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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Some good private schools in the United States are not open to international students, but can they apply if they have a green card?
Flying Angels 10 answers Mr.
Zhang Yes, but the requirements of each school may be different.
You need to search for specific information on the school website.
Teacher Ma Yes, the requirements are not low.
Sometimes they ask for accompanying reading and so on.
4 Yes, but the standard is the same as that of local students, and parents must be in the United States.
Teacher Chen Tolerable.
However, in the past, there were also concerns about the inconvenience of students'boarding families, so some schools now require parents to accompany them.
The application is on the one hand, and the follow-up is on the other.
Teacher Zhou Generally, it can be applied, but it depends on the children's educational background and English learning backgrounD.It's better to confirm with the school email.
Some schools explicitly require students to live with their parents.
So you can tell the school to accompany you.
Teacher Liu These schools are not open to international students not only because they do not issue I-20, but also because they are worried that the international students'English level is not good enough, which drags down the school's hind legs.
Teacher Huang Approximately.
But if you don't live around, admission will be discounted.
Sun teacher You can apply for a green carD.Each school has different definitions of international students.
Some schools are classified according to nationality and some schools are classified according to their place of residence.
So even if some schools have green cards, they will apply according to the application conditions of international students.
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    ABOUT california local customs, tourist attractions
    Santa Monica is located in california Losangeles county, West, located on the Pacific coast, west of the city of Losangeles.
    It is a resort and residential area.
    The city of california famous seaside city, because of the good weather, become famous for resort, attracting tourists to visit the world. Santa Monica is famous for long beach, the beach there is a pier extending into the sea, there is an amusement park pier above the park Ferris wheel, roller coaster and other facilities.
    Santa Monica port is a collection of entertainment, catering and leisure shopping as one of the pier, has 100 years of history, california is one of the most complete pier amusement park, tourists every day.
    Santa Monica Pier Aquarium opened in 1996, there are 100 kinds of marine life, rich and colorful undersea world attracts people's attention, its colorful colorful and fascinating.
    Santa Monica art Museum was founded in 1984, is a collection Museum, to Santa Monica, california and the National Exhibition of famous artists and art works.
    In addition, the Santa Monica municipal auditorium, Santa Monica square is a must visit place.
    Santa Monica
    Reason: don't most well-known tourist attractions in America california
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, california: [california State]
    city Attractions: Santa Monica [Santa Monica]

    The baby rabbit Museum is located in california Pasadena, was founded in 1988 1999, Guinness world records the record as "the world's largest collection of rabbit goods Museum", over the years, this record has not been broken.
    This super love the Museum's slogan is "the world's most lively places".
    The baby rabbit Museum by candice and Steven (candace Frazee and Steve Lubanski), speaking of collection items of rabbit origin, and also their love.
    Many years ago, two people fall in love when Steven gave candice a White Rabbit plush toy for Valentine's day, candice sent back a porcelain rabbit to him.
    After two people often give each other toy rabbit, after marriage is also true.
    On 1998, the rabbit items too much, two people decided to open a "baby rabbit Museum" at home, to share the love and all the rabbit.
    At present, there are about more than 26000 pieces from all over the world rabbit items, different materials and different shapes, such as carving, crystal glass rabbit rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, ceramic stone plastic rabbit, in addition, there are 7 rabbits.
    Let chinese visitors feel happy is the Museum also has a collection of china goods, such as painting, paper-cut, new year rabbit rabbit rabbit, the rabbit in the textbooks, there are several bags of white toffee.
    The Bunny Museum
    Reason: the world's first rabbit themed Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, california: [california State]
    Pasadena city attractions: [Pasadena]

    As the west coast of the United States Gulf city of San Francisco, the chinese tourists travel to the United States first settled.
    They will choose to visit San Francisco one day, in addition to enjoy the beauty of San Francisco, delicacy, shopping will be here.
    In order to let visitors can have the most unforgettable experience in San Francisco, the chinese travel agency for America to collect the necessary leisurely raiders.
    outdoor activities There are all kinds of activities in Gold Gate park.
    I love the Japanese Tea Science Park and Dahlia park.
    The top floor in the dyoung Museum, you can enjoy the scenery of the bridge.
    You can go boating on the lake in Stowe, or rent a bike ride through the park to Buffalo ranch.
    To avoid things Don't wait until the last minute scheduled to take a trip to Alcatraz Island, or to the ticket in the ticket office daily limited.
    Intermediary prices will change, so plan ahead of time will help you save the coSt. Shopping paradise The beach is located in the north of the Al 's' Attire is a great place for shopping, can be customized to suit, skirt, coat, hat and boots.
    custom clothing takes a few weeks, so you will need to purchase the goods sent home.
    Don't miss a souvenir Go to church the dandelion chocolate shop, can get the perfect souvenir.
    The chocolate shop sell small quantities of material purity, chocolate, chocolate beans from around the world. Enter the shop, you will see people in the back processing of chocolate.
    The best restaurant: Al 's Place Al 's Place is a very charming church new restaurant, the boss is Allen london.
    The restaurant looks not so glamorous, there may be 20 tables.
    This restaurant fries barbecue sauce make people unable to hide greeds.
    The most difficult restaurant reservations State Bird Provisions restaurant area is very small, every night full.
    If you can't remember the reservation, the restaurant will allow for a walk-in guest half seat.
    Go to the restaurant, the best in four or five o'clock or so, write down your name.
    The local people's Secret In the Lazy Bear book table, the first in the online registration.
    The restaurant announced a $125 package can be scheduled one month in advance.
    Eating here is like a dinner party, will provide meals before dinner cocktails and dots.
    Bar: Nopa The bartender can mix the innovative cocktail.
    My favorite is Aperitivo de Jalisco.
    The one I particularly appreciate the fact that it will keep open till late into the night, San Francisco's most famous chefs often meet here after work.
    The low-key Museum The Asian Art Museum is a public library, after a new design architect for the Museum, the architect who redesigned the Orsay Museum in Paris.
    The room of the Museum is full of light, impressive collection.
    The practical strategy for an early visitors to San Francisco is indeed very difficult to know.
    However, we think in San Francisco a perfect journey is essential.
    Just before traveling to San Francisco to do these lessons.
    The United States Marine World is located in the southernmost tip of california, the picturesque pleasant climate, the integration of the Mexico customs of the coastal city of Santiago.
    come to Santiago for pleasure, most can not miss is the nation's largest, the first marine theme park, sea world (SeaWorld San Diego).
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