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Hello, experts and teachers.
First time I learned about American high schools.
Now my children are in Grade One.
They have plans to go to American high schools.
What is the difference between public and private high school education in the United States?
From friends around us, many children choose private high school?
Why seldom choose public high schools?
=, idiot 9 answers 2 Enrolled in public schools, either as an American or as an exchange student, while the exchange student can only study for one year, and then either return home or transfer to another school.
Miss Li Hello, first of all, public schools do not recruit international students.
They only recruit local students in the United States, similar to those in ChinA.Public schools can accept exchange students at most, but now few schools in China exchange students in secondary schools.
So the majority of students and parents will generally choose to enroll in private boarding schools.
In addition, the teaching quality of private boarding schools in the United States is different from that of ordinary private schools in ChinA.Many top American secondary schools are private boarding schools.
Graduates are going well and the students trained are excellent.
Therefore, parents in China will choose private high schools to apply for study.
Zhao Generally speaking, public schools provide free textbooks for students, but the textbooks are school-based and can not be brought home.
They can only be used in schools.
Students who damage the textbooks must be compensateD.Public institutions in the United States only accept exchange students and have only one academic year to study.
Schools and boarding families are not free to choose.
This model does not meet the needs of many students studying in the United States, so public schools generally do not consider choices.
Private schools have more choices and are suitable for students studying in the United States.
Teacher Ma Good parents!
The fundamental reason is that students can't get visas without issuing I-20 forms by the public.
Teacher Chen Compared with most public schools, private schools have better facilities and teachers.
After all, the cost channels are different and the uses are different.
Good luck.
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    ABOUT florida local customs, tourist attractions
    Harry Potter's magical world travel
    銆銆銆 銆銆 Is love legend of Harry Potter, so in this few days Orlando visit, visit the Harry Potter's magic world, in this magical hall, I see things with Harry as like as two peas in Potter's novels, sometimes I even don't know what is in reality or in a magic world. Harry Potter's magical world travel The local tourist bus ride Orlando, after about 1 hours of travel.
    I arrived at Universal Studios Orlando Adventure Island, Harry Potter's magical world is here.
    If you've seen Harry Potter's people know that this magical castle called Hogwarts castle, I visited with the crowd into the castle in Dumbledore's office, and then I came to the defense against the dark arts classroom, but also specifically to look at the main place of the Gryffindor common room in the castle.
    The design of these places is entirely in accordance with Harry Porter's novels in the scene of a reduction.
    Disney + Orlando 1 Tour Tour 3
    銆銆銆 銆銆 complete Orlando play and really desire to thank my good friend Jacky, because Jacky's home in Orlando, so this summer to the United States and the friends met, Jacky took me to play Disney in 3 days.
    The Disney Orlando 3 tour + 1 day let me completely in love with Orlando.
    I feel the way to Orlando Disney is very excited, because I knew Disney, but long so big is the first time to see the real Disney Park, so excited and ready to go.
    There is a class called ShuttleBus bus near our hotel, sitting in the car, Jacky and I came to Disney.
    An estimated 20 minutes after you can see Disney's castle.
    Orlando Disney entered the park, we take the scenic train tour around, first see is Mickey and Minnie.
    The new year 4 days and 2 nights of the trip to Miami Beach
    銆銆銆 銆銆 He went to Miami new year ah silent journey, this is my new year's trip to the United States began to place, chose Miami as the first American travel destination, because there is a year-round sunshine beach in Florida, as well as many interesting places.
    I'm going to Miami with son 4 day 2 night, so that you can live in Miami for a visit.
    The new year 4 days and 2 Nights Tour - Miami When the morning sun has not come out, I got dark, starting in Beijing, then I saw just the sunrise at Beijing airport.
    After 12 hours of flight, we in the afternoon of the second day a little more arrived in Miami Intercontinental Airport The new year 4 days and 2 Nights Tour - Miami Miami subway only yellow line, green line two, and most of the route or together.
    I need to take the subway station at the Miami Airport Government center Japan and Russia, and then take another subway to the first place to visit to Miami Miami Beach.
    christian Wassmann designed the Miami Beach villa building
    銆銆銆 銆銆 銆銆 The sunshine of Miami seaside new built a unique house.
    It looks like a tree, the wall is twisted trunk, a large cantilevered bedroom window on the two floor, climbing vines, forming dense canopy;
    and all around it, is also surrounded by lush palm trees.
    This is not the design architect christian Wassmann's house is prompted by a sudden impulse, but his clients playfully put forward a "tree house" requirements.
    This is a building expansion project.
    The owners of the Frank Prisnzano (a restaurant owner) commissioned christian Wassmann studio for a Miami Beach bungalow built in 1930s for expansion.
    From design to construction, Wassmann spent 9 years here was a "concrete tree house".
    As a "curved wall trunk" played a main role: wall support house, become the key of the whole structure, undulating, sculptural appearance as architectural aesthetic play.
    \ \ This house is called "the path of the sun (Sun Path House)", the name of the architect revealed faint, light some ideas.
    The top floor of the house is very special, it is actually a sundial.
    curved walls a record of the longest day of the year, is the day of the summer solstice, the sun in the building location, latitude 25 degrees 48 '55 running track.
    Designer Wassmann know the owner came to the main reason of Prisinzano is that it is sunny weather and sunshine.
    So, he started to consider this project from the sun.
    "I used to think a temple to express the worship of the sun.
    When the sun began to see the trajectory, I suddenly realized that I can put it into the design of the house."
    Wassmann explained.
    "This' interaction with the universe" is extraordinary.
    Have this experience under the open sky, it makes you far away from the daily chores, this moment, you also get rid of chen Gui, "he continued.
    Of course, this design does not play too much study and observation of the use of science, but a little inspiration but can let ordinary residential become a character.
    A rooftop and even have a sense of ceremony.
    銆銆 銆銆 Residential floor two bedrooms, the whole floor with the landing glass, light enough, looked out a piece of greenery.
    curved walls and bedroom bed together to form a circle.
    This wall also play a separate role, is behind the kitchen and bathroom.
    Along the stairs to the bottom of the rotation.
    The concave wall hidden in casual dining area, there is a small round table and fixed on the wall of the seat.
    If love to open, open area to eat, entertainment or open party, here is the place for you.
    銆銆 銆銆 San Agustin church cathedral of St. Augustine is located in Florida's historic city - St. Augustine, built in 1793 to 1797 years, is a complex of Spanish colonial Revival and Renaissance style, in 1970 was listed as a national scenic spot in the history of the United States, Florida, one of the most important religious building.
    Before the tourists to enter the cathedral of St. Augustine, a circular arch, is a classic colonial architectural style, in the arch on both sides as well as two Doric columns supporting arch.
    The cathedral interior full of classical beauty, beautiful decoration, the elegant decoration with solemn atmosphere integrated, elegant and solemn feeling, which attracts millions of tourists visit every day, there is more to numerous Hindus worship.
    This is strictly the holy cathedral has become the wedding ceremony venue, catholics think that God is a witness to the marriage, many couples would like to do the most important, in my life sweet moments, let God to witness the happy moment.
    cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine
    Reason: Florida is the most important religious building
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Florida: [Florida State]
    [St. Augustine]

    : Augustine city Attractions.
    cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuge is located in the state of Florida county by Herbert levy, clark President Hoover ordered the establishment in 1929, the clothing industry has developed rapidly, many birds were caught with their feathers to processing clothes, each year about 1 millions of bird to human being ruthless, in order to protect birds protection has been set up area.
    The reserve covers an area of 891 acres, consisting of 13 sizes of the coastal island, the smallest island only 1 acres, the largest 120 acres.
    The protected area of prehistoric and historical periods of natural and cultural resources, Native Americans once lived on the coastal island, they can still be found in the traces of living.
    The protected area of the abundance of birds, including songbirds, wading birds and migratory waterfowl and shore birds birds.
    In addition, there are many fish, manatee, crab, seahorse, snakes, crocodiles animal.
    Hi Dahl Island National Wildlife Refuge is an ancient lighthouse, once for the direction of a boat.
    The lighthouse change function now, as the nearby University of Florida Marine Science Laboratory, on the one hand can make important scientific research, on the other hand, the research of ecological environment in the protected areas also contributed.
    cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuge
    Reason: one of the most important conservation area in Florida
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Florida: [Florida State]
    city Attractions: Hi Dahl island [cedar Key]

    Leon Hot Springs State Park is located in Florida, Volusia county, was founded in 1970, covers an area of 611 acres, due to natural Sulphur Springs known hot springs gush every 76000 cubic meters of water, the water temperature is maintained at 72 degrees, the park became a famous tourist resort spa raising.
    The local indigenous people in the 6000 years to come to this, in early nineteenth century, the settlers built cotton and sugarcane plantations, but in the second Seminole war by the Seminole destruction.
    At present, there are some features of the plantation remained in the garden, once the Spanish style transformation of sugar into the restaurant, dining and recreation for tourists.
    In 1880s, hot springs became the biggest feature here, people love to enjoy the fun of hot springs.
    The swimming area is warm picnic area, the lake area is in the garden of 18000 acres, which became the canoeing and kayaking convenience, 8 km long hiking trails to become the best choice for bird watching.
    In the garden of wild animal and birds became the park spirit adds vigor and vitality for the park, including alligators, deer, turtles, Virginia otter, anhingas, egrets, eagles, osprey, bald eagles, great blue herons, Ibis America etc.
    De Leon Springs State Park
    Reason: Florida Best Hot Springs State Park
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Florida: [Florida State]
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