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Question 4:
In the process of choosing a school, to inspect and evaluate a school's style and extracurricular activities, from which perspectives and indicators will you measure?
Binbin 10 answers Teacher Liu Focus on your child's preferences and abilities, and take full account of the chances to stand out from them.
Zhang I think every school has its own characteristics and characteristics, so it still needs to match with students'individual interests.
One is the number and type of sports and extracurricular activities, the other is the resources provided, and whether they can get other opportunities for these activities, and so on.
1 First of all, the problem activity is to look after the children's specialties.
Now the children who go abroad have basically two hands, but the degree really needs to be assesseD.In the United States, the sports activities are carried out in a very different way, especially the sports really have the Olympic style.
Therefore, when applying, children need to communicate with the school, and even display relevant videos or works.
If you don't have too many specialties, you can find your own suitable projects in school.
Especially when your child's worshipped teacher is also the coach of some sports teams, your child may have amazing potential in the corresponding sports field.
Teacher Peng Firstly, it depends on the matching degree of children's personal interests with school programs, and the development of a school activity, such as some sports events, some school teams are very strong, and some school student associations may develop well and become large-scale, so that children can have more opportunities to participate in and exercise.
Teacher Xia To inspect and evaluate the school's sports and extracurricular activities, it is mainly from the level of children's personal ability to see whether there is a fit.
Most senior high schools in the United States have very rich problem-solving activities, and they attach great importance to sports.
Every school has its own good projects, which can be seen from some news on the school's official website.
For children, if they are good at style, finding projects that match their own expertise can be one of the conditions for evaluating schools.
After all, good projects can help children develop self-confidence and find a sense of existence, especially conducive to adapting to and integrating into school life.
However, for children who are not good at sports, they can find projects that are easier to start with.
Teacher Fang School sports and extracurricular activities should be specific to the school:
sports activities, artistic activities, clubs, volunteer activities, some school characteristics of traditional projects.
In the process of choosing a school, the choice of these situations is mainly based on students'personal interests and hobbies, as well as the projects they want to experience or participate in after entering school.
For most Chinese parents, when choosing a school, they do not pay much attention to the culture and extracurricular activities, and do not consider the necessary conditions for these considerations, but I personally think it is quite important.
First of all, Chinese schools do not provide students with so many sports and extracurricular activities.
The purpose of American high school is to participate in so many activities and give students so many opportunities to choose, besides academic studies.
It is also one of the Benefits of American schools.
Secondly, the better senior high schools in the United States, in addition to academic excellence, an important part of the investigation is whether the projects beyond academic excellence can meet the expansion and promotion of students'learning.
For example, several of my students went to Groton, Hotchkiss, Loomis.
Apart from being more competitive academically, the extracurricular activities offered by the school provided a very important advantage for their university application and experience shaping.
However, regardless of style or other opportunities, when it comes to school selection, we should consider the specific problems in the light of the students'own situation.
4 First of all, there are plenty of sports activities in private schools in the United States, and there is a lot of room for choice.
As for extracurricular activities, relatively large private schools have more activities.
Take PA as an example.
There are hundreds of clubs and dozens of community services to choose from, and there is always a suitable one.
In addition, almost every weekend, we invite social hotspots, famous alumni, etC.to give lectures or speeches at school, as well as activities organized by students themselves.
To a large extent, these activities provide accommodation students with opportunities to broaden their horizons and contact the society.
If you are an international student, you can't find such an activity by yourself anyway.
It's a good chance to get in touch with American society.
This is the so-called "school resources".
Chinese students mostly aim at their grades and examinations.
Some sports and literary activities have to give way to their grades.
In fact, as long as they work hard to achieve their goals, they can achieve them.
But the so-called integration, without the help of rich school activities, without the organization of various sports and sports, a child who has just arrived at the United States, is very difficult to achieve.
Friends made by study alone are limited, and it is easy for Chinese students to flock together.
In addition, the United States is a country that attaches great importance to sports, and its natural system is very sounD.If it is a child with outstanding sports, it will undoubtedly be of great benefit to further education.
If you are not a very stylistic child, you don't need to look at the school indicators.
If so, all private schools'literary, artistic and sports activities can also meet the demanD.If children are particularly fond of sports and literary activities, they can only go further and cooperate with each other.
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