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When is the best time to submit materials and interview for TOP30 application in American high schools?
Does it follow the trend before the application deadline or is it much earlier?
Chris 9 answers Miss Li The general recommendation is that you submit a simple form in the summer vacation, and then make an appointment for an interview, usually in October-December.
Other materials can be completed before the deadline.
Teacher Xia Applying for high school is a systematic project.
Considering comprehensively, there is no certain order.
Without interviews, how do you know the school's approval of you and how do you know if you can meet the requirements of the target school without achievements?
How do you know if you can make the application materials without knowing the content of the application materials?
My suggestion is:
It's very simple to interview in advance and decide whether to apply according to the situation of the interview.
On the materials, the website should work hard, instead of facing the school admissions officer directly, asking for an interview as well as a visit.
Parents should not worry about it.
Finally, arranging an interview is too threatening.
Putting the most important interview at the end always feels inappropriate!
So qualified parents must go to the interview in advance, which is the most correct arrangement!
Schools that have interviewed may not apply!
1 Generally speaking, schools can make appointments for interviews as early as October, depending on the progress of materials preparation.
Interviews can be conducted before submitting materials.
It is better to complete the Online Application firSt.If you have the opportunity to attend Open Day in school, you can also conduct campus interviews.
If all the materials are submitted, the school will also take the initiative to send an interview invitation to the students.
But don't be too late, Deadline can interview before the theory hill, but the chance of admission is sure to decrease as the quota fills up gradually, so it's better to prepare early.
3 Submission:
before the end of December; Interview:
before the end of November Teacher Fang Generally submit materials in October-January, interview in October-January, it is recommended that October-December, before the application deadline, all the materials are the best.
Teacher Liu It must be an interview first, scheduled for September to October.
After the interview, prepare the standardized grades and application materials, and submit them before the deadline.
Go to the interview when you are ready, and leave the application materials behind.
5 It is generally recommended to submit the main application in September-October and interview in November-December, as long as it is completed before the deadline.
Teacher Yang [Edited] Submitting materials can be seen in the way of high school admission.
If rolling means rolling admission, the materials are usually reviewed according to the submission time of the applicant, that is, the earlier the submission is, the earlier the material is revieweD.Interview can be done as early as possible, some schools need to make an appointment in advance.
Teacher Zhou Hello, I don't know if the TOP30 in your question refers to boarding high school alone or to all walking and boarding high schools.
The top school deadline generally starts in early December and lasts in January or February.
Since September, schools will begin to accept applications one after another, so it is recommended that relevant materials be submitted as soon as possible.
In addition, if conditions permit, it is recommended that you go to American schools for on-site interviews in October or so.
If it is not convenient, there will also be interviews in China by American high school admissions officers from November to February next year.
Skype interviews are also possible if both are missed.
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