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Counseling, to the United States to attend a two-week long summer camp, to help children greatly?
Houjijw4672 8 answers Teacher Yang Participation in summer camp is helpful for children's growth.
First, it can expand children's knowledge, strengthen their physique, cultivate their independent living ability, help children form optimistic, confident, exploratory, creative thinking personality, and also get exercise in interpersonal communication and team cooperation.
Participation in summer camps in the United States is conducive to the improvement of children's English proficiency and a better understanding of the educational environment in the United States.
In addition, foreign colleges and universities encourage students to study and exercise in an all-round way, and excellent students are more likely to apply for high-quality universities across the United States, and receive generous scholarships.
It is suggested that parents should not blindly choose a summer camp for their children, combine their children's interests and hobbies, and choose a suitable summer camp for their children, which can arouse their children's enthusiasm and help their children grow up.
Sun teacher Language improvement is also helpful for children to build self-confidence and understand American education.
Interviews for American high school applications will be of great help.
Teacher Liu First of all, it depends on how old the child is and what kind of help parents expect.
For children under sixth grade, two-week summer school is a good choice if they want to adapt to American teaching and exercise their ability to live independently.
If the children are older, parents want their children to adapt, but also to improve their English.
Summer school in those two weeks is a little short.
In this case, summer school in three weeks or more will be better.
Most ESL summer schools are three weeks or more.
1 Hello, there must be some help for children, but it depends on the timing.
If it is for students applying for high school in 2017, there is no need to attend American summer camp.
This summer vacation is to prepare for TOEFL and SSAT.
There is not much time left for school to start in 0901. Students applying for autumn 2017 must produce good standardized results within the year, so don't waste valuable time.
Come on Mr.
Zhang Children's learning depends on two aspects:
the result of parents'concern is to learn well - high marks:
in fact, the fundamental reason for children to learn well is whether they are eager to learn and happy to learn.
Now our whole education system is concerned about learning well - getting high marks and getting into famous schools.
Few people pay attention to how to create an environment for children to learn and enjoy learning.
Children's eagerness to learn and their enjoyment of learning are the internal motive force and the basis of learning well.
Happy to learn and good to learn is the reason, children learn well is the result.
Pay attention to learning well, but not to solve the problem of learning happily and learning happily, put the cart before the horse!
The difference between the vast majority of children (excluding several other geniuses) lies not in intelligence, but in the time and size of motivation in learning.
When it comes to the ultimate reason, the most important thing is whether parents are aware of this aspect and actively create an environment that may stimulate children to learn and enjoy learning.
After children enjoy learning and are eager to learn, it is not a problem for them to learn the knowledge of junior high school and senior high school well.
To let children see the world as soon as possible is one of the right ways to solve the problem of being happy and eager to learn.
Summer Camp, Study Tour - Let children meet the real favorite landscapes, landscapes, humanities, stories, and then children through exposure to various situations, find the best of themselves.
Man's nature will strive to be the best of himself!
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