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Hello, teachers, I want to go to the United States on the third day of this year, ten liters ten, 89 TOEFL, 2127 ssat69%.
What kind of high school can I apply for such a result?
Can you recommend some?
Thank you!
Michelle 9 answers Mr.
Zhao If you are in Grade 9, you will be in Grade 10 by the end of this year.
So you should choose 10 liters and 10 liters.
With the continuous expansion of American high school's study abroad in recent years, the competition for applications has become more and more fierce.
Especially for Grade 10. Because it is equivalent to being an interchanger, the number of places in each school is not very large.
That requires competitiveness in all aspects.
First of all, there must be two standardized examinations, because this is an important data for many schools to refer to in the first rounD.Judging from your current score, it still has great potential.
So if you have time, you must take these two exams again, and strive for higher scores.
Of course, during this period, you also need to enrich your personal history (social activities), as well as interview skills.
I hope the above suggestions can help you.
Teacher Zhou If this is the final result, no further improvement, apply for re-reading grade 10, recommended in boarding schools before 50-100 choice.
The final admission depends on the students'interview situation and the strength of the consultant's recommendation.
Also, I suggest that the 9th grade is the most suitable supplement for this year.
The supplement can be improved now.
Maybe even higher TOEFL scores will not be able to enter the 10th grade next year.
It's all in time, and you've been in a complete American high school since Ninth grade.
Hope to help you, you can trust me.
Zhang You also have the opportunity to apply for admission to American high schools in the fall of 2014, so that you can apply for Grade 9, which is better in the United States from Grade 9 than from Grade 10. If you have strong personal strength and good interview performance, you can apply to a good school!
Agree with Mr.
Zhang Xi:
"The choice of American private high schools should not use the thinking of Chinese college entrance examination.
Scores determine everything!
" Applications for admission in the fall of 2014 are in progress until the summer vacation.
It is suggested to consider enrolling in Grade 9 one year earlier.
If so, we now have a good school recommendation, welcome to contact!
Bless you!
Jiang I don't know if you are a boy or a girl, so I can only recommend some mixed schools, such as The Cambridge School of Weston, Cranbrook Schools, Brooks School, Lawrence Academy.
Hope to help you!
Teacher Chen Hello, you are applying for the fall class of 2015, you can continue the exam, especially SSAT may only be valid for one year, this September has started again, you have to re-log an account for the exam, TOEFL account can continue to use.
Your grades are still very gooD.By November this year, there will be half a year to go.
If you plan well, you will surely get higher grades than you do now.
Choose another school in November.
You'd better find an overseas study consultant and give you some advice. come on
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