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Excuse me, the child is just 11 years olD.Can you study in the United States?
If so, would it be appropriate to let the children go out at such a young age?
Cheng Qi 10 answers Mr.
Zhang It's too small for parents to accompany students, otherwise they are not recommendeD.Children need parents to accompany them when they grow up, which is more important than school grades and grades.
Teacher Fang There is no problem at the age of 11. The key is whether the children can adapt themselves.
Many of our children have started American education since they were very young.
The sooner they enter, the faster they can adapt.
2 First of all, there is no age limit for studying in the United States, but as an 11-year-old, it needs careful analysis whether he can study independently.
If most of my former students were accompanied by their parents in the past at this age, they would not go to study independently until they were 13 years olD.Therefore, it is necessary to know what your family's thoughts on studying abroad are, so as to give more appropriate suggestions.
5 Parents can consider accompanying reading, otherwise they need their children to have the following conditions:
self-management ability, stress resistance ability, independent processing ability, language and integration ability; I think 11-year-old children are difficult to do these, so from the perspective of parents, it is suggested that they grow up to consider.
1 There is no age limit for studying abroaD.It mainly depends on your long-term expectations for your children and family.
If you consider going abroad to boarding school, do you need to consider whether your child has the potential and ability to live independently?
Are you fully prepared?
Children who leave the country at the age of 11 generally integrate into American society more quickly and naturally, and adapt well to their studies and life.
But without additional Chinese courses, reading and writing skills are difficult to compare with those of Chinese children of the same age, and then it will be difficult to return home for employment.
I started high school when I was 14 years olD.After graduation, I felt that my Chinese level had dropped significantly.
It was not until I took Chinese courses again in university that I gradually made up for it.
Teacher Chen According to the family situation and children's situation, first ask yourself:
1. What are your and your children's long-term plans for the future?
For example, are you an American citizen?
Does your child develop mainly in the United States or in China in the future?
Are you dealing with immigration and so on?
2. Are the children really ready?
Are you ready for academic ability and life adaptation?
3. Financial conditions at home and your expectations for your children's future?
4. Are you ready, psychologically?
Many times it's not the children who are not ready, it's the parents who are not ready.
When children study abroad is a strategic comprehensive consideration, which needs to be carefully decided, not by others.
Wish you every success!
Teacher Huang Hello, yes, but it depends on what grade the child is in now.
Generally, it's okay to go out at the beginning.
Whether it is appropriate, we should observe the children's self-care ability and personality, whether we need to prepare for it at home first, such as going to an international class, or exercising in boarding schools at home.
If you have a chance, go out and exchange for a few months, feel it before deciding.
Teacher Wu Inappropriate.
Unless accompanied by parents, parents are the best teachers for children.
Children's growth is not only school education, family education is more necessary for children of this age, but also more important.
The healthy growth of children can not be separated from the accompanying parents.
Teacher Peng This is a good question!
The advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad at a young age vary from person to person.
Whether to choose to study abroad at a young age depends on many factors, such as children's personality, language ability, cultural adaptability, independence and so on.
Every student and family has their own unique characteristics.
Whether they choose to study abroad at a younger age should be their decision after self-evaluation.
There are no right or wrong.
The core question is what is the purpose of our parents studying abroad at a younger age?
Several key questions that parents consider are:
1) Will children go out too young and have a poor Chinese foundation?
Losing the Traits of Chinese Culture?
If we can plan well, we can avoid it.
2) Are children too young to go out and alienate from their parents'emotions?
Many younger students'performance proves that they are better at managing their own emotions and appreciating their parents' care when they go abroaD.3) The safety of their children - it is suggested that they go to school on the spot.
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    ABOUT iowa local customs, tourist attractions
    Eagle Eye State - Iowa
    Area: 145,790 square kilometers, ranking 25th.
    Population: 2,897,000, 25th.
    State Capital: Des Moines Major cities: Cedar Rapids, Daven Port State Flower: Wild Rose
    State Bird: Goldfinch Iowa, whose name comes from Indian, means Sleepy Ones Colonization began in 1788.
    December 28, 1846 became the 29th state of the United States.
    Honshu is nicknamed Hawkeye State Our Liberties We Prize and Our Rights We Will Maintain Iowa, whose name comes from Indian, means Sleepy Ones.
    Colonization began in 1788.
    On December 28, 1846, it became the 29th state of the United States.
    Wild Rose was the state flower.
    The state was nicknamed Hawkeye State.
    The state motto: "Treasure freedom, defend rights."
    Our Liberties We Prize and Our Rights We Wil Maintain.
    The state capital is Des Moines, located in the south-central part of the state.
    It is the transportation center of the state with a population of 200,000.
    There are 53 institutions of higher learning in the state.
    Among them, the University of Iowa is the most famous one.
    It is located in Iowa City, Iowa City, in the southeastern part of the state, with 20,000 students.
    The characteristics of this state are: first, the pig output in this prefecture ranks first in fifty states.
    The output of beef cattle is second only to that of Texas.
    Second, the yield of corn is the first in fifty states and the first place in Illinois, and the output of soybean is second.
    The grain output in this state accounts for 1/10 of the total grain output in the United States.
    One of the big granaries.
    Before colonial times, Indians living in the state could get enough food and clothing without too much work.
    Honshu is the "Loess State".
    Its soil is very fine and fertile.
    It lies between the two rivers of Mississippi (the Eastern border) and Missouri (the western border).
    It has the advantages of water transportation and irrigation.
    It has a flat terrain and few fluctuations.
    Although its agricultural production is rich, in recent years, industry has made rapid progress, and the total value of industrial products has far exceeded the total value of agricultural and animal husbandry products.
    The earliest indigenous people in Honshu were Mound Builders.
    They were primitive Indians and settled farmers who could build tall mounds.
    There are still ancient rural ruins that have not been destroyed.
    One of the most famous mounds is the statue mound site Effigy Mounds National Mounment.
    This is the graveyard of the primitive Indians, located at the site of Effigy Mounds National Mounment.
    Marpuette, with carvings of birds and animals and snakes.
    Iowa Tourist Spots: 1. Adventureland 2. Amana Colonies 3. Bily Clock Museum and Antonin Dvorak Exhibit 4. Des Moines Art Center, Dai Muwane Art Center 5. Herber Hoover National Historic Site, Herbert Hoover National Historic Site 6. The Humboldt County Historical Museum 7.
    Living History Farms 8.
    Pella History Village Museum education There are more than 30 public and private enterprises in total.
    Three major universities: U of Iowa Iowa State U Iowa North State U U of IA is the most comprehensive university, ISU focuses on science and technology.
    The state pays great attention to education, is relatively low-key, popular lover type.
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