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How helpful is summer school for school admission?
9 answers Teacher Peng Summer school is helpful for school admission.
In addition, attending summer school can let children feel the campus atmosphere, practice oral English and enrich their experience.
If attending dream school summer school can let children have a very intuitive understanding of the school, more topics can be talked with the interviewer in the interview, and if they perform well in summer school, they can also add highlights to the application materials.
Of course, when choosing summer school, it is also very important.
Only by choosing a valuable summer school that is worth visiting, can we truly enrich children's experience and exercise their abilities.
Zhang Summer school is an integral part of children's overall international education plan.
Personally, I don't think it's helpful or not for admission.
If conditions permit, it is recommended that children be sent to summer school as soon as possible.
In the process of participating in summer school, children can have a comprehensive understanding of foreign teaching and schools, help children find their own dream school, and participate in various activities in school can also have a certain enlightening effect on children's personality and hobbies.
At the same time, it is an opportunity for children to go out to summer school alone, to exercise their ability of self-reliance and to have access to students from all over the world.
For admission alone, participation in summer school and some international activities can be regarded as a part of children's curriculum vitae and expertise, which can not be said to have a decisive relationship, but also have certain benefits.
Admission depends on children's comprehensive abilities, and scores and other qualities and specialties of children still dominate.
I hope parents can have a correct understanding of this.
Miss Li There is no direct help, but the child will definitely improve, which will be helpful for the application.
Teacher Wu The benefits of attending American summer school can be summarized in two ways.
First, for students who are not eager to go abroad, it is a good experience to restore the daily learning and life of American students, because the curriculum of summer school is basically the same as that of American academic year students.
The curriculum is academic from 8 am to 3 p.m., and after 3 p.m., extracurricular activities, including ball games, weekend meetings, etC.Organizing outings is a good experience, and the gold content is much higher than summer camp.
Another advantage is mainly for students in grades 7 and 8. Summschool is very helpful for them to apply for beauty.
If children have their own dream school all the time, it would be better.
You can use this opportunity to experience the learning atmosphere of your dream school first-hand and see if your dream school is in line with what you envisioneD.After that, I have made my goals clearer.
For children preparing for standardized examinations and studying abroad, it has a great stimulating and promoting role.
And you can use summer school's time to spend a month with the teachers who teach at school.
Meigao's school is not very large, so the school is very cautious when recruiting every student.
The more the interviewer knows about you, the more help you can get for your application.
Some parents will ask a question, that is, I go to summer school to attend classes, how can I get to know the teacher of admission?
In fact, the reason is simple, because many admission teachers in the United States are also teaching teachers, such as Mike, woodberry's interviewer I met a few years ago, who is both the head of the admission committee and a math teacher, so there are many opportunities to contact admission teachers using summer school.
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