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When applying, will the recommendation letter be submitted directly by the current school or will you get the recommendation letter and submit it it to the school you want to apply for?
don't palter with me 8 answers Teacher Huang Which form is possible, depending on the specific requirements of the school, this person does not count.
Teacher Liu Many admissions officers at American high school said that the letter of recommendation from China is really just for reference.
Regarding delivery, we should consider China's national conditions.
Many public schools have no time to deliver it to American schools.
It's good for teachers to help you fill out recommendation letters.
Therefore, American high school and Gao can accept any form of delivery.
Of course, if the child is now in a formal international school in the country (such as an American school), then the domestic school is required to send it to the applicant school.
Teacher Zhou If you apply through the online platform, the results and application materials can be submitted through the online platform, and the letter of recommendation can be maileD.If you are not confident, you can seal or seal the transcript, recommendation letter and submit one more copy during the interview.
(If you are in junior high school in China, the general school will not help you submit, you have to do it yourself, so if express delivery, remember to need small envelope sealed signature stamp, and then put it in the express envelope.
) Teacher Ma Depending on which application system you are using, some schools require components to be submitted, and others can send their results online by the school itself.
Please read the requirements of the school carefully when applying.
Teacher Fang Fine.
Look at the current rules in your school.
For example, when it comes to transcripts, the high school is sent by the school, but the middle school is sent by the parents themselves, one country, two systems.
As for recommendation letters, most public schools in China do not have this official process, so parents do it themselves.
It's no problem to send it out by oneself or to hand it to the school in person.
Seal the letter of recommendation so that you haven't read it.
(It's reasonable, of course.
In theory, the teacher can seal the letter well and give it to the family, but in fact, no teacher does it.
) As for whether letters should be used in school letters and whether school seals should be used in seals, it is of course good to have them, neither should they be taken seriously.
The United States will read recommendation letters, but not so much, as long as there is no big mistake.
But the content of the letter must be carefully written and not carelessly treateD.A careless letter can be read at a glance.
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