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Is it true that the more AP courses are offered, the better the school is?
Long-horned grasshopper 8 answers Teacher Xia This does not have a particularly direct relationship.
Generally speaking, it can open more than seven schools even if it is possible.
AP is mainly to have subjects that children are good at.
After all, some good schools may have honor or IB.
Teacher Chen The number of AP courses is related to the scale and comprehensive strength of the school to a certain extent, but not directly to the quality of teaching and academic level of the school.
Of course, more AP courses can explain the strength of school teaching and teachers, as well as students'learning situation, because only children with certain learning ability can choose and achieve good results.
But some schools do not offer AP courses, but other advanced courses such as honor courser, which can also help prove a child's learning ability when applying for college.
Teacher Zhou The number of AP courses is not entirely consistent with the quality of school teaching, but many good schools have very few AP courses, because some of her courses such as English history are all equal to the difficulty of AP.
Teacher Fang I don't think the more AP courses there are, the better schools will be.
Actually, it's enough that there are more than 10 AP courses and students have their own plans to take them.
Generally speaking, students take 4-5 courses in senior high school.
They should not be greedy, good grades are more important, and they should not be greedy and chewy.
After the setting of AP courses meets their own requirements, judging whether a school is good or bad depends on other factors (word of mouth, where to graduate, etc.
Sun teacher To add a little, there are two kinds of ap.
One is that the school is good, the other is that the school is OK, but it is very big.
For Chinese students, I don't think it's necessary to emphasize that a school should have twenty aps, as long as it has something it likes and is useful.
10 doors, as long as you can choose 5 doors and 6 doors, that's enough.
4 An AP course offered by a school reflects two problems.
1. There are students who can attend AP courses in this school.
Generally speaking, they can not attend AP courses if they want to.
Usually some schools are above 10th grade.
The school has teachers who teach this course.
Not everyone is qualified to teach it.
Therefore, in theory, AP courses are more powerful in choosing advanced courses in schools.
However, it should be noted that whether AP is a language class or not, many of them are not suitable for Indian students.
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