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Excuse me:
Is it better to let children adapt to English classes as soon as possible after they go out, ESL of foreign high school summer school or to find training institutions in China?
Thank you!
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Zhao It takes time to learn English.
Usually, it takes more effort to improve reading.
It will be a real help for children to study in the United States in the future.
Before going to summer school, read more books, the effect will be very different.
5 It depends on the situation of the chilD.If children have a good foundation in English, they can take some transitional courses before they leave.
Summer school summer courses only serve to experience adaptation.
There is little improvement in language proficiency.
Sun teacher Generally speaking, summer school abroad is good, because at least the classroom is pure English environment.
Domestic training institutions are mainly training examinations, and students seldom have the opportunity to communicate in English.
But the ESL of foreign summer schools is much worse if you go to all Chinese students.
Teacher Peng If all English students abroad are Chinese, they might as well stay at home.
Teacher Zhou The purpose of ESL in high school summer school is totally different from that provided by domestic training institutions.
the former is to help foreign students improve and adapt to the learning environment of English, while the domestic training institutions are to improve their scores in the short term.
After all, they do not have a good learning environment.
Of course, the cost will be different, but now the cost of domestic test institutions is also very frightening.
2 If you only choose "foreign high school summer school ESL is better or domestic training institution is better", of course, foreign high school summer school ESL is better, at least before entering school, have the opportunity to adapt to American teachers'lectures and American classes.
Although the names of ESL are the same, the specific content and quality of ESL are different.
We should pay attention to the selection.
Teacher Ma Practicing English in a foreign English environment is much better than at home.
About all English environment can help children improve their English as soon as possible.
Teacher Huang The environment is very important, the key is the individual.
The language environment of foreign high schools is better, but also relatively speaking, if you go to the school recommended by some institutions, you will find how many Chinese students will have!
There is no denying that students can communicate with American students more and improve their language proficiency, but the reality is that Chinese students are "clustering" characteristics.
If you come to the United States to attend such schools, you might as well go to school at home.
If you have to go to school in the United States, it's better to go to a school where the proportion of Chinese is very low and there is no recommendation from an institution.
There is no need for a good school, because the essential level of the school will not vary by thousands of miles, as long as the language environment is good, can quickly improve the level of English on the line.
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