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What do you think of a school with a church background?
Heart coolness can't last for an instant.
9 answers 5 More than 90% of private schools have church background, some require church activities, some do not require or require little, generally speaking, it has little impact on children's learning and development.
2 The main characteristic of missionary schools is that they not only emphasize the academic cultivation of students, but also put religious ideas throughout the whole teaching process and take religion as a way to cultivate students'moral character and conduct.
Generally speaking, they are compulsory courses in schools. compared with non-religious schools, they spend more energy on religious courses.
But there is no need to worry about other negative factors, they will not force students to believe in religion, but more like a philosophy course, many religious schools are very gooD.It is suggested that the level of the school should be considered comprehensively, and whether it is a missionary school should not be entangled too much.
Teacher Chen Many schools in the United States have religious backgrounds.
However, with the development of schools, the characteristics of religion gradually fade away.
As for the suitability of religious schools for students, it mainly depends on the degree of acceptance of students.
Most religious schools will not force students to believe in religion, but will require students to take religious courses in a proper amount.
Jiang Hello, I think it's different from person to person.
Many church schools have a good academic environment.
As far as I know, most church schools do not need students to believe in religion, but they will require some religious lessons to enhance understanding.
Teacher Huang If you don't mind the religious curriculum and don't conflict with some religious information, you should use other factors as criteria to find a suitable school.
Zhao Different children have different acceptance of church schools.
You should mainly talk to your own child to see how well he or she accepts it.
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