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May I ask the children to be promoted to the third day of junior high school in September this year, last month, the small TOEFL exam 830 this result is helpful to apply for American high school in the future, I do not know whether this result is good or not?
Rain Reading and Clear Farming 8 answers Mr.
Zhang Hello, small TOEFL 830, is a relatively high score.
Generally speaking, more than 750 TJ can consider preparing for TOEFL.
It is more limited to apply for the school selection association with small TOEFL.
It is suggested to consider preparing for large TOEFL.
Then you can prepare SSAT.
It will be more helpful to apply for high school.
4 Hello, parents:
The children's TOEFL score is good if it's the first time.
It is suggested to take another big TOEFL test, so that children will choose many American secondary schools.
Many good schools in the United States need TOEFL scores, and top boarding schools need SSAT scores.
Teacher Chen This year is the third day of junior middle school.
Even if you start to apply now, you can only apply for the tenth grade next year.
Small TOEFL is not feasible.
It can only prove that the level is gooD.It is suggested that you start preparing TOEFL and SSAT for summer vacation.
Teacher Wu Hello, this is a good result.
Keep trying to take TOEFL and SSAT. come on.
1 This result is helpful in applying for American high school.
It depends on the requirements of the school and how many other children apply and their English test scores.
Teacher Fang If it's nine or ten liters, better schools don't accept small TOEFL.
You've got a good score.
I suggest you prepare for TOEFL as soon as possible.
Miss Li Hello, parents.
If children want to apply for 9-9, SSAT and TOEFL are required as standardized grades for high-end private boarding schools and high-end day-to-day schools in the United States.
For some day-to-day schools and boarding school nurseries, they are also acceptable.
However, if children's grades are good, it is recommended to prepare TOEFL.
Sun teacher Hello, parents.
For the students who are about to enter the third grade of junior high school, the score of 830 in TOEFL is very gooD.While preparing for English language learning, if children want to apply for a better American high school, they can begin to prepare relevant experience and materials for soft background promotion, which will be very helpful for the application.
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