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What are the differences between Grade 9 and Grade 10 in American high schools?
Mavis 10 answers Sun teacher The number of places in the tenth grade is relatively small, and the requirements for students are relatively high, including English level and maturity.
Teacher Ma Grade 9 starts from the beginning, and Grade 10 is a class insertion, with a much smaller number of places.
Teacher Fang Generally speaking, American high schools begin in the ninth grade.
The ninth grade is not very difficult to learn.
Children have more time to get familiar with others. compared with the tenth grade, it may be easier to adapt.
2 In fact, the conclusion is very simple:
if a child can apply for Grade 9, do not wait for Grade 10 to apply again; do not think of 9 to 10, the application is difficult, the child is difficult to adapt, the pressure of planning for application is great.
Plan as early as possible, fully experience four years of high school life, and make a good plan for entering the university.
5 Hello, parents.
Here are the plans for the students in grades 9, 10 and 11. You can make your choice as a reference.
Grade 9 of American Senior High School - Adaptation and Exploration Stage, Preliminary Establishment of Objectives 1. Academically:
to provide the ability to use English quickly, elective courses focus on depth and difficulty, and explore learning potential; 2. Extracurricular activities:
to participate in interest courses, or to continue to develop their own strengths; 3. Towards the end of the ninth grade, communicate with the school instructor, plan for grades 10-12, and apply for AP courses.
Tenth Grade of American Senior High School - Maturity Rising Stage, Important Accumulation Period 1. Academically:
start to choose AP courses to further improve academic performance; 2. Extracurricular activities:
further in-depth development, participation in competitions, accumulation of honors and awards, and development of their leadership; 3. Take AP test and prepare for SAT test.
4. Preparations for University applications:
Participate in some university interviews, begin to understand the university application requirements and procedures, find gaps, and formulate corrective plans.
Eleventh Grade of American Senior High School - The Key Stage, Beginning to Prepare for Entrance to Higher Education 1. Academically:
Continue to improve the performance base, increase AP courses within the scope of ability, and take the AP course examination that has been completed; 2. Extracurricular activities:
Reduce some extracurricular activities, at the same time, become the leader of at least one extracurricular activity, cultivate leadership and communication skills, participate in community services and other activities; 3. Start taking SAT examination; 4. Accumulate university application materials:
prepare documents and maintain good communication with potential referees.
Teacher Zhou Hello, first of all, the number of places in the tenth grade of American schools is much less than that in the ninth grade, so the difficulty of application is certainly increaseD.Second, if a child applies for the tenth grade, because of the academic pressure and the pressure of adapting to the environment, it is a severe challenge for the child.
Zhao Apart from the fact that Grade 10 is more difficult to enroll than Grade 9, there is also a point that only 10 or 11 years before applying for university, and Grade 9 has three years to adapt to and grow up in the school.
The increasing proportion of time is considerable, which is more conducive to students'systematic planning and in-depth development.
1 1. The biggest difference between Grade 9 and Grade 10 is the quotA.The quota of Grade 10 in general schools is not very large, and it is mainly reserved for Grade 9 graduates of boarding junior middle schools in the United States.
Therefore, the quota for international students is extremely small.
As Chinese children, they should not only compete with Chinese children, but also with other international students.
The number of students will be enrolled according to the number of Chinese graduates in that year, and the number will be more.
2. The enrollment standards of Grade 10 will be slightly higher than those of Grade 9, which are reflected in TOEFL requirements, SSAT requirements, interview requirements and school performance requirements.
3. Grade 9 will be relatively relaxed and have enough time to adapt to the rhythm of study and life in American high schools, but Grade 10 will be more intense in study.
There will not be much time for you to adapt slowly, and even make up for some Grade 9 English and History classes, which will be a challenge for most Chinese students.
Teacher Yang Hello, there are many differences.
Most of them have only general reference value.
The most important difference is whether they are easy to be admitteD.Grade 9 is easier to be admitted than Grade 10. It's not a little worse or a lot worse.
Wish you success.
Teacher Huang The difference in application difficulty between Grade 9 and Grade 10 is actually based on the school, as my stony brook school may be easier to get into Grade 10. But in Grade 9, there are many advantages, such as faster integration into American life, good English foundation, more challenging courses in the next three years, participating in interested clubs and holding positions, and so on.
And one more year in American high school also gives children more preparation time to plan and make use of some school resources.
In contrast, 10-year schooling will have a relatively reduced time for college preparation, especially when it takes some time to integrate into the American environment at the beginning and faces stressful schooling in the tenth grade, and the children themselves may be relatively stresseD.However, for the children who have good English foundation, experience in studying abroad and are very strong, the 10th grade is also a good choice.
After all, they are finally applying for it.
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    ABOUT pennsylvania local customs, tourist attractions
    The National Museum of American watches is located in columbia Pennsylvania town of Lancaster county, the quiet town is located in the beautiful scenery of the Susquehanna River, the town was a National Museum and known to the world. The big city from around Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, clanton, less than two hours.
    The United States National Museum officially opened in 1977, this is the rare dedicated to the horological Museum, here to show the people of horological history, science and other related data and real timer.
    When originally established, the museum exhibits less than 1000 pieces of watches, with the continuous development of the expansion of the museum day in and day out museum exhibits, now has reached more than 12000. The museum has experienced several large scale expansion projects, most recently in 1999, added a new modern style exhibition space.
    Now, the National Museum of American watches is recognized as the largest and most comprehensive museum in North america.
    Each area of the National Museum of American watch collections from around the world, including a series of watches, watches, drawing and table repair tools, and other items related to the timing and.
    Among them, the largest collection of the museum is a statue built in nineteenth century the United States watch, two meters high, three meters wide.
    In addition, other exhibits include early British and Japanese chinese clock, from Asia timer, and Germany and France and Holland and Russia timer.
    National Watch and clock Museum (USA)
    Reason: the largest museum in North America
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Pennsylvania: [Pennsylvania State]
    carnegie Museum of natural history, located in Pittsburgh, founded in 1896, for the study of natural history and famous international, is one of the five natural history museum, there are millions of visitors and tourists visiting each year.
    The museum's exhibition area of about 10700 square meters, is a show focuses on animal and plant specimens of the museum, divided into more than 20 exhibition halls, with 22 million specimens, one of the 10000 permanent exhibition, all the time to visit 1 million in the online exhibition.
    Fixed the exhibition hall for the African wild animal, geology, minerals and gems, North American wild animal, plant, animal, ice age the age of dinosaurs, polar world, ancient Egypt etc.
    The museum is the most famous dinosaur wall painting, completed in 2007, this dinosaur wall painting is the world's largest wall painting, devoted to different periods of dinosaurs.
    The wall painting height ranging from five meters to fifty-five meters, displayed on the wall painting in the dinosaur is very spectacular, since the opening, the wall painting has attracted many children and young people.
    carnegie Museum of natural history, the opening time is from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 17:00 to 10:00 to 20:00, Thursday, Sunday, Monday from 12:00 to 17:00, the new year's day, Easter, memorial day, independence day, Thanksgiving and christmas.
    carnegie Museum of Natural History
    Reason: Pittsburgh Museum of natural history, the most important
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Pennsylvania: [Pennsylvania State]
    Pittsburgh city attractions: [Pittsburgh]

    The Philadelphia Museum of art is one of the largest art museum, located in Philadelphia Benjamin Franklin Park Avenue weSt. The museum was founded in 1876, with years of contract to celebrate the centennial Exposition, was inspired by the South Kensington Museum (now Vitoria and Albert Museum).
    In May 1877 10, open to the public At present, the Philadelphia art museum was founded in 1919, founder of mayor Thomas Smith to the Masonic ceremony for the building, covers an area of 40469 square meters, is located in an abandoned reservoir.
    The first part is completed in early 1928, the quasi Greek Revival style, the designer for Horace, Bauer and James chu Qingge etc.
    The facade of the building is the use of dolomite in Minnesota.
    The pediment oriented Avenue, decorated with statues of Greek gods.
    There is a Griffin, in 1970s as a symbol of the museum.
    The museum building nicknamed Benjamin Franklin Park Boulevard on the parthenon.
    The Philadelphia Museum of Art Museum collection of over 225000 pieces of historical span more than 2000 years.
    One of the most famous French Impressionist Works, is the largest country of place.
    The museum has 20 exhibition room, exhibition of works of art, including the famous Taoist oil Van Gogh's "sunflower", "Renoir and Picasso" bath "three music teacher".
    American furniture, sculpture, crafts museum collections are more, is worth a visit.
    Philadelphia Museum of Art
    Reason: collection of French Impressionist Works up to the Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions at the provincial, state of Pennsylvania [Pennsylvania State]
    Philadelphia city attractions: [Philadelphia]

    The king of Prussia, near the shopping center is located in the state of Pennsylvania and the spectacular historic Valley Forge National Historical Park, one of North America's premier shopping destination, high-end stores, specialty stores and fine dining experience is one of the world's choice be too numerous to enumerate, by one of the pro gaze shopping center.
    The king of Prussia, the shopping center opened in 1963, has more than any other American mall retail outlets, a total of about more than 400, and there is some stores can not find elsewhere in the region.
    If you want to find the internationalization of taste and fashion, then the king of Prussia mall is the most should not miss the place, for each individual taste of the goods, the most important is that clothing and shoes do not collect consumption tax, only some luxury accessories and no duty-free.
    Although there is no common modern shopping mall playground and other facilities, it was built in the last century at the beginning of 60s, with 400 stores in the United States a large shopping center is still among the world's ten largest shopping centers, to become one of America's best place for sightseeing and shopping.
    King of Prussia Mall
    Reason: the largest shopping center in the United States
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Pennsylvania: [Pennsylvania State]
    Li Dun Moorhouse square Rittenhouse Square and the surrounding is one of the best place for shopping in Philadelphia, this is one of the city center square, fee five open square trees, the environment is very beautiful, from the Philadelphia city Hall in ten minutes walk distance.
    The square is surrounded by high-rise residential, luxury apartments, office buildings, popular restaurants, many businesses are also scattered in this area.
    The Bellevue mall has many high-end brands, such as: Nicole Miller, Ralph Lauren, and Tiffany & co.
    South direction to Walnut St. (Hu Taojie), you can also see the Diesel, Gap, club Monaco, Apple store and Steve Madden stores.
    Here is a combination of different elements of Philadelphia formed a unique shopping experience.
    University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology An antique building of University of Pennsylvania Archaeology and Anthropology Museum is located in the University of Pennsylvania, founded in 1887, is one of the most famous museums in Philadelphia, collection of rich and colorful, covers many countries across multiple years.
    Since the 1887 years since its opening, the museum has a collection of about 1 million pieces, can be divided into two parts, namely, archaeology and ethnography, according to the area can be divided into Africa, America, Asia, Babylon, Egypt, Europe, the Mediterranean, archaeology, historical archaeology, physical anthropology, near Oceania.
    The Egyptian collection is considered one of the best collections in the world, has a large collection of statues, mummies and reliefs, the most famous is the tower, the collection of 13 ton Ramses II granite Sphinx, very eye.
    The Museum of the china collection is also of concern, including chinese people familiar with the "six steed" and the giant crystal ball, in addition, there are paintings and sculpture.
    University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and anthropology varied collection of people greatly, plays an important role in understanding the various national history and culture, has the profound significance to teaching in University of Pennsylvania and international studies also.
    University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
    Reason: Philadelphia is the most famous museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Pennsylvania: [Pennsylvania State]
    Philadelphia city attractions: [Philadelphia]

    Travel to the United States to feel the infinite charm of Philadelphia music
    As everyone knows, Philadelphia is the oldest city in the United States, is also the best place to explore the history of the United states.
    In addition, Philadelphia is the capital of music Whether it is the classical music, jazz or soul, have achieved international recognition in the United States of Philadelphia.
    The United States of Philadelphia diversified music to countless visitors yearning, let us follow the chinese travel agency you for America with feelings of the charm of Philadelphia music 銆銆銆銆 classical music For classical music loving people, Philadelphia is absolutely can not miss the music of "paradise", not only gave birth to many orchestras, choirs, emerging bands, but also brought together many famous composers, such as JenniferHigdon, JosephHallman and so on.
    Which was founded in 1900, is known as one of the five major us Symphony Orchestra, Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra (ThePhiladelphiaOrchestra) has been committed to artistic innovation of classical music, with its superb performance and full of bright timbre and famous in the world. Rhythm and blues and soul music Philadelphia has been the neo soul movement center, a galaxy of talents training a large number of well-known, neo soul music, such as JillScott, JazmineSullivan, MusiqSoulchild and so on, it is worth mentioning that the concert on the us billboard singles "Allofme" new soul songs hand JohnLegend also attended the University of Pennsylvania, after graduation, and have been affected to promote the development of Philadelphia new rhythm and blues and soul.
    銆銆銆銆 Rock and indie music Rock music can be said to be the last century in 50s, by BillHaleyandthecomets TwinBar singing when created the music genre, the bar is located in Gloucester city of the state of New Jersey, is located in Philadelphia Delaware River (DelawareRiver) on the other side.
    Strong rock atmosphere makes the Gloucester city and the surrounding area has many influential rock stars like JoanJett, so Philadelphia is also home to many rock bands, rock music has been popular.
    This area is not only a large number of critically acclaimed rock and metal bands, such as ALifeOnceLost, cinderella, circaSurvive, Valencia, Sinch, FreeEnergy, DeadMilkmen, HallandOates, TheHooters, ToddRundgren and so on, there are a lot of popular rock stars and independent music, such as g.
    LoveandSpecialSauce, ManMan, ASunnyDayinGlasgow, BardoPond, TheStartingLine, TheWonderYears, Dr.
    Dog, KurtVile, cRUISR, AlexG and so on.
    Denon Fourth Street in Philadelphia (FourthStreet) has a very diverse electronic dance atmosphere, there is no small fame in the music industry, music fans can not only here or in Philadelphia city newspaper (PhiladelphiacityPaper) SeanO 'Neal column DJ night to consult the latest electronic music, can also be Philadelphia learned important DJ events and parties.
    This area not only has a lot of well-known DJ clubs, including Fluid, Shampoo, Transit and other popular club, also gathered in the Philadelphia class DJ, such as Tomcolontonio, LickAshot, RolandRiso, Sat-One, DJSmoove, RobbieTronco and so on.
    Philadelphia electronic music industry's most famous is a drum and Beth as electronic dance music vocalist, much music fans and sought after.
    The unique atmosphere of music has also attracted numerous admiring music, such as: America's most popular drum and bass DJ, Dieselboy and well-known music producer and remixer, JosephHallman.
    銆銆銆銆 Hip hop music Will Smith said, surely we will not be unfamiliar, from the Philadelphia international pop star created numerous classic characters on screen, but he is actually a veteran hip-hop music When Will Smith was 12 years old with rap singer actress, Philadelphia became the first batch of famous hip-hop singer.
    In addition, there are many famous musicians from Philadelphia, such as Tuffcrew, BoyzIIMen and so on.
    Philadelphia is one of the birthplace of hardcore today, local rap music is still full of vitality, held the city from time to time, including at the Temple University (TempleUniversity) will be the regular performance of African students.
    A lot of people from Philadelphia music after Will Smith gained immense popularity in the United States, such as: TheRoots, TheGoats, BeanieSigel, Freeway, Peedicrakk, StateProperty, MeekMill, Eve and so on; in addition, Philadelphia also has many well-known two offbeat rap groups, such as JediMindTricks, PrincessSuperstar, Bahamadia, chiddyBang, pkRock, PhiladelphiaSlick, AmandaBlank, LilDicky and so on.
    In addition to Philadelphia high attainments in music, the Philadelphia School of music is a world class.
    The curtis School of music (curtisInstituteofMusic) is the world.famous outstanding teachers to provide students with a teaching.
    Where the birth of a celebrity such as music, musician Lang Lang, LeonardBernstein etc.
    Philadelphia Independence Hall
    In New York by bus to Washington, will go through Philadelphia, the way to play, there is another world cultural heritage of the Eastern The United States Independence Hall (also called independence hall, Independence Hall) is located in Pennsylvania Philadelphia, a George style red brick building.
    Built in 1732 to 1753, by Edmund Woolley (Edmund Woolley) and Andrew Hamilton, Woolley presided over the construction of the building.
    The highest point from the ground 41m (135ft) at the beginning of the building.
    By the Pennsylvania colonial Parliament (Pennsylvania colonial legislature) approved the construction, as the field on the Pennsylvania colonial authorities of the state legislature.
    The other two small buildings adjacent to the Independence Hall: the eastern side of the old city hall (Old city Hall) and the congress hall (congress Hall).
    In July 4, 1776, representatives from the British colonial North America thirteen states signed by Thomas Gefferson.
    The declaration of independence in 1787. Here, the United States constitution is made here.
    In 1790 to 1800 in Philadelphia as the capital of the United States during this period, the building is the seat of the us congress.
    In 1979, UNEScO registered as a world cultural heritage Philadelphia tourism, visit the Philadelphia city Hall
    銆銆銆 銆銆 Philadelphia tourism is after I came to the United States to visit the second city, but the car came to Philadelphia from Washington when it was night, so while Philadelphia beautiful night, walk freely in the city.
    Wanted to go to connecticut store to buy something, but did not expect the Philadelphia shop closing time early, so I came here when it closed.
    It came to a shopping district - Philadelphia lode & Tyler company.
    This store is a branch of the Fifth Avenue, I am here to buy something, for second days to start using in Philadelphia tourism.
    Philadelphia tourism, visit the Philadelphia city Hall Philadelphia tourism in the two early in the morning, I will take a taxi to the hotel at the entrance of the city of Philadelphia, a lot of tourists visit here waiting to move, want to take the elevator up, we can see a huge team, or give up the elevator to visit the city plan.
    Fortunately, I came in time, just to catch up with the sightseeing tower at 12:30. The queue so quickly came to the sightseeing tour of the door, start from here to Philadelphia city Hall tour.
    The guide is very exciting, the Philadelphia city Hall mysterious history background for us Philadelphia city hall style building internal and external decoration is show ingenuity, Renaissance style, city hall is a stone building.
    What are the Philadelphia downtown tourist attractions?
    銆銆銆 In history, Philadelphia was the capital of the United States, so it has very important political and economic status After 200 years of development, Philadelphia has become the fifth largest city in the United States, but also become known to every family tourist resort for tourists, too many to count.
    Philadelphia chinatown (Philadelphia chinatown) The first chinese archway was built in 1983, the two do friendship in Tianjin china tribute.
    Philadelphia chinatown is the nation's second largest chinatown, attracting at least 75000 tourists visit every week, this area has more than 100 restaurants and shops.
    Natural Science Museum (The Academy of Natural Sciences) - 1900 Ben Franklin Pkwy.
    The first American Museum of natural history, education and entertainment of diverse exhibitions.
    Experience the natural environment, walking in the Butterfly Park, learning how to dig fossil dinosaur eggs.
    The museum displays about 17000000 fossil collections.
    Open time is at ten in the morning to half past four in the afternoon (Monday to Friday); ten in the morning to five PM (weekend).
    Atwater Kent Museum (Atwater Kent Museum) - 15 S.
    7th St. Philadelphia's official history museum display donated by Atwater Kent and hundreds of people in the collection.
    The opening time for morning ten am to five PM (Thursday holiday), open year-round.
    Philadelphia city Hall (city Hall) - Broad & Market sts.
    548 feet of the nation's highest building in Philadelphia city hall, city hall building at the top of William Penn's bronze statue.
    Philadelphia city hall on weekdays to provide free tour tower.
    The opening time is 10 o'clock in the morning until four o'clock in the afternoon; the holiday open debate hall and conference hall for people to visit.
    * free visit.
    Al Fleiss Lane (Elfreth s Alley) -126 Elfreth 's Alley (off Second St. Between Arch & Race sts.
    ) Walk in the United States old cobbled streets, enjoy the ancient architectural style of the Georgia calendar, the experience of American colonial period.
    At present, the local people still live in Philadelphia.
    Franklin Science Museum (Franklin Institute Science Museum) - 20th Street & Ben Franklin Pkwy.
    To promote science education and Science Museum, take you to experience the process of the development of American science.
    And display human heart model and the nation's largest train factory, the museum and a planetarium.
    Independence Seaport Museum (Independence Seaport Museum) - 211 columbus Blvd.
    at Walnut St. Exploration of Philadelphia maritime heritage, visit the spectacular ships and more than 14000 kinds of cultural relics of ancient sea.
    You can board the warship commander Dewey and visited the cruiser, used in the two World War submarine warships.
    The opening time for morning 10 am to 5:30 pm.
    Thanksgiving, christmas and new year's day can admission.
    Independence National Historical Park (Independence National Historical Park) is a national historical park, located in the old city of Philadelphia (Society Hill) and the society Hill Historic District, and contains some of the American Revolution and the founding history of the history of the building, by the us National Park Service Management Area of 55 acres (22 hectares), called "America's most historic square mile".
    The core of Independence National Historical Park is the independence hall, which is a world heritage site in late eighteenth century, the declaration of independence and the constitution of the United States is the debate and through.
    Independence Hall is from 1775 to 1783 in the Second continental congress and convention venue 1787 in the summer of the main.
    The liberty bell in Independence Hall across the street from the liberty bell center, is a symbol of American independence.
    In the park there are some other historic buildings, such as the first bank of the United States and the United States in two banks.
    Among the most historic buildings Independence National Historical Park is located in the chestnut Street and Walnut Street, Second Street and 4 Street Garden Sixth Street block.
    The park also contains a memorial to Benjamin Franklin and the United States Postal museum.
    Independence Hall with three blocks north, collectively known as Merdeka Square (Independence Mall), including the liberty bell center, the National constitution center, independent visitor center, as well as the presidential palace in Philadelphia.
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