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Hello, experts.
Because I was busy preparing for going abroad a few days ago, I never went to school (out of production) after the mid-term.
In a twinkling of an eye, I will have the final exam.
However, my knowledge after the mid-term is basically not learneD.The knowledge points of all subjects are basically blank.
Today, when I look at the results of the American College, I am afraid that the final exam is not good and will affect the results of the school.
Can there be other solutions?
Do you have to take the final exam of the school?
I can't thank you enough for your advice.
Helen 8 answers Teacher Chen This fellow student, when you decide to take the standardized exam for off-line training, you should consult with the school about what is happening now.
From this point of view, you can infer that you are understanding the application criteria of American schools with the criteria of applying for a school in China, so as to make relevant decisions and take corresponding actions.
Now that this is the case, it is only up to you to discuss with the school and see what kind of report forms the school gives you.
In a word, the report forms of the past three years (generally speaking) must be submitteD.If the average score on the transcript is not good, especially if the average score is less than 80, even if there are good standardized test results, it will still seriously affect the level of admission schools.
Teacher Huang A final examination transcript must be submitted.
Teacher Zhou Schools are required to provide performance.
Normally, schools do not recommend abortion.
So I can only try my best!
Get ready!
Come on.
Teacher Fang Must participate, worry about useless, try to win.
Miss Li This is not the end of the application immediately, hurried to make up for the examination.
You can use the mid-term results to deal with the application.
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    ABOUT ohio local customs, tourist attractions
    The Toledo Museum of art is located in Ohio, Toledo, West, established in 1901, making home by Edward Delamondlibi (Edward Drummond Libbey) Toledo glass building, is one of Ohio's most famous art Museum.
    The Museum collections 19 to 20 century European art, American art, glass art features, in addition, also has a collection of Renaissance, Greece, Rome and Japan related art collection of outstanding works of Peter Paul, Lubensi Rembrandt, Gray admitted, William de Kooning, Henry Moore, et al.
    The Museum's collections up to 30000 pieces, for the best works of art, is divided into 35 hall, in addition, there are glass sculpture park, pavilions, including decorative art, glass art, painting, sculpture, art on paper, so that visitors can find here and enjoy the most important and the most popular, the most outstanding works of art.
    Toledo Museum of Art
    Reason: Ohio, one of the most important art Museums
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Ohio: [Ohio State]
    Attractions: Toledo city [Toledo]

    The United States Air Force Museum is located in the northeast of Dayton, Ohio, was founded in 1923, the exhibition of more than 360 aircraft and missiles, as the world's largest and oldest military aviation Museum, every year there are about 1 million 300 thousand visitors come to visit the library most aircraft military aviation Museum, making it one of the largest tourist attractions in Ohio in the United states.
    There are many rare and historic aircraft the United States Air Force Museum, covering from the airplane to the modern wars in various types of aircraft, aircraft in the United States, there are a few famous foreign aircraft.
    The development of the aircraft and the us Air Force aviation career closely, there are several executive jet, Roosevelt, Truman and Eisenhower have been used.
    Mentioned aircraft had said that the Wright brothers, their 1901 years, 1909 years "wind tunnel" protection "flight" in the show, in addition, there are a number of American flight propeller, the first American military aircraft engine - curtis in-line water-cooled engine, America's first mass production of bombers, a third F-22 fighter aircraft etc.
    In addition to a large number of aircraft, the Museum also has a collection of the United States Army Air Forces and air force uniforms and clothing.
    National Museum of the United States Air Force
    Reason: the world's largest and most advanced military aviation Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Ohio: [Ohio State]
    Attractions: Dayton city [Dayton]

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