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I would like to ask the children who are currently in Grade 2 (Grade 8) of junior high school.
If they apply for Grade 7 in the United States, will they have more time to adapt and prepare?
They can apply for Senior High School (Grade 9) after two years.
If they apply for Grade 8, only one year, is it not conducive to applying for a good Senior High School?
Thank you.
In addition, what about a visa when a child is admitted to an American school?
8 answers Teacher Xia Hello, the idea that you want your child to adapt first is understandable, but the two-year plan of 8 liter 7 repetition is too time-consuming to recommenD.If it is 8 Shen 8, it is recommended to apply for the 10th grade after the 9th grade.
Another recommended scheme is 9 liters 9, you still have enough time, seize the time to consolidate comprehensive ability, improve standardized test English scores, sprint ideal school grade 9. Mr.
Zhang If you haven't made any preparations yet, we suggest that you should apply for 9 at the end of this year.
It's still too late to start learning languages.
You can have enough time to review TOEFL and ssat.
Parents will also have the opportunity to learn more about Shengao and school selection.
8 Shen 7, no need; 8 Shen 8, even if the application is successful, if the 9th grade is transferred to another school, the end of this year will apply for the school again.
The children have to face two applications in this year, maintain normal learning and extracurricular activities, and review standardized examinations.
This is a considerable challenge.
The advantages of applying for Meigao in the study of the United States may not be brought into full play.
Teacher Wang Two years later, there is a big difference between age and classmates.
Consider not 9 liters 9. 4 Now in the eighth grade, some children go straight from eight to nine in high school.
American boarding junior high school is to ninth grade.
It is more appropriate to apply for eighth grade, eighty-nine-two years in junior high school, and then ten years in senior high school.
After admission, the school will have an I-20 form, so that it can apply for a student visa.
Teacher Wu Junior high school curriculum is not difficult, if the children are not confident, there is no need to re-read.
Teacher Peng Suggestions 8 Shen 8 or 8 Shen 9, 8 Shen 7 are equivalent to two years of re-reading, which is not necessary, it is a waste of time.
Teacher Fang Now you are in Grade 8, you should have applied for Grade 9, but if you apply for Grade 7, you will be reduced by two levels.
This needs to take into account the age, many high school graduates can not be more than 20 years olD.It's normal to downgrade, but it's not worthwhile to downgrade to two levels.
Consider your child's thoughts as well.
After enrollment, students will receive the admission notice and i20.
They need to take these documents and some supporting documents to the U.S. Embassy for visas.
This visa is ready to Baidu, and then learn, step by step on the line.
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