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Hello, everyone.
I would like to ask you a question.
Is AP important to apply for university?
Is it useless if you can't get more than 4 points?
If there is no AP score, the top 20 universities need not consider it.
Natural love of loneliness 8 answers Teacher Fang The AP course is equivalent to a university level course, which is offered to students with higher academic level in a certain fielD.American high school students can take AP courses and take AP exams after completing their studies.
The score of AP examination is 5 points.
Generally, the score of 3 or more points can be exchanged for credits in universities.
But there are many special cases.
Some famous universities accept the standard of 4 or 5 points, and some universities do not accept AP scores.
AP scores have become an important basis for admission to American universities.
According to a survey conducted by the Advisory Board for Advancement Studies of American Universities throughout the United States, because American universities have generally regarded students'performance in AP tests as the basis to measure whether they are qualified for University study, AP scores have become one of the most important factors in many university admission considerations.
It is ranked as a three-tier University in the U.S. News and World Report rankings, with an average of nearly two AP scores submitted by each student.
As for the top universities, each student submits more entries.
The top 20 college students usually submit 4-5 AP scores.
A score below 4 is certainly not a competitive score.
Teacher Ma If there is no distinction between its strong strengths and bright spots, and no AP, don't consider the top 20.
This refers to international students of Asian descent and from Asia.
Teacher Chen There are many aspects to apply for University study, such as GPA, SAT, AP, IB, etC.Therefore, the importance of AP is different for every student, and no top 20 of AP can be considered.
1 Hello, The subject of AP is very important, but at the same time the score of AP is more important.
Generally speaking, top 20 schools may need 4-6 AP scores of 5 points.
Sun teacher Personally, the main function of AP is to elevate GPA.In addition, it is difficult for universities to see the courses you choose.
The final AP score is not too important.
Zhao No AP can also enter the top 20, and holding multiple AP5 doors may not be able to enter these schools, depending on your other conditions.
2 AP is not as useful as Chinese people think.
Personal observation, the first five need several, five to ten schools have not entered one (there are examples of national children).
But SAT (or ACT), SAT2 (see school requirements), is necessary, is one of the application materials.
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