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Are interviews an important and indispensable part of some top schools?
If there is no interview, will it affect the final result?
What should waiting list students do to improve their admission rate?
Please answer in detail.
Thank you.
If waiting list, will the average school give the final result or hint in early April?
Gravel road 8 answers Teacher Yang I don't think I need to hesitate to interview this question:
the competition in top schools is so fierce, and the admission rate of the interviewees is so low.
Do you want to see the opportunities of the students who don't interview?
As for the undetermined question of improving the admission rate:
I think the necessary communication is needed, of course, can not become harassment, become the burden of the school!
On the other hand, it would be better to provide the necessary and valuable information (if any) on the recent progress of children.
But the most important thing is to wait patiently.
After all, it's waiting list.
The last way is that the average person can't do it, but it should be the most effective:
give the school a major donation or financial support or other major support in exchange for the children's admission qualifications!
Teacher Wu Interview must be very important.
If there is no interview, there will be no chance.
WL's words still have the element of luck, of course, also need to express their wishes to the school, and can express why they are very suitable for the school, admission will go to some of the expressions to let the recruiters understanD.Some schools will continue until June and will be corrected.
Teacher Peng Interview is very important.
Almost all schools require students to have an interview, a campus interview or a Skype interview.
Under the same conditions, the interviewed children are more likely to win.
Otherwise, they will not be able to choose you solely on the basis of high marks.
Students to be admitted can be updated and submitted to the school if they have new standardized results, or participate in new activities or receive new awards.
Students on WL will get results in April.
Zhao WL corrected, my feeling is that 8 points depend on luck, 2 points depend on effort.
Luck here refers to whether the yield rate of the school was high or not, whether it considered waiting pool, whether the grade gender was in line with the admission position, whether the school director had special instructions on the supplement (such as giving priority to alumni); efforts are undoubtedly the ranking of the children in the waiting list, of course, not entirely the grade, the true and comprehensive strength of your will, as well as the voice of the consultant.
Stele and credibility.
We met some schools that responded positively, but still couldn't correct it.
There were also two letters in the past to let you stop harassing immediately.
Others responded with no saltiness or indifference and eventually succeeded in enrolling.
Miss Li Under the same conditions, interviews are more likely than non-interviewers.
Unless your EC is very good, let the school have to choose you, SKYPE interview is just a passing event, so that cow's children, once in a century.
Anyway, I've only seen a similar case.
In addition, interviews can be conducted in China (when schools go to publicize in China) or in school OC.As far as admission is concerned, my observation is that there is little difference.
But OC's greatest advantage is that you can observe the school, so that when you show loyalty in the future, have a target, and when you get multiple OFFERs, you know which is DS (many children do not go to school before DS is not true).
4 It's basically impossible to be admitted to top schools without campus interviews.
There are so many students in the school to choose from, we must look carefully.
The era of high scores alone has passeD.In addition, to the campus interview is also responsible for their own, did not go to the school, how can you rest assured that the children sent to?
Usually for WL, they will inform the results in mid-April.
Teacher Fang Interview is essential.
Schools waiting for lists are advised to sort out their progress from January to March, and to keep in close touch with each other, but don't keep in touch with each other every day, so that others will be annoyed; schools waiting for lists may not be given confirmation of rejection or admission; students who are in the front of waiting lists will be notified at the first time after they have vacancies, and most of them will not be contacteD.It's all over.
This anxious wait usually lasts until June, after which there are few chances to pick up the leak.
Zhang 1. Interview is an indispensable part of applying for a good school.
2. In the Waiting List, you have to prepare for it with both hands.
One is to apply to other schools at the same time.
The other is to tell the school by email or telephone about the latest events that can prove their progress when the child has a new TOEFL or other test results.
3. In a waiting list, the corrected message is usually given in April.
Then some schools give the results in June.
Finally, if your child hasn't received an offer yet, you must be supplemented by a professional person.
Otherwise, it will be dangerous to go to the United States this autumn.
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