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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
I would like to consult experts.
Some schools require the preparation of Personal Recommendation in their application materials.
Who is better?
Is it written by the school's associate teachers (such as music teachers)?
Or should we ask someone outside school to write?
I'm not sure by personal.
Is there any special requirement for this letter?
Thank you for your advice!
9 answers 4 As long as you know your teacher, you can, but the teacher of mathematics and language is the first choice.
Teacher Peng There is no special requirement for the format.
When my child applied for high school, she found a foreign geography teacher who taught her to write a special recommendation letter because she liked photography and geography.
At the same time, the teacher just wrote in the recommendation letter about the weaknesses of the child's current school system, which supplemented the reason why the child went to the United States to study in high school.
So I think one of these letters of recommendation should be able to show the strengths and advantages that the child has not shown in other application documents or letters of recommendation.
Teacher Zhou There is no special requirement, that is, the school wants to know more about you in addition to your studies in the school, because it is not designated a teacher, just give you a chance to find a person who knows you best to write, it is not impossible to find the principal to write, but do not blindly ignore the importance of the recommender's understanding of you.
1 Generally speaking, it is necessary for math teachers and English teachers to write letters of recommendation.
In addition, it is no problem to ask the school's assistant teachers to write letters of recommendation on this basis.
Especially if children have special skills in this area, such as music, art or sports teachers, they should apply for points for children:
) Teacher Xia Hold two points:
1. The person who wrote the recommendation letter knows the applicant very well, knows his strengths and weaknesses, and can cite examples to evaluate him.
2. This person is authoritative and accomplished in relevant fields, or at least professional.
For example, he recommends that the applicant have English specialties, so this person should be an English teacher, or have English teaching and living backgrounD.This letter must be objective, not just praise.
5 Whoever writes it must reflect the value of this recommendation letter, that is, the person really knows the students.
If students have artistic expertise, please ask the art teacher to write.
If a sport is good, you can ask the sports teacher to write.
As for the format, some schools have their own special recommendation letters, you need to download them on the school website.
Some schools have no special requirements, you can use the general writing format.
Note the basic information of the recommender, contact information, final handwritten signature, etc.
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    ABOUT tennessee local customs, tourist attractions
    Tennessee aquarium is a public aquarium located in char Thanou Fagafaga, opened in 1992 12000, is the only living home, is the largest freshwater aquarium in the world, is also one of the best American aquarium.
    The aquarium is two buildings, freshwater and marine organisms were exhibited in two buildings, so that visitors can full range of living in this beautiful planet to understand the species.
    The Tennessee aquarium is divided into 3 parts, namely, freshwater aquarium and Museum IMAX cinema, the life of freshwater otters, alligators, turtles, stingrays, giant toothless, Muraenidae etc only tens of thousands of animal, the aquarium is krohe penguins, Gentoo penguins, dragon, fish, jellyfish, shark squid, octopus, the Japanese spider crab home, the surprise is a unique top greenhouse in the aquarium in the butterfly house, colorful butterflies in the flowers and trees in the fly, in addition to a butterfly breeding room, through the glass, visitors can clearly see all sorts of chrysalis is hatch.
    It is worth mentioning that the Tennessee aquarium and is the oldest in the world, is the only aquarium a feeding and breeding of the dragon.
    Tennessee Aquarium
    Reason: the world's largest freshwater aquarium
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Tennessee: [Tennessee State]
    city Attractions: char Thanou Fagafaga [chattanooga]

    Nashville: diffuse South American art music town
    The train, the train came to the corner;
    it took my child, but it will never, never."
    Elvis Presley song "the mysterious train" is regarded as his most bizarre works with high pitched cry in a mysterious and desolate atmosphere, let a person almost suffocated, but very refreshing.
    With this song, a legendary town - Nashville in the eyes.
    The city is like this song, full of wonder and sad story, but inadvertently let everyone yuanmin.
    In the southern United States, Nashville pale yellow street chastity, as if yesterday was a cornfield, today they shyly erected several buildings.
    Don't know people know, greeted each other with friendliness.
    The roadside shop from time to time the fat lady looked out of the window at a glance, to see if there is a lost traveler.
    The street cars were very generous with his horn, lined up to be sleepy straws.
    The day of the Nashville just like a night for the middle.
    aged, bearded, lazy to bribe the daily work.
    The Tennessee state legislature and the government in a hill near the town center, some monument and statue is the symbol of Tennessee, near history.
    But here is the most representative, is on both sides of the street almost ten steps of a christian church, "immersion school" in the South American conservative and devout also with the church show.
    Slightly angry, is located in the urban fringe of the prestigious Vanderbilt University.
    In most of the city, we are into the campus to find a pure land far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, here is the opposite, campus than daytime noisy and lively city.
    The walls of a beautiful campus circle, is reserved, plain, and Nashville city is very in tune tone.
    There is a square near the University, there is a similar "Greek Parthenon" buildings, is said to be the world's only a replica of the temple.
    In the urban areas of the "country Music Museum" recorded in the history of the development of country music and characters.
    When I go, is to catch up with the famous black country singer Raycharles Memorial Exhibition, the blind singer with his rough experience and unique style of music to conquer the American audience.
    The love of the homeland, yearning for freedom, the firmness of faith, creating here generations of the country music hall.
    Once let the world crazy Elvis Presley - Elvis Presley, is here to the peak of career.
    With the sun shining, returning to the city again from the Museum, I was shocked by the scene.
    During the day the streets be sleepy straws awoke in the neon lights of the mapping, the Nashville evening show me it's magic People here are heavy affection, heavy friendship, only care about their own cattle if their children are happy to eat.
    Every night, the children sit around the campfire, men will come up with their own mountain guitar, dial the melody for relatives and lovers.
    Nashville is a microcosm of this life, every sunset, the bar was brightly lit, like the home of the fire, let every homesick people stop.
    At this time of Nashville, is the music of heaven.
    Large and small bands of different bars fought every day, full of nostalgia, singing.
    True to the music city with vitality, are scattered in the street bar singers.
    Among the city's most famous and most popular music street located in the center of the 3 street and 5 Street, named broadway.
    Broadway into a bar named TheStage 4, composed of a middle.
    aged man the band is performing the song melody, feel strong, and very slow.
    6 at night, prime time not to the band, 4 the audience does not seem to be very concerned about the performance.
    But musicians and singers are still very hard, from time to time to open a few fun atmosphere, there are hundreds of thousands of viewers for their audience to dump.
    Into another company called Robert 's WesternWorld bar, found the atmosphere to warm a lot.
    Are performing the singer in a few songs hot after the song, the audience and walked down to the close interaction, of course, also do not forget to hand for a tip box.
    Some of the audience and she seems to be very well, to the tip will talk for a long time.
    After the lap, the singer happily went to the stage, hot dance again..
    This is really a different day in Nashville, at the corner of the dim light, singing floating in the air such as power, for the city to provide a inexhaustible light.
    No matter whether you understand music, you will find this out in every corner of the dark is so colorful, the reasons that may be different from the South American people of the north.
    They are straightforward, even in the alcohol vent, can also use music to capture the most pure emotion that his own mind.
    Don't go to the United States, New York and california, to the south to see.
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