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Can American boarding high school children go home once a week, just like in China?
I want to rent a room to accompany me.
Thank you.
Changyou Fish?
Yang Jing 10 answers Teacher Liu It depends on whether the school is a five-day boarding system and how it communicates with the school.
Since it is a boarding school, we should try not to accompany or not to accompany the school for a long time.
3 to 6 months, the children will adapt.
Zhao It's good to have meals cooked by my mother every week.
But if parents pay too much to accompany students, think about not bringing too much pressure to students.
Boarding schools with day-to-day students should be able to go home on weekends.
1 If it's full boarding, then every weekend when you go home, you have to apply for permission to leave.
This is the requirement of boarding student management.
There used to be such an overseas student who took weekend leave and later offended the school and had to switch to a day-school student, and the accommodation fee was not refunded.
Teacher Peng For mature children, there is no need to accompany them.
For students who need a slight transition, it is also necessary to accompany them for a month or two at an early stage, because the new country is indeed a big switch and challenge.
Some top schools have no objection to this.
But long-term accompanying reading (including weekly meetings) is not necessary.
If that's the case, it's better not to come out and read Meigao.
In this case, either the child has not grown up, or the parents have not grown up.
Teacher Huang The suggestion is not to accompany reading, of course, it depends on the situation.
Boarding school children can certainly go home on weekends, but after they have become familiar with their classmates, there are many activities on weekends.
Would he like or have time to go home?
In addition, if parents'English is not good, what do they usually do when they stay in the United States alone?
For parents, the cost is not small, the suggestion is still considered clearly.
5 I agree with the following parents'suggestion that boarding schools should not accompany children to attend school activities on weekends, and that children should come to their classmates for long holidays to experience the life of the local community.
There are three holidays in a year to go back to ChinA.The longest one is just over three months in school.
The children's study, activities and social activities are gone in a flash.
My feeling is not that parents go to accompany their children, but that their children will miss accompanying their parents on weekends.
Sun teacher Just now, I was chatting with the parents of graduates, and they all said they didn't understand the phenomenon of accompanying reading.
Four years ago, they didn't have parents to accompany reading at all.
Everyone was fine.
Then they started to accompany the parents of students who had problems.
Now, if they have problems, they have no problems to accompany.
I still said that accompanying reading is not that children need parents, but parents need children.
Teacher Fang Some boarding schools have local children coming home on weekends.
Even in a boarding school, if your parents live near the school, it will not stop them from needing their children to go home on weekends.
You can say hello to the school beforehanD.I don't know your specific school.
The consultants here can only say something about it.
If your child has been admitted and you decide to go to that school, your best source of information is that school.
May everything be safe on your way to school!
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    Population Composition of New York City
    New York is the most populous city in the United States.
    It is also a multi-ethnic city with immigrants from 97 countries and regions.
    As of 2019, the population of New York City was 84,36786. White people, including Hispanics, accounted for 67.9%, African 15.9% and Asian 5.5%.
    Industrial Characteristics of New York City
    New York is the leading garment, printing, cosmetics and other industries in the United States. Machinery manufacturing, arms production, petroleum processing and food processing also play an important role.
    According to a report released by the Times Square Alliance, the famous Times Square in downtown New York City created an economic value of $110 billion in 2011. Although it covers only 0.1% of New York City, the Times Square neighbourhood brings together 11% of New York City's economic activity and 10% of New Yorkers work here.
    The Akel Museum is located in New York Montgomerie county Kanazhuoli Town, established in 1924, the beginning is set up in order to collect town industrialist Akel 19 century painting, the name also used the name of Akel.
    At present, the main collection of the Museum paintings Aker 1860 to 1940, but also exhibited items related to Mohawk valley.
    Aker Museum after the establishment of the Aker collection donated to the Museum, is considered to be the end of nineteenth century early twentieth century best art collection.
    In order to expand the collection, or other Museum with the United States to carry out cooperation activities.
    Since childhood grew up in Kanazhuoli, Aker in New York Prefecture in remote areas, the Hudson and Mohawk familiar, so beautiful countryside and river scenery become familiar with later art hanging on the walls of the Museum aker.
    Aker on French and British natural scenery is love unceasingly, in order to get the area of landscape painting, but also personally went to visit the creation of these countries.
    In addition I Achor works, the Museum also has a collection of outstanding painting works of American landscape painter and printmaker Winslow Homer, American impressionist painter child Hassan.
    Arkell Museum
    Reason: New York State Museum is one of the most important
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, New York: [New York State]
    Montgomerie county Shinnecock Hills Golf club is located in Southampton city of New York in the United States of Long Island (Long Island), founded in 1892, is the first American seaside course, but also the United States formally established the oldest golf club.
    Shinnecock Hills Golf club with famous linkeersi style (Links-Style) construction, the first by Standford (Stanford White) - Whitman was designed, then William Flynn (William Flynn) and in 1931 on the redesigned.
    It is the "golf magazine" selected one of the 10 best golf course, from the day of its founding has hosted the us Open 4 (us Open).
    Long Island Nan'an undulating terrain to make this course more rich change, and the sea breeze from the Atlantic to this private course add a lot of challenges.
    Shinnecock Hills Golf club
    Reason: the United States one of the 10 Best Golf course
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, New York: [New York State]
    city Attractions: Long Island [Long Island]

    Southampton Battery Park is a 25 acre public park, located in Manhattan District of New York city in the south, facing the port of New York, built in nineteenth century, from the sea, became a dense green buildings on the island of Manhattan, has become the best place for people to travel on weekends.
    Battery Park is a beautiful park near the charming New York port, distant New Jersey South High partly hidden and partly visible, overlooking the Statue of Liberty standing.
    At the same time also has a unique charm of the park in Battery Park, from outdoor cafe music flowing in the corridor overlooking New York harbor, breeze water, Statue of Liberty shine, the park will hold an annual free dance performances, attracting a number of different styles, free spirited dancer, eye.
    opening let this tourists.
    Due to the unique charm of the battery park and the beautiful scenery, become the famous movie filming, the 2009 film "whatever", 2010 "the Sorcerer's Apprentice", 2012 "black 3" part of the scene in this film.
    Battery Park
    Reason: the leisure park in New York city.

    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, New York: [New York State]
    city Attractions: New York [New York city]

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