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Why are there so many boarding schools waiting for high school applications in the United States in 2014?
Asked several applications, received mainly for the bottom or middle, why are the top ranking waiting?
Consult experts to analyze the situation.
Time is tight.
Accept or wait?
Mermaid 9 answers Teacher Liu Prior to April 10, deposits are required to be paid for the most satisfactory choice from the schools accepteD.Then contact the waiting school.
Teacher Xia Accept the school you are most receptive to, sign a contract, pay a deposit, and then keep in close contact with the interviewer who wants to go to the school you want most, or who is most likely to change, to see if there is a positive outcome.
Boarding schools have not only issued many waiting lists this year, but also many admissions in some schools.
Therefore, the difficulty of rectification must be increaseD.In recent years, the application scores of the top 50 boarding schools in the United States should be 100,2200, so that they can be more assured.
Teacher Wu In recent years, the number of applicants for American high schools has doubleD.The admission situation is indeed unusually grim.
At the same time, the number of applicants for boarding high schools has also increased in recent years due to the economic recovery in the United States.
Moreover, the rise of domestic students applying for BOARDING SCHOOL in the United States has also stimulated the application of ABC families to a certain extent.
If OFFER is received, it is also a chilD.Zi likes the school, and there is no phenomenon of Chinese overcrowding, or in the attitude of accepting the existing OFFER, and then try to do some work waiting for correction (TOP schools are indeed extremely competitive, such as SPAUL schools, this year's admission rate is 10% (not only refers to international students, refers to all), compared with last year's decline of 4.9 percentage points.
Zhao This year's situation analysis is that boarding schools have changed their ways of playing.
There are many more WLs issued than in previous years ~because schools are changing gradually in the process!
So it's not easy for WL to change this year.
It's still depending on the specific ranking of WL and the latest abandonment information.
Teacher Zhou It is suggested that a school be established first and that waiting schools be strived for at the same time.
Almost all students will encounter this problem, so don't worry too much.
1 Boarding schools are more competitive, so there are more WLs.
In the middle, you stand out because you are more qualified than others in your application.
I think we should comprehensively evaluate our strength and actively strive for it with good schools.
Sun teacher WL schools should actively communicate with schools, but of course, it is recommended to confirm one of the schools that have already been admitteD.After all, the chances of WL's turning right now are not so sure.
Teacher Ma Hello, if you are in a waiting school, you should take the initiative to actively inquire, and find that if the response is not timely or there is no relatively definite response, then the hope is relatively dim.
Lots of guaranteed or intermediate admissions are due to the convergence of the applicant's values.
Everyone thinks that they are bottom-guaranteeD.There are fewer natural applicants, and the competition is relatively not fierce enough, so it is easy to recruit and screen.
It is suggested that according to the time limit of the school that has been admitted, we should choose the right time and not miss the opportunity to continue our studies this year because of waiting for the so-called well-ranked school.
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