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I would like to ask the following questions, thank you!
1. What kind of university do Chinese students who enter a boarding high school ranking around 50 generally enter?
2. Are Chinese international students at a disadvantage when applying for University compared with native American students?
3. Is it particularly difficult for Chinese international students to enter UC series public universities?
4. In the first 30 universities, how many points will SAT be considered for Chinese international students?
How many AP5 points do you need?
Twenty-two thousand sisters 8 answers 4 Hello.
Here are my suggestions for you.
1. After entering a better boarding middle school, if there are no mistakes, you should be able to enter at least the top 50 universities.
This expectation should be there.
Every year, we plan for students in ordinary middle schools who study in ChinA.In theory, it would be a pity if they entered good Tier 1 boarding schools (such as Lawrenceville, Deerfield, Hotchkiss, etc.
) and did not enter the Ivy League in the future.
2. Chinese students and native American students are considered separately.
This is true even for high school students in the United States, who are considered together with international students in ChinA.But their experience in American high schools will be a unique place for them to stand out, so they should plan ahead to maximize the hard work, time and money they spend in American high schools.
3. It is much easier for Chinese students to enter UC system than other schools in the first 30 years.
This is mainly because the tuition fees of these universities are not cheaper than those of other private universities, and because these universities have more students, they are relatively easy to apply for.
4. If the goal is the first 30 universities, the plan should be based on 2100 as a guarantee, 2300 sprint.
As for the possibility of a lower level, the answer is yes.
If only 1800 or 1900 were admitted, the applicant must have some exceptions, such as taking a year off from school to go to Africa to rescue, or having published something on behalf of Chinese students on a certain issue at the United Nations rostrum.
Here are just two examples.
What I want to say is that most children do not have such background, so we can not plan in this way when planning.
Sun teacher 1. Generally speaking, Top50 is not a big problem, of course, there is a great chance to go to TOP30, but the specific situation depends on you, such as your GPA in school, your background characteristics.
In fact, even if it is not in the boarding school of Top50, as long as you make good plans and work hard to implement them, you can also go to the school of TOP50 or even TOP30.
2. The disadvantage lies mainly in the admission rate.
After all, the number of international students is limited and the competition is fierce.
So planning needs to be done well, and to understand well what kind of students the school needs and where its own shining point is.
3. UC is not particularly difficult, because UC has many schools.
If you apply for UC to attend secondary school in California, it has a great advantage.
After all, it is a public system.
Of course, the competition between UCB and UCLA is very fierce every year.
4. Generally speaking, the first 30 points are above 2100.
The first two parts are best around 1400, but we also have SAT1800 to TOP30, so this is not absolute.
The key point is to evaluate our own situation as a whole and understand the school's enrollment bias.
AP is not necessarily required, but can be added points, so depending on the school you apply for and the major as well as your own goals, most students who apply for TOP30 will have more than 4-5 APs.
Teacher Ma 1. Top50, according to the SAT average ranking?
Or the ranking of other indexes?
If TOP50 boarding high school ranked by SAT scores alone, I can tell you that 80% of Chinese students who are lucky enough to enter these excellent high schools will have the strength of TOEFL 90 in Grade 9 and Grade 10. After 3-4 years, TOEFL 105 will be all right.
I believe TA's SAT or ACT will not be worse.
Of course, entering American universities is only a small part of the factors.
Teachers'letters of recommendation, course challenges, course GPA, whether they have taken AP correctly and reflect their own abilities, document quality and ideas, etC.all determine what kind of university their children go to.
Generally speaking, most of the students who can enter TOP50 boarding high school develop normally.
There is no problem to enter TOP50 university.
Generally, they can go to TOP 30 university.
As for IVY, there are other exceptions.
It is suggested that when you choose a school, you can ask the Acceptance List of the school, especially the destination of international students, which is more meaningful for reference.
2. This disadvantage is reflected when applying for senior high school.
Universities are larger, especially big U.
As long as international students are excellent, it is easier to enter famous unions than boarding high schools.
3. UCB and UCLA are really very difficult, the competition is fierce, but other campuses are relatively easy to apply for.
4. This year ED enrolled an emory, SAT 2000 less than.
Most TOP30 universities have EA ED.Early admission is a little lower for standardized exams.
Generally speaking, SAT 2100-2200 is more stable.
But that's one of the criteria for this year.
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