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Parents, is the child's physical examination done before or after the visa?
KK 9 answers 2 Physical examination is not linked to the visA.After you get the school's designated physical examination form, you can have a physical examination, both before and after the visa.
5 Physical examination is the requirement of the school.
Visas are entry requirements.
So most of the students will have a physical examination before the visa, because there are many vaccination problems involved, and many times they will go to the United States to make up for them.
Because of the time interval~ Teacher Huang Time does not matter much.
Teacher Peng You can do it before you go to school.
Sun teacher Physical examination and visa are not directly related, before and after the visa can be, get the school's medical examination form can go to the physical examination, it is suggested that as soon as possible arrangements, there may be a need for vaccines.
Teacher Yang It doesn't matter.
You can have a physical examination or a visa firSt.The key is to prepare materials, physical examination, immunization do not lack, after coming to the United States, physical examination and injection are relatively troublesome.
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