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Excuse me, experts, my child applies for American high school in ChinA.He has an American green carD.I wonder if there is any difference between a green card and a non-green carD.Thank you.
Gu Long Quan 10 answers Teacher Xia Green cards have more advantages in choosing public schools than private schools.
1 For private schools, there is little difference in the application requirements between schools and green cards, so there is no special advantage.
Because SSAT is also necessary for high school students to take TOEFL exams if they have studied in public schools before.
Schools still examine students'comprehensive qualities in all aspects, not their identities.
As other teachers have said, there are advantages to applying for public high schools.
Teacher Fang Green cards and American passports do not have much advantage in private MGM applications, depending on what kind of environment you studied in the first three years in China, public schools or private or international schools, such as schools like ISB Shunyi International Middle School.
Generally speaking, not the last one is required to submit TOEFL and SSAT scores as mainland applicants do, except that there is no additional international student fee when the tuition fee is paid after admission.
Another option is public secondary schools in the United States.
This is a big difference.
~ 3 With a green card, the advantage is that you can choose to read public, each state has a public ranking, good choice, the buyer rents a good house.
Another option is to choose non-international student-based schools.
It depends on the situation.
Some schools are really not good at applying, but for students with green cards, you have one more choice than other international students.
For boarding schools, most schools still require you to take TOEFL, or treat you as an international student.
Teacher Chen Whether there is a green card or not makes little difference in applying for a boarding school.
In some schools, even if the children have green cards, if the previous education is in China, they will still regard your children as international students (Chinese students).
But your advantage is unique if you apply for a day school or a public school that does not accept international students, because students without a green card cannot apply.
Teacher Wang You can go to the best public high school with a green carD.The premise is that you rent or buy a house in the area under your jurisdiction.
Teacher Wu There are green cards to compete with American students, and no green cards to compete with international students.
Teacher Liu There are green cards, but if you don't study in an English-speaking country for more than three or four years, you still have to take TOEFL.
But she is competing with the local people, and there will be more places, that is, the probability of admission will be higher, and the cost will also be local tuition fees.
Zhang In public high schools, the top schools are not just campus residents.
At least in schools like New York State, your child needs to take the school's exam at a set time.
You can only be admitteD.Wish you find what you want as soon as possible.
Teacher Zhou Hello, there will be a difference on this issue.
First of all, holding an American green card can enjoy the tuition fee standard of the United States, and because it does not occupy the international student quota, there is no need to consider the problem of too few places.
In this case, schools also give priority to children's applications.
This has brought many advantages for children.
Students can also apply to public high schools in the United States.
I hope my answer will help you!
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