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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
What remedies should we make if American high schools reject all applications?
From what channels can we know that there are still vacancies in schools?
Limin 10 answers Teacher Liu Make a comprehensive analysis from the results to the application materials, and make a possible estimate of the admission of the applicant school.
Take advantage of the fact that no result has been achieved, the remedial plan should be made firSt.This remedy can be a combination of their own analysis of the situation to choose how to do, including the provision of new achievements, new supplementary materials, new application programs.
But all this, if you can't do it yourself, find a reliable consultant to help you.
As for the school quota, American high school's application to the present time has different agency agencies.
The top schools boarded depend on the students themselves, and the second best depends on the situation.
The consultants who have been with American high school for a long time will have more or less some personal relations and are familiar with some schools, which can provide some help for supplement or remedy programs.
3 Hello!
Firstly, we compare the children's situation horizontally and vertically, and analyze whether the schools we applied for before match.
At the same time, in the totally rejected schools, what information has not been fully presented to the interviewer in our interview process, which should be thoroughly analyzeD.But it's impossible to have a very top school vacancy, because the students on waiting list are enough to kill us.
We can choose a group of schools that are competitive for children's scores and personal charm as soon as possible.
Through field visits and telephone communication, we can strive for the admission probability for children.
Teacher Wu First, reflect on whether children are suitable for studying in the United States?
The child has only one TOEFL score in China, one SSAT score.
The American teacher's interview rejection is not your score.
It must be the child's own fault, such as impoliteness, lack of etiquette, or dodging in answering questions, not even with a smile, and the interviewer's weak handshake.
These problems are likely to be eliminated, because more and more children with good character and learning, hundreds of candidates, a little slack, be shelved or refused directly is normal, American teachers at this time there is no need to show mercy.
With the entrance of American high schools being tempted by the tuition fees of Chinese parents, more and more schools are willing to accept Chinese children, so there will always be opportunities for supplements from March to July.
Some students go to preferred schools and empty their places.
Some are new recruits coming to China in autumn.
The network is so developed that they can find opportunities for supplements if they look for them slightly.
There are many places in FS.
An expert in noodles.
Learning is not a worrying thing for Chinese children.
What we really worry about is our children's EQ and social quality.
On the surface, it is Quanjude.
It reflects the children's shortcomings.
One hand, we should catch the supplement.
The other hand, we should rethink and prune the leaves to become a talent.
We must not blindly emphasize the achievements.
If we come to the United States, we will still be a success fighter and brush the scores.
That's a real failure.
American learning environment.
Come to the United States to study, read is not a fraction, is life.
Mutual encouragement Teacher Zhou What are the schools that your child applied and rejecteD.Perhaps it is a combination of your child's TOEFL, SSAT and Vericant results that are not satisfactory.
There are schools that offer programs for students from China with special ESL programs that you can still consider.
Teacher Ma Hello!
If this happens, be sure to find a networking consultant.
I'm glad to help you!
Every year, I help many children to fill in.
After March 2014, the schools that filled in the autumn of that year included St.Anne's Belfield School; - Proctor Academy; Spring side Chestnut Hill Academy; - Trinity Pawling School; Wilbraham and Monson Academy, Webra Hammerson Middle School; Tennessee Webb; Woodberry Forest School; - Virginia Bishop High School; -- wait.
I have supplemented St.James School, Tabor, Mercesburg, Westtown, George School, St.Paul's School, McCallie School, Miss Hall's School, Santa Catalina School and so on.
Hope to have the opportunity to help you, you can trust me.
Zhao Good counselors are very important.
First, there is little possibility of rejection.
Second, counselors can communicate with schools well and get timely information.
Third, counselors can act as agents for many children.
Other children can also know the information of the school in time and have the opportunity to communicate with schools in time to change the waiting list.
Therefore, in the case of selecting the right schools, if you are applying for yourself or feeling the consultants are not giving you any advice, it is advisable to communicate with other advisors in advance to make some preparations.
If the consultant is not bad, keep close and good communication with the consultants, see how the consultants deal with these problems, and follow up the process well.
Skills are specializeD.After reading many parents'questions, I feel that besides parents who are really good at DIY, they still need to seek the help of reliable consultants.
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    ABOUT colorado local customs, tourist attractions
    Running in the colorado Plateau
    The United States of Grand canyon National Park, although the visitors like, but only a small piece of the southern edge of colorado plateau.
    In the heart of the plateau area, the colorado River and the green river, the San Juan River cooperation carved maze of landforms, magnificent and colorful wasteland.
    There are a dozen national parks in this area, there are monuments, recreation area, forest land, state parks and Tribal Park, set the southwest classic scenery, a meteorite crater, brightly colored faults like big steps, silicified wood cluster, hidden Indian Guyaju ruins.
    We have a circular route, walk in the southern state of Utah for 5 days, the total range of about 1000 km.
    Return from the outside world, like any language description are too weak, only a sound with a heavy sigh: that is the game of god!
    The world's largest rock arch may collapse at any time We rented a Explorer four-wheel drive Jeep into southern Utah, which is part of the original heart of the.
    The first stop was rock arch national park.
    It is small in size, only 200 square kilometers, the park together with 2000 a lot of natural rock arch, is dotted with stone pillars, stone strange community, shaped like a sail, the castle, the monks..
    color is a 1 rock weathering, bare fanned visual impact.
    The road to string together several scenic spots, the area of dense a scene.
    We have a car jump out a camera at four, like a bunch of robbers.
    A cool day walk in the huge rock arch side, through the touch will rattle the trees dry, listening to the sound of the wind Gudang, there is a real content.
    The new rock arch was born, the old rock arch die, time flowing in the eyes.
    Double arch (Double Arch) by two beautiful arches stacked adjacent, from the front 1 past like lianhuantao, elegant to visitors in the following;
    small ants, compared to its tall!
    We walked a mile to see the landscape arch (Landscape Arch), it is one of the world's largest rock arch, flying one hundred meters, forty meters high, the top of only a few feet thin, could collapse at any time.
    The data is written: you witnessed a rock arch of the old, come next time it might not exiSt. Looked up to see, feel not exaggerated.
    The jeep trail will turn farther The colorado plateau is like a thousand layer cake, by the river, green river, and the San Juan River cutting was dazzling, revealing the beautiful sedimentary layer.
    Stand in Yatou look, red and white, Grand canyon landform extends to the horizon of the grand.
    china saying: "in a section of the original Dripping water wears through a stone.
    , truly experience this.
    The map on a large sheet of song in the turn of the terrain, show the process flow of the earth changes patient carving, clear traces.
    Driving cross-country jeep is a world.renowned activities section of the original hinterland.
    People with a spare tank, tents, food, drive into the canyon hiking, climbing, kayaking or belt to whitewater rafting, often it is ten days.
    The jeep trail (Jeep trail) along with thousands of miles, mostly quite original, many sections of climbing steep rubble, requires superb driving skills.
    For two days we spend part of flowers in the jeep trail.
    One day, into the canyon National Park North of the island in the sky ", decisively off road, go scheffelu trail, in the cliffs on the facade of the twists and turns down the bottom.
    This section of the sheep road because of its famous insurance.
    The road drops rolled stones, 180 degree bend fold to go out, the whole car doesn't sound to the bottom, a cry of joy, back up the cool breeze.
    Those pieces are piled, ramshackle, colored blocks like rock, like a great big rope buckle back bend, sun Yizhenyihuan and shadow, not stay experience on the road.
    The very next day, we attempt to find "needle forest" that piece of stone on the horizon, but Britain around 43 degrees in the heat of the canyon, but farther and farther, and eventually had to give up.
    To this section of the original place you must learn to give up, put down the winning the heart, a little ambition of convergence.
    The Sitifu under the sky Blues From the Grand canyon to the north, Brice National Park, a section of the original continuous five steps, in turn named cliff Zhu Ya, white cliffs, chocolate, grey cliff, cliff powder, color deposition layer is exposed during the 3 billion years of the formation.
    This area is called the grand staircase (Grand Staircase), is a geological and biological Museum.
    Brice National Park occupies the top of the grand staircase ".
    My pink cliff edge erode into a vast forest, from the top of the cliff look spectacular, but see groups of clusters, 100 thousand shaped shape, just like Terracotta Army.
    Along the cliff stone forest extends more than 20 miles long and a mile wide.
    Shilin between people doing hiking.
    Rather windy。 We watched a ridge in the valley of the lonely night until the dim reflection light.
    Have a challenging slope and rich amount of snow in the state of colorado, is an ideal resort skiers, skaters and snowmobile enthusiasts.
    Summer snow melts, these same mountain to walkers and mountaineers waving, meet their visit.
    colorado is a historical and cultural center.
    Visit the colorado Museum of natural history, will let people have a sense of return to the age of the dinosaurs, or the cheyenne Prison Museum to cheyenne Wells, a former western life to experience hardships.
    The most popular attractions for the Mesa Verde National Park and with tall mountains, crystal clear lakes, snow capped and wild animal diversity, Rocky Mountain National Park attracts more than 3 million tourists.
    17 highway in the state are picturesque and famous in the history of the bypass, while Durango and Silverton narrow gauge railway can escort passengers through the colorado Rocky Mountain terrain.
    If you love and enjoy the feeling in the air, the world's largest suspension bridge is located in Royal George, is not to be missed attractions.
    Here, the world's most steep, traffic on the slopes of the tram will bring you down the excitement.
    For less active travelers, the state offers from the luxury five star hotel to the cabin resort, affordable roadside motel equipments, campsites, apartments and hotel breakfaSt. Major tourism projects: Rocky Mountain National Park, Denver natural history Museum, Pueblo reservoir (PUEBLO RESERVOIR), Denver zoo, cUREcANTI recreation area, the us Air Force Academy, MESA VERDE, ROYAL GORGE National Park, national dinosaur Memorial, National Memorial chorten in colorado.
    capital: Denver Denver, August 1, 1876 to join the Federal Location: located in the Midwest inland and Arizona Arizona, Kansas, Kansas, Nebraska, New, Mexico, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah, Oklahoma Utah, Wyoming Wyoming border Area: 104100 square miles, including land area of 103730 square miles, water area of 371 square miles Population: 1048319 State bird: LARK-FINcH lark State: centennial State / colorful colorado centennial State or state of color   Denver has become the focus of
    Denver has become the focus of Laugh, clown, laugh.
    Once under the awkward adolescent pain in the city become one of the most beautiful queen.
    Is no longer a victim of cow town joke, is no longer a joke in the high mountains and Serenade ", the development of Denver makes the world even surprised myselF- Keep the original flavor, make it become a real comfortable city.
    Denver once again in the survival rate, entertainment, economic prosperity and more occupied 10 of a chart.
    No matter whether you believe it, Denver city is no longer a baby but charming whistle.
    In the Rocky Mountains, the scenery of Denver Postcard perfect.
    Founded in 1858, Denver city is located, and become one of the fastest growing city, full of young, active and well.educated people.
    Denver love the sunshine city to attract people, but want a mountain from sports field people just a few minutes.
    Today, Denver boasts more than 1 million population, launched more than 155 square miles.
    Including 6 in Denver county and the surrounding more than 2000000 in the last 40 years doubled.
    The heyday of Denver is developed from 20 century 80, then the United States experienced oil crisis.
    Today, the economic sector structure of Denver, so Denver is considered the epitome of the United States: cable television, telecommunications, space, financial services and computer software is the leading industry in some regions.
    In fact, Denver is one of the highest concentration of information technology company.
    At the same time, Denver has the world's largest international airport.
    Over 85 of the world's top 500 companies have branches in Denver.
    For example, the western United States, AT&T, American Airlines, etc.
       A smart, love sports city A comparative study on Denver exciting note, Denver has won 2 American Football Super cup team title, the Stanley cup hockey team, the most successful new baseball team, and was named the second us Drama center, after New York's Lincoln center.
    Denver has more than 20 Museums and cultural center.
    It's culture and different races to increase the city's charm.
    The restaurant provides all kinds of food from sushi to gourmet steak to bake pies -- to meet various needs.
    Denver has attracted a large number of University Graduates -- second only to Washington Dc 23 Public Library of the city and many bookstores (are world famous chain stores) to meet the needs of the people.
    In Denver, she has the ability to accommodate many interests.
    Denver has more than 200 70 Park, a community garden, bike paths and walking trails.
    In Denver a year to get the sun over 300 days - even more than Miami, Honolulu or San Diego brother.
       The human and the nature of the finite infinite compared is really very small.
    In the face of billions of years of rock, short life completely unmasked.
    As such, treasure it.
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