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As for the SAT test, if my high school students in the United States were there to take the SAT test, would they be native American students or international students?
What's the cost?
Thank you!
Mei Feng 9 answers Mr.
Zhao Many high schools have their own examination room, but not always held, check clearly in advance.
Teacher Liu If you are an international student, you will usually have a test in your own high school.
5 It belongs to international students.
The cost is on the official website.
See how long your high school has been in the United States to decide whether you need TOEFL or not.
Sun teacher Generally, high schools have their own test points, if not, there must be nearby high schools.
For international students, the specific fees can be seen on the SAT website, according to the registration fee at that time.
Teacher Xia Hello, in the United States, whether it's an exam, a future university application, or the welfare and regulations of various schools, as long as your identity is still a Chinese citizen, you belong to international students.
In terms of cost, the same price as college board's official website, 54.5. Teacher Fang There should be no difference in fees between international students and international students.
Teacher Ma Most high schools have their own test points, if not, there will certainly be some nearby.
The cost is basically the same all over the world, and it will be noted on the official website.
If you don't have a green card, it will be calculated by international students.
2 As long as there is no green card, it belongs to international students, regardless of where to go to high school.
SAT is registered on the official website.
There are many test venues and times in the United States.
This is your advantage.
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