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Do you need TOEFL scores to apply for summer school?
Zhaohui 8 answers Teacher Wang There is no requirement for TOEFL to apply for language summer school.
The students are all international students.
Apply for academic, sports, arts and other specialized courses, because to teach with American students, requires fluent English, most good schools have TOEFL requirements.
1 General academic summer schools require language achievement, while other types of summer schools, especially for the lower grades, do not require language achievement.
Whether it is necessary or not, parents must ensure that their children's English level is adequate to meet the requirements of language communication in the project when choosing summer school for their children, otherwise it will be a waste of time and money.
Teacher Huang Many summer schools do not have TOEFL requirements.
Generally speaking, summer schools of excellent schools or popular summer schools require TOEFL scores, and they need to reach the set score line.
Teacher Peng If it is ESL type, it is not necessary.
After going to school, there is usually a positioning test, according to the results of classes, learning to improve English; If the application is of course type, equivalent to some courses, most of the students are local to the United States, half of them need to submit TOEFL scores to prove that they can be accepted by the difficulty of the course.
1 Depending on the type of summer school courses you apply for, different schools have different requirements.
Hot projects require more.
At the same time, it focuses on the students'current learning backgrounD.For example, Meigao is still a mainland student.
The project and application background determine whether TOEFL is necessary.
Teacher Xia Whether applying for summer school requires TOEFL scores depends on what kind of school you apply for.
Different schools have different requirements.
General credit courses need to provide TOEFL scores, and each school's Summer School project has different requirements for TOEFL scores.
Universities like Harvard, Yale and Cornell basically require TOEFL scores of 100.
Most language courses do not require TOEFL scores, while non-credit courses depend on academic content.
Summer school applications generally require teachers'recommendation letters, school transcripts, application documents, application forms, language scores, fund certificates, application fees, etC.The lowest score of TOEFL is 80.
Many schools in TOP10 even require TOEFL to reach 100. competitive applications for summer schools in the United States are equivalent to previews for American universities.
The best time to apply for summer school is from December of the first year to February of the next year.
Generally, April-May is the deadline for centralized application.
Most summer schools apply for rolling registration until the quota is full.
So we must apply early.
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    ABOUT new-jersey local customs, tourist attractions
    The George Washington Bridge is a suspension bridge located in New York and New Jersey, across the Hudson River, connecting New York city New York Manhattan and New Jersey, Fort Lee, New York has become an important traffic bridge, and it is also one of the busiest bridge in the world. The George Washington Bridge began construction in 1927, 1931 to 1962 put into use, it has become one of the upper and lower two layers of 14 lanes of the busiest bridge in the world. The bridge is 1450 meters long, 36 meters wide, 184 meters high, the maximum span of 1100 meters, is one of the longest suspension bridge, about 300 thousand vehicles through the day.
    The George Washington Bridge is divided into two layers, the upper is bidirectional 8 lane, two-way 6 Lane layer, a total of 14 line road.
    In addition to the roadway, in both sides of the bridge and two road pavement.
    The George Washington Bridge, New York has become a famous movie, "the second detective", "New York earthquake" in the viewfinder.
    In recent years, the George Washington Bridge has become a famous Dutch act the holy land, many people choose to end their lives in this flower.
    George Washington Bridge
    Reason: one of the world's busiest Bridge
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, states: New York and New Jersey [New York and New Jersey States]

    Absecon Lighthouse
    West Abu lighthouse is located in New Jersey, northern Atlantic city, began construction in 1854, put into use in 1857. Although every night the lighthouse lamp still bright, unfortunately lost from 1933 navigation assistance function, the current lighthouse opened as a Museum.
    Abu at the lighthouse is one of the oldest in the United States lighthouse, New Jersey is also one of the most popular attractions.
    The lighthouse is 52 meters high, is the tallest lighthouse in the state of New Jersey, is also the third stone lighthouse, has been listed as the national register of historic places, historic buildings and historic places in New Jersey.
    A lighthouse keeper's room as a historical Museum is open, the main display of marine biology, shipwreck, lighthouse keepers and the history of the lighthouse, local souvenirs, photographs, in addition, the lighthouse within the depot on Fresnel lens exhibition.
    Visitors can climb the top of the lighthouse through 228 steps to reach, sweeping the Pacific, Rhodes island and Atlantic city to enjoy the magnificent scenery, suddenly feel the body and mind to get the vast Pacific water baptism.
    Absecon Lighthouse
    Reason: the tallest lighthouse in the state of New Jersey
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, New Jersey: [New Jersey State]
    city Attractions: Atlantic city [Atlantic city]

    Barnegat lighthouse State Park Barnegat lighthouse is located in Ocean county in New Jersey, began construction in 1835 years, 1927 years to achieve automatic operation.
    The lighthouse started only 12 meters high, after the fourth increase in height, the current lighthouse 50 meters high.
    Barnegat lighthouse state of New Jersey has become one of the most watched lighthouse, upright posture and red colors make it more eye.
    The lighthouse is on the opposite side of Barnegat lighthouse interpretive center of science, mainly introduces the history of the lighthouse, is to change from an obscure coastal Lighthouse Lighthouse as first-class process, and use the high-tech and Lighthouse Lighthouse Keeper's responsibilities, in order to understand the lighthouse.
    In the distance, is the Barnegat Lighthouse Museum, the main collection of Fresnel lens, the early lighthouse in addition, also introduced the guard dogs during World War II lighthouse.
    Barnegat lighthouse has also appeared in the famous science fiction, mainly about the protection of the coaSt. The lighthouse opening time for daily 10:00 to 16:30, welcome visitors to visit.
    Barnegat Lighthouse
    Reason: New Jersey, one of the most watched Lighthouse
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, New Jersey: [New Jersey State]
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