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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Applying for a loan from an American student to return home not only means that you can reduce the pressure of studying abroad, but also means that you need to assume certain responsibilities.
Follow the Overseas Student Network to see the 2020 U.
loan application strategy.
First, let's look at what is an American undergraduate student loan.
Student loan is one of the educational student loan business of Bank of China.
According to the provisions of the Bank of China, "Educational Student Loan" refers to the tuition and miscellaneous expenses granted by the lender to the borrower for the borrower himself or his legal guardian to study in domestic middle schools, ordinary universities, master's degree or doctoral degree, or for those who have been approved to study abroad for secondary schools, universities and master's degree or doctoral degree (including Consumption loan for travel abroad.
The principle of "effective guarantee and repayment on time" is applied to the educational student loan.
According to this principle, both borrowers and lenders sign loan contracts according to law.
Next, we need to know what the conditions for applying for an undergraduate student loan in the United States are.
The borrowers who apply for an undergraduate student loan must possess the following main conditions: 1.
Chinese citizens with full civil capacity; 2.
Chinese citizens with permanent residence or effective residence status, with fixed and detailed address; 3.
The Admission Notice or the Admission Notice of a school.
Receiving Letter; Providing proof of tuition and miscellaneous fees required during the study period issued by the school; 4.
Providing assets credited, pledged or third-party guarantors with compensatory capacity and joint and several liabilities recognized by the lender; 5.
The borrower has a certain proportion of the expenses required by the educated person; 6.
Implementing the provisions of the lender.
His loan terms.
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