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Hello, I want to ask, the child will go to the United States in September to study in Grade 7 (has received the admission notice), has passed the PET and Sanyi Oral 6, ISSE 50 points, summer vacation to learn something in China?
Want to learn TOEFL for teenagers?
Or do you memorize words by yourself?
We can get the temporary green card in April next year, and get the green carD.When we transfer to high school, we don't need to provide TOEFL and SSAT scores, do we?
Tricolor 8 answers Teacher Peng For the seventh grade, it is suggested that you take a TOEFL junior exam.
It is not necessary to train deliberately.
You can sign up for the exam at the public exam site.
The score sheet of Little TOEFL corresponds directly to the international general Blue Reading Index.
After taking the Small TOEFL Examination, students can know their reading index, and then search for a suitable reading bibliography according to their own Blue Reading Index.
Overall, reading is the core.
I heard that I can adapt to it immediately after I go to the United States.
Teacher Huang You can contact the school where the children are enrolled and ask them for summer reading liSt.If not, you can contact your English teacher and ask him to recommend some books.
Reading is the most important thing.
In addition, I recommend some original teenage soap operas in the United States.
Disney produces a lot of them.
Many soap operas in this area are based on the school background and talk about school affairs.
Children generally like to watch, which is helpful for practicing oral listening.
You can also familiarize yourself with the atmosphere on American campuses in advance.
Otherwise, don't give up your child's special interests and take more exercise.
After getting the green card, public high schools do not need to provide any standardized test scores, except for some schools that need to be admitted, such as Boston latin.
If you want to move to a better private sector, you estimate that TOFEL is still needed, and SSAT is necessary.
Zhang Go to the seventh grade, is still young, need not worry about academic matters, read more original books, more with relatives, accompany the most important, good fun is also charging.
Really want to learn, or language ability, which determines whether to go to school to meet the needs of teaching and life.
If you have not experienced the teaching of American classes, you can find some cohesive courses to try.
Some advisory bodies will have such a week or so of courses, mainly not to learn what knowledge, but to let children know how to teach in American classes, if children go to summer school.
No need for that.
Pay more attention to the things that can help children integrate into the new circle as soon as possible.
It is more important for this age group to integrate happily than academically.
to lay a foundation for arts and sports is a good way to socialize and integrate with students; if parents are not accompanied, so much exchange of life arrangements, how to adapt to American customs; parents'guidance and requirements on the values of children of this age.
Sun teacher Most students, including those already studying in the United States, will use their summer vacation to remedy their English or standardize their remedies.
If you do not have the pressure of standardized examination, you can also use the summer to consolidate your English foundation and improve your English level.
For example, you can read the original English books, or you can take part in some targeted writing or oral training courses.
There is always no harm in learning more.
In addition, as other teachers have said, if the private sector wants to improve, it still needs to provide standardized results.
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