods, etc.
) will be helpful.
Your gains will need to be reflected in your application through documents, interviews and so on.
Teacher Fang Hello, classmates.
One year as an exchange student in the United States, it will help you greatly to improve your personal abilities.
Oral English, writing and so on will be improved, and the classroom culture of American schools will also have a certain understanding, which will certainly help Shengao in 2015-16. But for Gao Shen from 2015 to 2016, we need to grasp the application time. come on.
Teacher Ma Hello, depending on your achievements in the year of exchange of foreign students, the more progress you make in this year, the more helpful you will be. come on.
5 First, you can get a letter of recommendation from your teacher during the exchange.
Second, your English, especially spoken English, writing will improve, which will help your TOEFL, SSAT exams and interviews.
2 If you apply to exchange high school, there should be some help.
Applying to other good schools is not very helpful.
Teacher Huang A year of exchange in the United States will help you improve your language and adapt to high school life in the United States.
If you speak from the application point of view, then the biggest help should be to enter the American high school scoring system ahead of time, so that you can be more recognized by the application school in the application process.
From a probability point of view, it can be said that it increases the probability, but the probability also depends on your performance in American schools this year.
Of course, different schools have different admission criteria, in addition to the usual results, some schools still need you to provide standardized test results and TOEFL results.
At present, American high school and undergraduate applications, domestic students are increasingly affected by the early arrival of junior high school students in the United States or Chinese children.
Exchange students are also included.
Come on.
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    ABOUT illinois local customs, tourist attractions
    Grant Park Grant park is located in downtown chicago, a large urban park, and chicago's Lincoln Park, Millennium Park, Washington Park in the downtown area of chicago are called the four major parks.
    It is the earliest planning in 1844, was originally named Lake Park, in 1901 to commemorate the American civil War general Grant (Ulysses S.
    from recess Grant) and renamed Grant park.
    Grant Park covers an area of 319 hectares, stretching from Michigan street to Lake Michigan, the center of chicago and Michigan Lake together, not only to enhance the chicago city skyline with the city landscape, but also provides a leisure place for busy people of chicago, entitled "chicago yard (chicago's front yard)" in the world. Not only the beautiful flowers in the park, high green green trees, manicured lawns, fountains and lighting - the world's largest Buckingham fountain, the Art Institute of chicago, Museum and other humanities building are also in the park include the whole park, fresh air, beautiful environment, strong cultural atmosphere, the majority of tourists love.
    Grant Park
    Reason: chicago's most beautiful city park
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions: Illinois, [Illinois State]
    chicago city attractions: [chicago]

    chicago botanic garden chicago botanical garden is located in chicago county town of cook of Glencoe, opened in 1972, covers an area of 385 acres, is a living Museum of plants, but also the United States the number of visitors in the second botanical garden, about 760 thousand people a year to enjoy the garden.
    According to the different plant species, the park is divided into 26 different zones, such as season Park, botanical garden, aquatic park, the typical garden, Japanese garden, the garden wall, in addition, there are shallow lakes, islands, forests and grasslands.
    In the garden of flowers with unique and varied ways of rendering color in different seasons, all the flowers in the garden are slim, some little and dainty, in different poses and with different expressions, some extremely tall, some in early puberty, some flowers in full bloom, dizzying.
    Surrounded by the fragrance of flowers, there will be a very happy feeling, like the flowers for your company.
    The botanical garden in a hundred flowers contend in beauty, very pretty and charming, let people wait for a very long time, do not want to leave.
    chicago botanical garden has been held for three consecutive years of digital photography contest winners will appear in the botanical garden on the site.
    In addition, the colorful colorful botanical garden has become one of the best choice for new wedding photo, in the flowers of the groom and the bride must be the happiest in the world. chicago Botanic Garden
    Reason: the largest botanical garden of American tourists
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions: Illinois, [Illinois State]
    chicago city attractions: [chicago]

    cole children's Museum cole children's Museum is located in the us state of Illinois, chicago city about 29 kilometers north of Glenview (Glenview), provides hands-on learning opportunities for children under the age of 8. The Museum covers an area of 36000 square meters, including a 4340 square meters of Museum buildings and two 0.18 hectares of outdoor exhibition room.
    The Museum for Illinois school-age children fun way of learning and exhibition as the main features.
    cole children's Museum has a total of 17 children with hands-on and interactive nature of the exhibition, all the different level of physical, visual, auditory and cognitive ability of the tourists can experience all the facilities, attracted about 350 thousand visitors each year.
    "House", not Bikol children's Museum more interesting place.
    The children can have a disease of the small animal in "taking care of the pet doctor in the pavilion";
    "hands-on house for the mini house floor, a brick;
    in a car wash using a variety of tools for cleaning vehicle..
    From the virtual world, children can also in the outdoor pavilion wall painting, maze, giant kaleidoscope etc.
    Kohl children 's Museum
    Reason: the children's Museum of the most interesting Illinois
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions: Illinois, [Illinois State]
    chicago city attractions: [chicago]

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