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I would like to ask you, experts, parents and teachers.
I am now in Grade 10 in the United States and I have received an invitation from Stanford University's summer program.
Then I would like to ask if the TOEFL score is a certain requirement?
Then what should I do to participate in the program?
Thank you Plum 8 answers Sun teacher Summer school can be an activity for children in summer vacation, so that children have a certain understanding and awareness of the University ahead of time.
Stanford's project requirements for high school students can be found on the New Footprint Travel Official Website.
1. The project is open to students aged 16-19 in Grade One, Grade Two and Grade Three of Senior High School.
2. Rolling registration should be applied for.
Students are advised to apply as early as possible.
3. The project requires international students to apply for F-1 student visa, not B-1/B-2 tourist visa; 4. International non-native English students need to submit language proficiency scores, with a new TOEFL score of no less than 95; IELTS score of no less than 7.0; with Cambridge Advanced English C1 or 60, with Cambridge Advanced English Examination (CAE) certificate or CPE certificate; Teacher Chen Generally speaking, international students require TOEFL with a score of about 100, followed by other application materials.
3 Don't go to summer school just for the name of the school.
Summer school doesn't help college applications.
1 If you're talking about Stanford's HSSC (Summer School for High School Students), you may be exempted from TOEFL because you're in Grade 10 in the United States, but it depends on your high school performance in the United States, the quality of your recommendation letter, your previous TOEFL or SSAT scores (if any) and other factors.
Zhao You have to read the rules on the official website carefully.
Many universities have their own summer schools and are run by outsiders.
Your invitation should have a very clear website.
The requirements of each project course are different.
You should prepare according to the requirements.
Teacher Yang Submit relevant materials step by step.
If your identity remains unchanged, you still need to provide TOEFL scores.
Start early if you're interested.
Teacher Wang Summer schools generally have standardized test scores.
Most Ivy League summer schools require TOEFL to be above 100, and Columbia is a little simpler with 90 points.
Berkeley asked for more than 80 points.
Stanford's official website also requires submission of TOEFL/IELTS/Cambridge Exam.
Now summer schools are basically electronic applications, filling in electronic online applications, submitting results, letters of recommendation, completing writing papers, paying application fees and so on.
The process is similar to that of applying for universities, but not as cumbersome as applying for universities.
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