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Hello, everyone.
How much does the interview take up in the application process?
If it's not Mianbao, does the chance of admission shrink a lot?
Fly fly the butterfly 10 answers Teacher Zhou Interview is very important in the application.
Standardized results are a key to the application.
Good recruiting officers are well aware of the current situation of standardized results.
Many children are scored high marks.
Whether the students'actual English ability matches the standardized results or not needs to be investigated through interviews.
For example, some students'application materials are not true, and the school judges and filters them from interviews.
For example, students with poor TOEFL scores who are fluent in English, talkative and generous in the interview may be admitted by the interviewer.
On the contrary, students with excellent TOEFL scores may not be able to communicate with the interviewer smoothly in the interview, and they may be eliminated from the interview.
Therefore, we must pay attention to the interview.
Students who are not overlords should be well prepared before the interview, have a thorough understanding of all aspects of the school, and combine with their own situation, show their relevant advantages in the interview as far as possible, and prepare questions that may be answered and questions that need to be asked by the interviewer, and practice skillfully.
Face bully is practised, you can find a consultant teacher to rehearse beforehand, or to some of the candidates who do not want to go to American high school interview for practice, more practice may be you become face bully.
Teacher Xia Hello, parents, interviews in the application process accounted for a large proportion.
Children with good oral English, self-confidence and good communication do have certain advantages.
But schools also take into account their children's strengths when deciding whether to enroll, that is, what kind of children are suitable for their schools.
Therefore, parents are advised to show their children's strengths as fully as possible in their applications.
Sun teacher It is undeniable that the proportion of interviews in the application process is indeed very large, but schools mainly depend on the comprehensive quality of children, and a good interview alone can not be the necessary condition for admission.
Teacher Wang Although the interview is not the whole application, it does occupy a crucial position in the application, and sometimes even determines the final admission results of children.
In the case that the authenticity of documents, letters of recommendation and even transcripts can not be fully guaranteed, the interview touchstone can let the school know the most authentic side of the child after stripping off the gorgeous coat.
By understanding every real individual, the school is looking for candidates who match the personality, temperament and school.
However, I also advise parents not to be superstitious about making their children so-called bullies.
Interview should also show the true side of the child, not over-dressing, over-preparation, or even catering.
At the same time, the interview is not only for students to be prepared, but also for parents.
One of my students once worried about the admissions officer because of the parents'inappropriate behavior when talking to the admissions officer, and the admissions officer sent me an email expressing their concern.
Although the matter was eventually resolved and the student was admitted smoothly, we can not help but lament that the child will become a face-to-face bully, and the parents'interviews can not be sloppy.
3 Interview is very important, the proportion is difficult to say, the school depends on the comprehensive quality, if the interview is not your strong point, but you have other aspects of expertise, you can neutralize, but pure interview is not good that is more tragic.
Teacher Wu The proportion of interviews is relatively large, I will generally account for about 50%.
I don't think it's directly related to face-to-face hegemony.
More importantly, I can express my enthusiasm for ideas and ideas.
1 Personal perception interviews account for at least 40% of the weight, after the results meet the criteriA.The so-called face hegemony, if it can be fully and naturally expressed, rather than being prepared for a rigid statement beforehand, at the same time, it should be consistent with your application materials and background information, which can reflect your personal situation and the degree of fit with the school, etC.Fluent expression, agile thinking and proper behavior will leave a good impression on the admission officer.
At the same time, it is also very important to communicate with parents during the interview.
From the parents, we can see the children's upbringing and family concept.
This, the school will pay more attention to it.
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    ABOUT wisconsin local customs, tourist attractions
    The angel Museum is located in Wisconsin Bello Kuyt, is a non-profit Museum, special collection and angel related items, and promote and respected religious culture.
    The angel Museum is the largest Museum in the world of angels, the Museum there is a story.
    In 1976, Joyce (Joyce) and Lowell (Lowell) by an antique shop in a vacation in Florida, they were deeply in love with a statue of two statues of angels, then began a collection of angels.
    In 2008, they were on angels of up to 13600, the angel Museum came into being, the Museum has become a major tourist attractions in Bello Etter's most popular.
    Visitors can enjoy the 11000 angels and angels and related handicrafts in the Museum, with 100 kinds of raw materials produced by different sizes, minimum 1/8 inches.
    Angel handicrafts from more than 60 countries artists, including Italy, Germany, Japan, India and russia.
    The collection is from the shops and markets, and by buying.
    The Museum has more than 600 angels 0, by Oprah Winfrey (Oprah Winfrey) donation.
    Oprah is one of the most influential women in the world today, TV talk show "hosted by Oprah Winfrey, these 0 by Oprah Winfrey fans gave her.
    The Angel Museum
    Reason: the world's largest Angel Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions at the provincial, state of Wisconsin: [Wisconsin State]
    city Attractions: Bello Kuyt [Beloit]

    The Wright Museum of art is located in Wisconsin Bello Kuyt, managed by Beloit college to responsible, through a series of exhibition projects for the Beloit college Students and the local community can provide a variety of visual art appreciation opportunities.
    The Wright Museum of art, although not large, but the history is very long, can be traced back to 1892. A fixed collection of up to more than 6000 of the Museum is divided into five exhibition halls, including American impressionist painting, modern painting, nineteenth century gypsum model, German Expressionism, modern Japanese prints, rich and colorful, dizzying.
    According to the collection types can be divided into eight parts, namely ancient art, Asian art, modern art, Greek gypsum, religious icons paintings, photos and old master paintings, landscape and portrait.
    The collection of ancient art mainly from Greece, Rome and Egypt, such as pottery, Greece's lequi Bc fifth century Rome small ceramic pot thumb, Egyptian sarcophagus lid.
    As one of the most important collections of Asian Art Museum of art collection Wright, Japan jewelry sword, puppets, china portraits of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, informal robes, twentieth century chinese glass bowl, South Korea and Korea during the period of celadon cup, everything is fine.
    Wright Museum of Art
    Reason: one of the most important art Museums in Wisconsin
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions at the provincial, state of Wisconsin: [Wisconsin State]
    city Attractions: Bello Kuyt [Beloit]

    The Museum of Anthropology of Logan is located in Wisconsin Bello Hitt, as a part of Beloit college, founded in 1894, for the collection of anthropological collections various famous Wisconsin, Wisconsin Museum of anthropology as one of the most popular.
    Since Logan established the Museum of anthropology, has become the most important part of the teaching resources of Beloit college, after years of development has become the one and only the school learning center.
    The Museum's collections are divided into 2 parts, namely Archaeology and ethnology, the number of about 21.5 million, 20 million in archaeology, ethnology 15000, 123 countries from around the world. The Museum collection and 480 culture groups exhibited the Western Hemisphere, Oceania and other regions of the world's indigenous culture to a certain extent can be said to be the world of national culture to the world, let each tourists marvel at its cover thousands and rich and colorful.
    Logan Museum of Anthropology
    Reason: Wisconsin's most famous Museum of Anthropology
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions at the provincial, state of Wisconsin: [Wisconsin State]
    city Attractions: Bello Kuyt [Beloit]

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