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Can American boarding high school children go home once a week, just like in China?
I want to rent a room to accompany me.
Thank you.
Changyou Fish?
Yang Jing 10 answers Teacher Liu It depends on whether the school is a five-day boarding system and how it communicates with the school.
Since it is a boarding school, we should try not to accompany or not to accompany the school for a long time.
3 to 6 months, the children will adapt.
Zhao It's good to have meals cooked by my mother every week.
But if parents pay too much to accompany students, think about not bringing too much pressure to students.
Boarding schools with day-to-day students should be able to go home on weekends.
1 If it's full boarding, then every weekend when you go home, you have to apply for permission to leave.
This is the requirement of boarding student management.
There used to be such an overseas student who took weekend leave and later offended the school and had to switch to a day-school student, and the accommodation fee was not refunded.
Teacher Peng For mature children, there is no need to accompany them.
For students who need a slight transition, it is also necessary to accompany them for a month or two at an early stage, because the new country is indeed a big switch and challenge.
Some top schools have no objection to this.
But long-term accompanying reading (including weekly meetings) is not necessary.
If that's the case, it's better not to come out and read Meigao.
In this case, either the child has not grown up, or the parents have not grown up.
Teacher Huang The suggestion is not to accompany reading, of course, it depends on the situation.
Boarding school children can certainly go home on weekends, but after they have become familiar with their classmates, there are many activities on weekends.
Would he like or have time to go home?
In addition, if parents'English is not good, what do they usually do when they stay in the United States alone?
For parents, the cost is not small, the suggestion is still considered clearly.
5 I agree with the following parents'suggestion that boarding schools should not accompany children to attend school activities on weekends, and that children should come to their classmates for long holidays to experience the life of the local community.
There are three holidays in a year to go back to ChinA.The longest one is just over three months in school.
The children's study, activities and social activities are gone in a flash.
My feeling is not that parents go to accompany their children, but that their children will miss accompanying their parents on weekends.
Sun teacher Just now, I was chatting with the parents of graduates, and they all said they didn't understand the phenomenon of accompanying reading.
Four years ago, they didn't have parents to accompany reading at all.
Everyone was fine.
Then they started to accompany the parents of students who had problems.
Now, if they have problems, they have no problems to accompany.
I still said that accompanying reading is not that children need parents, but parents need children.
Teacher Fang Some boarding schools have local children coming home on weekends.
Even in a boarding school, if your parents live near the school, it will not stop them from needing their children to go home on weekends.
You can say hello to the school beforehanD.I don't know your specific school.
The consultants here can only say something about it.
If your child has been admitted and you decide to go to that school, your best source of information is that school.
May everything be safe on your way to school!
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    ABOUT new-york local customs, tourist attractions
    The Akel museum is located in New York Montgomerie county Kanazhuoli Town, established in 1924, the beginning is set up in order to collect town industrialist Akel 19 century painting, the name also used the name of Akel.
    At present, the main collection of the museum paintings Aker 1860 to 1940, but also exhibited items related to Mohawk valley.
    Aker museum after the establishment of the Aker collection donated to the museum, is considered to be the end of nineteenth century early twentieth century best art collection.
    In order to expand the collection, or other museum with the United States to carry out cooperation activities.
    Since childhood grew up in Kanazhuoli, Aker in New York Prefecture in remote areas, the Hudson and Mohawk familiar, so beautiful countryside and river scenery become familiar with later art hanging on the walls of the museum aker.
    Aker on French and British natural scenery is love unceasingly, in order to get the area of landscape painting, but also personally went to visit the creation of these countries.
    In addition I Achor works, the museum also has a collection of outstanding painting works of American landscape painter and printmaker Winslow Homer, American impressionist painter child Hassan.
    Arkell Museum
    Reason: New York State Museum is one of the most important
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, New York: [New York State]
    Montgomerie county Shinnecock Hills Golf club is located in Southampton city of New York in the United States of Long Island (Long Island), founded in 1892, is the first American seaside course, but also the United States formally established the oldest golf club.
    Shinnecock Hills Golf club with famous linkeersi style (Links-Style) construction, the first by Standford (Stanford White) - Whitman was designed, then William Flynn (William Flynn) and in 1931 on the redesigned.
    It is the "golf magazine" selected one of the 10 best golf course, from the day of its founding has hosted the us Open 4 (us Open).
    Long Island Nan'an undulating terrain to make this course more rich change, and the sea breeze from the Atlantic to this private course add a lot of challenges.
    Shinnecock Hills Golf club
    Reason: the United States one of the 10 Best Golf course
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, New York: [New York State]
    city Attractions: Long Island [Long Island]

    Southampton Battery Park is a 25 acre public park, located in Manhattan District of New York city in the south, facing the port of New York, built in nineteenth century, from the sea, became a dense green buildings on the island of Manhattan, has become the best place for people to travel on weekends.
    Battery Park is a beautiful park near the charming New York port, distant New Jersey South High partly hidden and partly visible, overlooking the Statue of Liberty standing.
    At the same time also has a unique charm of the park in Battery Park, from outdoor cafe music flowing in the corridor overlooking New York harbor, breeze water, Statue of Liberty shine, the park will hold an annual free dance performances, attracting a number of different styles, free spirited dancer, eye.
    opening let this tourists.
    Due to the unique charm of the battery park and the beautiful scenery, become the famous movie filming, the 2009 film "whatever", 2010 "the Sorcerer's Apprentice", 2012 "black 3" part of the scene in this film.
    Battery Park
    Reason: the leisure park in New York city.

    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, New York: [New York State]
    city Attractions: New York [New York city]

    The Fire Island Lighthouse is located in Suffolk county New York South Bay Fire Island National Seashore, has become a landmark building in the South Bay, the current lighthouse was built in 1853, 55 meters high, beginning in 1858, prior to the replacement of 23 meters high lighthouse.
    It is said that the first evidence from Europe across the vast the Atlantic visitors to see the land is the Fire Island lighthouse.
    The fire island lighthouse was built with stones, black and white colors to make it look like a pencil, 1981 is listed in the national register of historic places, 1986 years to achieve full automation.
    At the bottom of the Fire Island Lighthouse is an exhibition room, tells the history of the lighthouse, the exhibition of photographs and other items.
    If you want to climb to the top of the tower, only boarded 156 spiral iron stairs, then climbed a small ladder to reach the New York state at the top of the tallest lighthouse.
    At the top of the lighthouse can be seen 20 miles, can enjoy a vast, magnificent panorama of Fire Island, more can enjoy the big South Bay, Long Island, Fire Island, the Atlantic, the beautiful panoramic view.
    Fire Island Lighthouse
    Reason: the tallest lighthouse in the state of New York
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, New York: [New York State]
    Suffolk county Bronx white stone bridge is located in the United States of New York, also known as the "Bai Shi bridge" across the East River (East River), Queens is connected with Bronx city of New York, is a part of interstate 678 in the United States, by the American architect Othmar (Othmar Ammann) - Amman design.
    The earliest proposed building a bridge linking Bronx and Queens Whitehead's proposal is around 1905, but local residents rejected the proposal, for fear of losing their local rural characteristics.
    With the passage of time, the establishment of a bridge to connect the 1939 years of the New York World Expo venue and the La Guardia Airport is necessary, in addition, the white stone bridge three bridge area can also reduce traffic congestion, the final bridge was completed and opened to traffic in 1939 years.
    The bridge is 1149 meters long, the maximum span of 701 meters, with 4 Lane Road and pedestrian lane, provides convenience for people's travel on both sides.
    Bronx Whitestone Bridge
    Reason: one of the most important bridge of New York
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, New York: [New York State]
    city Attractions: New York [New York city]

    The New York science museum is located in New York Queens city, the 1 meadows corona Park, founded in 1964, is to host the World Expo in New York and the building, the United States is the only one of the several science museum, is also the largest and most popular content knowledge of science and technology center.
    The New York science museum is the only city of New York science and technology center, has more than 400 pieces of chemistry, physics and biology of the exhibits.
    The main visitor museum is 1 years old and 17 year old children, entertaining, all kinds of scientific knowledge in the interaction and the most easy way presents to the children, let the children absorb knowledge through the most simple way.
    The museum exhibits more accord with children's tastes and preferences, such as the nature of the network, the microbial - see the Kingdom, the secret of life, the mystery of the atom, rocket science park, playground, library science, search for extraterrestrial life, light and sound, the mystery of sports competition, modern science and technology exhibition, Amateur Radio children's square.
    New York Hall of Science
    The only Reason: New York science and Technology center
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, New York: [New York State]
    city Attractions: New York [New York city]

    Queens art museum is also called "the Queens Museum" or "Queens Museum", located in New York Queens city, the 1 meadows corona Park, founded in 1972, has become one of the most important art museum in New York city, because of the international contemporary art exhibition and famous The Queens Museum of art is based on the 1964 World Exposition in New York exhibit founded, aimed at the New York public exhibition with high quality of visual art, so that every visitor to the museum can feel the charm of art.
    At present, the museum's permanent collection of 10000 pieces, more than 6000 of which are from 1939 and 1964 New York World Expo related items, such as paintings, modern photography, photos, pictures, Tiffany glass, dress, dizzying.
    Most of the characteristics of the museum collection is a panorama of New York city, an area of 867.2 square meters of panorama includes all the construction of every building in 1992, a total of 895000 buildings, is amazing.
    Queens Museum of Art
    Necessary to Reason: one of the most important art museums in New York city
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, New York: [New York State]
    city Attractions: New York [New York city]

    Flushing meadows corona park is located in New York city, Queens, also known as the "Flushing lawn Park" and "Flushing prairie Park", established in 1939, covers an area of 1255 acres, New York city second big garden park.
    As a public park in New York city, Flushing meadows corona park entertainment facilities, has become a famous amusement park.
    The park has tennis center, citi Field, New York Science Museum, Queens Art Museum, Queens theatre, Queens wild animal center, complete sports facilities and complete art system and make it become the city of New York's most popular entertainment and popular culture park.
    Whether it is normal or weekend, the park was filled with people who enjoy the cool air, many immigrant communities, children play all kinds of ball games including football in the park, some people into the theater to watch wonderful drama, improve the quality of the citizens' leisure life, let more people feel a strong cultural atmosphere.
    Flushing Meadows - corona Park
    Reason: the most famous park in New York city
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, New York: [New York State]
    city Attractions: New York [New York city]

    New York botanical garden is one of the most important American Botanical Garden is located in New York, Bronx.
    It covers an area of about 100 hectares, has some of the world's leading plant laboratory.
    The annual flower show offers a large exhibition, visitors can reach eight hundred thousand people every year.
    The important attractions of New York botanical garden including the crystal Palace "1890s", wrought iron greenhouse tota1iycalled OPENT greenhouse (Haupt conservatory); 1916 by Beatrix Jones farrand (Beatrix Jones Farrand) to create the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden (Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden); rock garden; about 15 hectares of coniferous foreSt. New York botanical garden's academic facilities include a communication center, collection of 550 thousand copies of the library and the collection of more than 7 million copies and the specimens have been 300 years ago of the herbarium.
    The core of the New York botanical garden is about 20 hectares of forests, the seventeenth century European settlers arrived in New York city after the residual forest felling.
    The forest is New York city's River blicks river is divided into two parts, with the valley and the rapids.
    The iconic stone factory along the coast, its predecessor was established in 1840, Laurie Ladd cigarette factory.
    New York Botanical Garden
    Reason: one of the most important American Botanical Garden
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, New York: [New York State]
    city Attractions: New York [New York]

    The New York aquarium is located in Broolyn New York's coney Island, opened in 1896, is the opening time of the longest aquarium, covers an area of 14 acres, living in a variety of marine life, to arouse public awareness on the protection of marine organisms through special research and exhibition.
    In the beginning, the aquarium is located in Manhattan District of Battery Park, 1957 migrating in the aquarium, opened at the beginning, the only 150 species, after years of development, the species up to 8000 kinds, like a biological small heaven.
    By performing seals, Shark Aquarium, sea palace corridors, penguins swimming pool etc, during the annual March to December a aquarium performances and different experts explain.
    In order to allow visitors to the aquarium and animal close contact, every day to arrange several field sea lion show, the pink of perfection match between clever sea lions and trainer, sometimes people marvel, and sometimes people uproarious The New York aquarium has a new submarine 3D Film Museum, after viewing the animal let visitors can enjoy a happy and exciting movie.
    New York Aquarium
    Necessary to Reason: the United States opened the longest Aquarium
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, New York: [New York State]
    city Attractions: New York [New York city]

    Queens Farm Museum The distance 1 20min drive Queens Farm Museum Queens county Farm Museum, its history can be traced back to 1697. covers an area of 47 acres.
    There is a long history of farm buildings, greenhouses, livestock, agricultural vehicles and tools, farms and orchards and herb gardens etc.
    Every autumn when the Queens county Farm Museum will have a corn maze, the favorite by tourists.
    The corn maze (corn Maze) is built in a cornfield maze "".
    Noda is set to become a cornfield maze of winding.
    People will repair the corn into a variety of way to express the various themes and significance.
    See from above, like a picture.
    People walk like entering the dense forest, you think you've found a way out, in fact, maybe you just around in a circle, back to the origin.
    Even if you are very tall, are unlikely to see the global height advantage.
    Therefore, in the corn maze, not smart enough, not luck, can not go out.
    The corn maze began in Europe, specifically for the rich nobles Palace entertainment.
    But from nineteenth century onwards, the corn maze entered the lives of ordinary people, and now the corn maze has become one of the autumn corn harvest popular entertainment.
    Walk around the corn maze in the queen Farm Museum, incidentally, can also buy some fresh agricultural products.
    The queen Farm Museum with fresh homemade Wine, egg, honey, and fresh vegetables, and pumpkin for Halloween.
    I believe in the Queen's Farm Museum, you will have a happy weekend.
    New York city Fire Museum A fire station in New York city Fire Museum is located in New York city, was founded in 1934, about New York city fire history, also witnessed the history of fire.
    The museum collection of more than 10000 pieces with the fire related items, ranging from the early fire fighting equipment to modern equipment, let visitors understand New York city fire through the physical history.
    The museum collects the goods categories, there are a large number of eighteenth century until now the fire equipment and related materials, including many rare fire tools, such as the early fire barrels, fire helmet, hat and belt, lamps and lanterns, before the civil war manual fire pump Pu car, horse drawn fire vehicles and early automatic device.
    The museum is also a collection of a large number of post fire facilities, both luxurious and beautiful horse 1901 pull the French steam pump, there are 1912 gas powered pump.
    The museum also displays fire althorn, rare Fire clothing and badges, tools and other small signal fire equipment, the fire department also exhibited modern clothing and equipment.
    New York city Fire Museum also has a collection of more than 2000 badges of the fire department and fire insurance company advertising posters, because the number is amazing, the museum can only display a part, the rest of the exhibits for various temporary exhibitions with, or for academic research.
    New York city Fire Museum
    Reason: the most important museums in New York city fire
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, New York: [New York State]
    city Attractions: New York [New York city]

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