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Excuse me, how many points do you usually choose for SAT and ACT?
Chen you Qin 7 answers Teacher Ma 1. SAT is below 1700, which can be basically ignored unless there are special reasons; 1700-1800 should be considered carefully; 1800 or more can be screened according to the matching degree.
SAT or ACT are relatively objective academic yardsticks.
Secondly, the orientation of entering school is more suitable for Indians'preferences than SAT.
This scale needs to pay attention to several problems:
first, it is difficult to judge the ratio of OFFER to actual enrollment; second, it is difficult to judge the future trend by the average trend data of several years; third, the trend of school entrance is not the same as that of international students and Chinese students.
Third, to reach the admission threshold, unique expertise is the absolute principle of American high school admission!
1 The average SAT score of American high school is in the range of 1800-2000.
1 The choice of American high school is entirely different from person to person.
The average SAT score of a large high school is 1800, which is quite acceptable, because there are honorary classes to choose from.
Small high school 1900 or more is better.
The average SAT score of this year's graduates from an IB high school I taught last year is 2080, because they really feel good after teaching IB Advanced Mathematics and Advanced Physics for one year.
Miss Li Generally, the average SAT scores published online are not so correct, because many students do not report their final scores to the school when they take the exam, some students take the SAT and some students take the ACT, but most school records only appear one, and there is no accurate basis.
After all, there is no official statistical agency in the United States.
If you really want to judge whether a high school is good or bad, you can refer to the direction of the graduate's university.
Teacher Zhou This is a scientific question, and the proportion of international students also needs to be taken into account.
Because according to the data, international students, especially students in China, generally have higher sat and act scores than American students.
That is to say, the more international students there are in this school, the more moisture you may see in the average sat score.
For example, linden hall, a boarding school for girls in Pennsylvania, is a typical school that relies on international students to mark up scores.
Secondly, I think we should also consider the size of the school.
A school with 800 high school students and a school with 250 high school students have the same 1700 points.
There are still some differences.
It is more difficult for universities to keep good datA.Primary schools can take fewer samples in a year.
Perhaps this year's score is particularly high, and the previous year's score is relatively low, which is possible.
Finally, if parents'English is good enough, or if you have enough consultants to be responsible and professional, it is recommended to refer to the test scores of the past few years, and the most important indicator:
entering school.
In fact, our parents have no sense of security when choosing a university.
Everyone knows that applying for a university is not a good sat score.
Gpa, extracurricular activities, leadership, curriculum challenges, letters of recommendation and other factors will affect oh.
Teacher Ma The average score of SAT and ACT can only be considered as a factor, not a decisive factor, because the SAT score of a school is also related to the proportion of international students in the school.
As we all know, Asian students are better at examinations.
If the international students of a school reach 50-60%, the average score of SAT will not be low, but do such schools dare to send their children to the past?
Therefore, these parameters can only be referred to, the most direct is the trend of school graduates over the years, which is an important consideration index.
Sun teacher If the school of domestic (the proportion of Indian students is less than 5%) can get 1700, it will be a high score; if the proportion of Indian children is higher (15%) 1800 or even 1900 can be counted as a high score; the reasons are all known (the Indian Student Association Examination); SAT scores in different areas can not be treated differently, such as California and Florida, the academic atmosphere is not as strong as in the northeaSt.But in Florida and California, sports and extracurricular activities will be more abundant; judging whether a school is good or bad, especially academic, SAT has some reference, but not superstition; a female school in Pennsylvania sat2000 or more (more than 70% of Indian students).
Sat at this time has no reference value.
On the other hand, the SAT scores given by each school are not open and transparent, and there is no special organization to investigate these data.
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