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    ABOUT virginia local customs, tourist attractions

    Virginia is located in the eastern coast of the Atlantic American USA, is one of the 13 original states. The east of the Atlantic and Chesapeake Bay, South to North Carolina and Tennessee, the west boundary of Kentucky Prefecture, north of West Virginia and Mali, Lanzhou, and Washington, across the Potomac river.
    Area of 105712 square kilometers, thirty-fifth among the 50 states in the. The capital is Richmond.

    Virginia is a state of the eastern United States on the coast of the Atlantic.
    One of the first 13 states in the United States. East near the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay, South to North Carolina and Tennessee, Western Kentucky, north of West Virginia and Maryland, across the Potomac River with the Washington Capitals across. From the shape, Virginia, like a triangle, the east side of the Atlantic ocean, esast. West is a steep gully of the Appalachian Mountains and the Blue Ridge Mountains, during which there is a fertile valley, Rogers mountain 1746 meters above sea level, is the highest point of the state.
    Central to the Piedmont plateau, west of the Blue Ridge Mountains, east of the fall line. The fall line east of the coastal plain, many rapids. The Potomac River and the south side of the Roanoke River, the York River and James River four tidal river eastward into the Chesapeake Bay, the plain is divided into three peninsula of North nieke Peninsula, Middleburg Peninsula and Virginia. Across the sea to the south of Delaware Peninsula belongs to the state.
    It is the sea road connected with the city of Norfolk between. This passage consists of four man-made island, two bridge and two tunnel connection, also called tunnel bridge, a total length of 28 km. A magnificent project, such as distant Changhong lying wave, extended to the end of the Haitian, very spectacular.

    Virginia is also a well-developed tourism industry in the state. In addition to the seaside resort and the Blue Ridge Mountains of the Shenandoah National Park and other natural scenic spots, Florida also has many historic places, the state has become the famous tourist attractions. From Richmond to the west is a town of Charlottesville, has more than 40000 residents, it nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge lush and green clear in the Yamuna River flowing from the side, the scenery is very beautiful. The third president of the United States Jefferson Monticello's former residence is located in a hill on the Far East of the city. Jefferson is recognized as the most knowledgeable president of the United States, he has a strong interest in architecture, is an amateur architect. He designed his own house in person. The red brick mansion with a white columned portico, overlying dome, combining the some of the characteristics of European classical architecture, and Jefferson's own style, known as an exotic flower in the garden of the early construction in the history of the United States.
    Main scenic spots
    1 Croft auditorium
    A 2 endless hole
    3 Virginia residence in Richmond
    4 ah Layton National Cemetery
    5 high ground
    6 Barth Theatre
    7 Blue Ridge Park Road
    8 Blanton
    9 Robert Lee boy's home
    10 Falls State Park
    11 princes residence
    12 George Washington Birthplace National Memorial Chorten
    13 Chicago children's Museum
    14 Christ Church
    The 15 Norfolk Chrysler Art Museum
    16 historical monuments
    17 Cumberland Valley National Historic Park
    18 Court Building National Historic Park

    Virginia located in the eastern part of the United States, is also the gateway gateway to the south, the Atlantic and the Chesapeake Bay to the East, South to North Carolina and Tennessee, Western Kentucky and north of West Virginia and Maryland, the sea across the Potomac River with the Washington Capitals. Virginia from west to East is divided into four zones, in the west is the Appalachian Mountains, undulating, like Tibet, followed by the valley of Virginia, famous the Shenandoah Valley is located in the, is the central Piedmont plateau, is the main agricultural areas in Virginia, Eastern flat, coastal plain.
    Climate and area: 110784 square kilometers of state area, ranking thirty-fifth in the United States 50. Weather season is very clear, in January the average low temperature of 3.3 degrees Celsius, in July the average high temperature of 30. The southeast coastal region due to the impact of Mexico Gulf Stream warm ocean circulation, the climate was obvious. With an average annual rainfall of 1085 mm.
    Economic indicators: 2011 Virginia GDP for $428 billion 900 million, the United States tenth States 50, accounting for 2.86% of the proportion of the United States GDP, GDP52974 per capita.
    Trade status: Virginia state foreign trade occupies an important position, in 2011 exports 18 billion 88 million U.S. dollars, the United States ranked twenty-sixth. The main export products include computer and electronic products, transportation equipment, chemical products, mechanical products and mineral

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    The Atlantic University -- Atlantic University
    Blue Field College -- Bluefield College
    Bliki Voight College -- Bridgewater College
    Christendom College -- Christendom College
    Chris Dover, Newport University -- Christopher Newport University
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