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Teachers, although the children in the TOEFL training institutions have conducted TOEFL training, but the TOEFL test reading a score is very low, and the result of communication with children is that although children learn reading skills, but the overall reading ability is still not good, what good suggestions do teachers have to improve children's reading ability as soon as possible.
Thank you!
stone 8 answers Teacher Yang It is also necessary to master the background knowledge of the article, so it is very important to broaden the knowledge, especially the scientific knowledge.
Zhao I don't agree with studying just for the exam, but if you want to apply immediately, you can only take both exam and promotion into consideration.
So you should have a good teacher to guide you to sort out the types, scope and methods of reading.
Only when your child completes the reading quantity carefully according to the requirements, can it be possible to improve in a short time.
It's not easy for the child to explore by himself, and it's not possible to just listen to the suggestions, because everyone has not seen the children and given the construction.
It is not advisable to prescribe the right remedy.
-- We have to get results before we have a chance, right?
So we don't have to be confuseD.We must have methods.
Then we can systematically use half a year to improve our abilities before going out.
Teacher Chen If reading has not been mentioned, there may be the following reasons:
(1) insufficient vocabulary.
If you don't know any words, it's useless to have more reading skills.
If it is because of the lack of vocabulary, it is up to the children to work on their own, others can not do it for them.
(2) Because you can't understand long and difficult sentences.
Although all the words are known, we can't analyze the sentence structure, and we don't know what the whole sentence means.
(3) Lack of logical thinking ability.
Some students will say, teacher, I understand this article, why the answer is wrong?
This may be the problem of thinking habits.
Parents are advised to find out what specific aspects of the child's problems are, and then prescribe appropriate remedies.
I hope I can help you.
Thank you.
Teacher Liu Read more books.
To improve the reading level is to recite a large number of words, the more the better, the more the better, but also to improve the reading speeD.This is not a matter of skill.
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