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In the process of school selection and school research, which factors are your most important consideration, which are relatively minor factors, can you give a simple ranking?
These factors include (of course not limited to) academic level, University admission, cultural and extracurricular activities, international student management experience of the school, residential families (if it is a walking school), geographical location, number of Chinese students, curriculum (including AP courses), school size, single sex vs.
mixed schools, fees and so on.
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10 answers 4 Hello, in the process of school selection and school research, the most important factors to consider, according to family conditions, different children, different goals, Teacher Zhang's problems can not be orderly arranged, first of all, whether the school is suitable for children, students'academic level, interests and hobbies.
The academic level, university admission rate, sports activities, proportion of international students, school area, including courses, I think the above are very important.
1 "Suitability" has always been our purpose of choosing schools for students.
On the one hand, we should have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of students'personality, potential and growth environment.
On the other hand, we have a deep understanding of the application schools.
The so-called in-depth understanding is to peel off the hard data surface that can be seen on the website to understand the soft things of the school, such as the purpose of running a school, the level and responsibility of teachers, management concepts, course selection rules, campus environment and atmosphere, etC.Accommodation school is not only to teach children knowledge, but also the "base" for the growth of children's talents, and the cultivation of talents is more important than learning knowledge alone.
In the process of training high school talents and academic planning, we deeply feel that a school is not suitable for a student, and the soft quality of the school plays a decisive role.
Teacher Ma The order of our school selection:
Firstly, find out all suitable schools according to children's interests, including daily activities, accommodation ratio, gender, etc.
Then fully evaluate the children's standardized achievements, specialties, etc.
, according to the academic level of the school and the children's love of disciplines, rank the list of each echelon.
Finally, consider the geographical location, the proportion of international students, etC.as the basis for the final selection of schools - this point is when there is an Office to consider, in addition to cow children, I am afraid not all parents want, so we will consider some collocations when reporting to schools, to avoid all the risk of admission concentrated in hot schools.
Teacher Peng I think the above considerations are very important and need to be considered comprehensively.
Of course, everyone's concerns are different, so the collocation is different from person to person.
For the type of hegemony, academic level, University admission, curriculum (including AP courses), the number of Chinese students, international student management experience, cultural and extracurricular activities, geographical location, school size, single sex vs.
mixed schools may be considered first.
For those who have relatives or friends in the United States who want to take care of their children, geographic location may be the first place.
For those who have sports expertise, but also hope to go further in this regard, affirm that a school's style and extracurricular activities is the first consideration.
Sun teacher These factors are difficult to have a unified ranking, after all, the situation and needs of each family are different.
I usually advise parents to consider these factors:
the principal's academic philosophy, the breadth and depth of curriculum selection, the teachers'working hours, the proportion of international students, the proportion of resident students, the situation of entering school, the guidance services provided by the school, the liberal arts and science and extracurricular activities, and the support projects provided by the school for students (such as ESL, LEARNING SUPPORT).
Teacher Huang 1. Suitability for children's specialties; 2. Single sex vs mixed schools; 3. Geographical location; 4. Proportion of international students (number of Chinese students); 5. Academic level; 6. University admission; 7 courses; 8. Style, community and extracurricular activities; 9. School size; All private schools in the United States have similar tuition fees.
As long as you want to send your children to private schools, I don't think the fees should be the criterion for school selection.
Teacher Xia Each family has its own actual situation, combined with its own situation is the most important, some indicators are still related, need to be seen dialectically, such as the number of Chinese students and standardized results, some schools standardized average score is very high, but careful tracing found that because there are a high proportion of Chinese and Korean international students, both groups know that they are standardized training.
Experts, then there will be different orientations for the indicators of a good school.
If those who focus on performance can think that this is a good school, if they focus on local integration, it may not be the target school they will choose.
A girl's school in Massachusetts may have such a situation.
So if I want to divide it up, I will use several groups to consider, academic and AP group, university admission and geographical location group, international student management and the number of Chinese students combined academic group, the others ranked behind.
Teacher Liu This question varies from person to person.
My choice is:
geographical location > boarding family > school size > academic level > curriculum design > cultural and extracurricular activities > number of Chinese students > international student management experience > School Category > cost.
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