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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Identity and treatment of international students is a question about children.
Children are in the 11th grade of high schools at home and abroaD.They will go to American universities next year.
Nationality is ChinA.Is there a discount on the cost of studying in the United States if they get a residence permit from European countries?
Thank you D 8 answers Teacher Yang There is no discount on expenses.
But the head count at the time of application may be calculated by European countries, which may have some advantages.
Teacher Peng No, Teacher Wang There should be no discount.
4 Should not, they are all international students, paying the tuition fees of international students.
Teacher Xia There will be no difference in fees, but it may not compete with other Chinese students when applying.
It may be a little less intense.
5 Taking a European residence permit is also a Chinese nationality, according to the tuition fees of international students.
Teacher Huang No, unless it's Canadian International and sometimes American citizenship.
Teacher Liu According to your situation, children go to the United States only as international students, there will be no discount on tuition fees.
Zhao American high schools mostly offer AP courses.
You can choose some AP courses according to your interests and expertise.
Most of the international classes or departments of domestic schools offer IB courses.
IB has six major fields.
Students can not choose to take part of the courses.
They must take all six courses.
Therefore, IB courses are suitable for students who are not partial to the subjects.
Before the prevalence of IB courses in China, it was mainly in Europe.
Even if the school has IB, only the strongest students will choose IB.Most students still choose regular courses.
Although domestic schools generally think that IB has a high gold content, if they want to apply for American universities in the future, both courses can be offereD.There is no problem of merits and demerits, because most of the local schools and students in the United States are AP-based.
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