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Excuse me, what do parents usually ask when they visit school during summer vacation and interview?
What are the questions you can't ask, impolite or taboo?
For example, can't we ask about the admission rate?
Natural love of loneliness 9 answers Miss Li It is suggested that children should know the school before they take part in the interview.
The information they can learn on the official website should not be askeD.Questions can be asked after they know it.
Questions related to children's study, interest, application and future entrance to school can be askeD.But don't ask questions like school rankings.
Entrance rate can be asked.
Sun teacher It is suggested that in addition to the question of undergraduate enrollment rate, we should ask a few more questions and not concentrate all the questions on our studies.
For example, making friends, surfing the Internet, arranging vacation transportation and not going home, how to arrange sports activities, etC.Otherwise, in the eyes of the admissions officer, you will soon become a tiger mother who does not care about children's physical and mental health, but only about what university you can go to?
I believe you are not such a mother.
At the beginning, we hardly ever asked about the rate of entrance.
No matter how well others bid, they are others.
Just be yourself.
Zhang First, study the official website, you can ask the questions you care about.
Just be polite and sincere.
Domestic families pay attention to academic and life.
American families pay attention to extracurricular activities of sports arts.
Consider clearly what conditions and resources they want schools to provide.
Teacher Fang Can you ask questions related to children's interests and expertise?
What support does the school provide?
What are the characteristic courses or activities, and what are the standardized scores?
How many applicants?
How many people are enrolled and other questions related to the application can be askeD.It is better to avoid the more sensitive questions such as:
what is the SAT score?
How many people are there in Ivy League University (top 10 university)?
What is the ranking of schools?
What's the difference from a nearby school or school?
Schools want to recruit suitable students, and do not want parents to choose schools only from the perspective or ranking of entrance.
Teacher Liu It's OK to care about schools and children's development.
What you can't ask is the information you can find on the website.
There is no need to ask about the admission rate.
Generally, 90% is of little significance.
Teacher Peng We are choosing schools, and schools are choosing the right students.
Therefore, parents should focus on the idea that schools have a far-reaching impact on their children, not just the rate of admission (and this statement is too Chinese, the idea is totally inappropriate), but also the situation of school admission can be found on the official website.
Simply put, if the information can be found on the official website, it is recommended to know in advance, unless there is doubt, it is generally not recommended - imagine how to prove that you like the school if you don't even know the school well enough and still like it very much in the interview.
Teacher Wang Most of the questions you are interested in can be asked about the admission rate, student composition, admission criteria, extracurricular activities, school management, school curricula, school accommodation conditions, whether the school enrolls students with learning disabilities, if so, what proportion.
Generally speaking, parents should do their homework and familiarize themselves with the school before they go to the interview.
If they can find the answer on the official website of the school at once, they don't need to ask.
And if parents are concerned about ranking, don't ask, because there is no answer.
Teacher Ma Just be careful not to ask too basic questions.
Learn more about the school and look at the website before the interview, so that you don't ask questions that are easy to find answers on the website.
Zhao Hello, the range of parents'questions is relatively loose.
Basically, schools have to answer questions.
Some parents are concerned about the students'school life, such as dormitories, canteens, short vacation arrangements, short school travel arrangements, the proportion of international students and the performance of international students.
It is better to ask some questions about school facilities and curriculum arrangement according to the interviews, and show careful observation during the visits.
Parents can also supplement the questions that children do not ask in the process of communicating with the school, and take the initiative to express their gratitude and love for the school.
As for taboos, don't ask about the basic data of the school (the information about the enrollment rate can be found on the official website, and it can also be mentioned on the official website.
You can ask the graduates of the school in another way).
It seems that you don't know the school in advance.
Don't have problems comparing with other schools.
Don't praise your children or list awards or photos from the perspective of parents.
Give the children the time they show.
Don't mention sensitive topics like politics or religion, such as asking about the proportion of white people.
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    ABOUT colorado local customs, tourist attractions
    The United States tour!
    A helicopter overlooking colorado canyon
    Las Vegas, a city in the western United States unbelievable stands in the desolate desert, stimulates the nervous tourists in all aspects, and provides the world's most worth a try many ways to enjoy.
    One of the most attractive is one of the helicopter straight cut the famous colorado Grand canyon (Grand canyon).
    The scheduled time in the hotel car will gather at the designated place, you sent to the airport flight starting point, Macallan (Mccarran International Airport), large aircraft flying overhead, but the car is not heading for the International Airport, but turning into (Mccarran Field Executive Terminal).
    The United States tour!
    A helicopter overlooking colorado canyon After arriving at the airport, please prepare passport or photo documentation for check-in.
    A wall and the space of the shelf where there is many pilots and graceful bearing.
    Weight is a key step, because the seating arrangements should take into account the weight factors, so will the special everyone will be assigned to a fixed seat.
    Please wait a moment in the waiting room, the staff will explain the safety arrangements and went to the boarding machine.
    The timbre is magnetic, body straight pilot will take you to the trip of the car.
    In this process, the first not to take pictures, because the pilot to inform you about safety rules, including don't flight process tries to open the door after the plane landed to him at the signal and then leave the seat so.
    The United States tour!
    A helicopter overlooking colorado canyon The helicopter must wear a headset, because too much noise will make people mad, and if there is no signal, can not hear people talk.
    With the headset after came the announcer.
    No, is the standard American "pilot I for some travel with the mood of the music, for you may of course, some people will not love, then you can only jump out of the" old beautiful laugh really is a bit cold, and ear he immediately sounded the National Anthem of the United States and the United States 1 song, it really seems to be awe.
    inspiring righteousness drums in the patriotic blockbuster.
    The helicopter to take off or pull dry onions with fly?
    Otherwise, taking off the fact and the general plane didn't like what two.
    According to the cluster number order one by one with the propeller pops off gradually and gradually become the continuous noise, the helicopter left the ground.
    But this time is only increased to about one meter high, then the plane along the tarmac slowly, finally adjust the direction of the pilot, the deep push rod, a forward tilt of the helicopter also instantly speed rise, up to one hundred meters until the party began to adjust the angle of flight, the helicopter began around this time shaking and bumps, passengers with uncle Tom's passionate melody gradually into the state.
    Then circled over in Las Vegas, spread out towards the distant valley to cluster.
    Take off not long after the city's shadow has disappeared from view, the pilot may have started to introduce the Las Vegas surrounding landscape, and a brief Spanish colonial history.
    The United States tour!
    A helicopter overlooking colorado canyon A long road across the desolate Kaibab plateau, red and brown color, Navajo Sandstone, desolate scenery is shaking.
    If not these roads, bustling Las Vegas are difficult to maintain the endless night scenery.
    The red sandstone, reportedly because of iron containing minerals, and brown sand, maybe the possession of copper.
    About 15 minutes later, the helicopter came a sharp turn to the left, the left sharp tilt, right side door I almost becomes the ground, this time the pilot wind "we are now in the Hoover dam above, which is almost the world's largest water dam."
    Hoover dam (Hoover Dam) has maintained the scale on the world record in the Three Gorges before it across the colorado River, the river formed the Western Hemisphere's largest artificial lake - Lake Mead (Mead).
    This artificial lake with the dam together, constitute the most spectacular man-made landscape of the Grand canyon, it is like Las Vegas from the desert where unbelievable.
    The Hoover dam is located at the junction of Nevada and Arizona, the same as the Grand canyon itself, is one of the best tourist spots in this area.
    If there is no helicopter ride halfway through here, can spend 2 hours to come here to visit, and there is a boat from the air overlooking the dam project, but the feeling is more spectacular and interesting, if not too persistent interest in the dam, just dropped from the sky far view about it, is also good, which is an advantage in a helicopter tour of the grand canyon.
    The United States tour!
    A helicopter overlooking colorado canyon The Hoover dam is left behind, and fly a while has really entered Arizona, also entered Grand canyon National Park.
    Need not be too professional explanation, the Grand canyon is like a piece of the overall increase was the foundation of land, the land in the first crustal movement arched elevation, which formed the unique table mountain scene, at the same time as the colorado River and its tributaries to erosion, create now elevation and the Grand canyon this greatly complicated winding form.
    In front of the Grand canyon this magnificent natural landscape, any human creation is not worth mentioning.
    After the real depth of the canyon hinterland, walking in the valley on both sides of the helicopter, hundred meters away from the reddish huge cliff almost barren, the kind of natural forces to outline the tough lines make people feel weak Miao Xiaohe.
    Although the main color of the Grand canyon in the mountains most tourism introduction are red, but the macro point of view, especially when the wider view from above, the Grand canyon rocks is mottled, color is not uniform.
    The penetration of green in some places red light blue, some places are feeling, this is because the Grand canyon bare section records the geological changes for millions of years, different age rocks like tree rings showed different color forms and subtle differences.
    The headset will inform you of the pilot came to landing sound, then he circled over the canyon top for a week, after adjusting the angle of vertical landing in a canyon is located in the hillside camp on the road.
    After he go off the plane to check the surrounding terrain without danger after opened the door, a spectacular show in front of us gally.
    In the face of this can only have some desert herbaceous plants barely growth Gobi, feeling that the landscape is what crops could not germinate results, it is hard to imagine this was an important activity area of the indians.
    The Grand canyon is the Indian sacred land, on the development of tourism will encounter considerable resistance to 1, hang in the mouth of the United States does not instant success every day, so the majority of the Grand canyon National Park in addition to some tourist attractions (such as the glass bridge), in addition to what almost no tourist facilities.
    The preparation for the campers' picnic tables and chairs immediate and consistent with the Grand canyon the color of the sun umbrella.
    The United States tour!
    A helicopter overlooking colorado canyon After the meal on the way home, here to remind you, if your helicopter tour including champagne, don't drink too much.
    Although the helicopter company customized champagne quality is very good, but too much easy to cause the trip uncomfortable.
    Because the helicopter bumps frequently violent, and helicopters in the steering and increased when the centrifugal force is quite rapid, with a confined space inside the helicopter was rather small, at the same time the plane must wear the headset will let the human ear is very hot with the sense of restraint, to more easily than airsick by plane, not even after drinking a lot airsick, long time which will make people depressed, be sleepy straws.
    On the way maybe the plane will fall to stop in the desert gas, the gas station is really cool, not around the highway, nor any buildings, even on the ground without laying asphalt platform, completely is a large tank is placed in a vast expanse of wilderness.
    The handheld gas station key to open the tank door, pulled out of a pipeline is long, one's own complete operation of the refueling process, at this time the plane holding you just flying through the helicopter pilots and the Grand canyon, is really cool.
    Although this trip is very expensive, but also really had enough of the helicopter addiction.
    See the Grand canyon from the plane of the spectacular panoramic tour, other methods can not match, and from above list in Las Vegas can also from another point of view, the Americans felt persistent bold creativity, with Las Vegas this stands in the desert city of miracle.
    All of these are rare experience.
    Maybe some years later, your ears echoed with the sound of propellers, to close my eyes blues or the United States western style music, magnificent scenery in the mind can emerge out of the canyon top make people unforgettable.
    The colorado Grand canyon Helicopter Tour has become one of more and more tourists to go to play the project!
    Go to the Grand canyon visitors who must try oh!
    most in play to colorado outdoor sports experience perfect
        colorado -- the "heart of the west", located in the United States and western hinterland, east of the Rocky Mountains, the four seasons here, pleasant scenery.
    Dreamy Alps dotted with lakes, rare wild animal;
    National Park and the State Park, let you embrace the natural treasure;
    retro vintage train carrying you to browse the charming scenery;
    National Park, the first peak, giant sand dune and State Park and he by tourists.
    The most famous ski resort in Vail and Aspen richly endowed by nature geographical advantage, almost supernatural attraction, let countless ski enthusiasts dream.
    Dude, cowboy town, natural hot springs spa, vineyards, breweries, specialty bars, attracting countless guests from afar.
    Natural feast 1. Rocky Mountain National Park Rocky Mountain National Park The capital of Denver drove to the northwest road less than one hour, is the famous Rocky Mountain National Park (Rocky Mountain National Park).
    Located in the park within the Evans mountains (Mount Evans) is the first peak, 4340 meters above sea level, winding mountain road (Trail Ridge Road) is the highest altitude highway.
    Go up along the mountain road, from time to time you can see clear as a mirror of the alpine lakes, and even rare animal figure.
    Elk, bighorn sheep, moose and black vultures, there may appear in your side.
    Estes Parker of the east gate of the park will provide quality accommodation for every visitor.
    2. Black canyon of the Gunnison National Park Black canyon of Gunnison National Park colorado, southwest of the Black canyon of the Gunnison National Park, known to the world of the Black canyon width less than 335 meters, the depth of 882 meters, spectacular.
    This accommodation is also very convenient, West Montrose, east of the gunnison.
    3. Mesa Verde National Park Mesa Verde National Park In the southwest of Mesa Verde National Park is a world heritage, within about 4000 precious archaeological sites, including the only climb the ladder into the cliff cave.
    From April to October, tourists come to visit, can live in the local "Vista Hotel", here is very famous delicacy.
    4. Great Sand Dunes National Sand Dunes National Park Park South of the Great Sand Dunes National Park and nature reserve of giant dunes is 213 meters high and 80 kilometers long.
    People can walk freely in the dunes or sand sliding way to the bottom of the hill dive Martha Nobel small.
    5. kinds of Dinosaur Fossil Museum Florissant Fossil Beds National and Monument Love the dinosaur fossils and friends do not miss the northwest Dinosaur National Monument, in the middle of Florissant Fossil Museum is located in the southeast of the country, comanche meadows, there is the largest site of dinosaur footprints in North america.
    Located in Grand Junction near colorado National Memorial, the rock of odd shape but I do not know where it comes from, it is the mystery of world geography.
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