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What kind of visa do parents need to apply for to accompany their minor children to study in the United States?
Wen Tong 7 answers Teacher Huang In the United States, only tourist signatures can be used to operate, and in fact, the United States Customs still have opinions about this behavior, so there are risks!
Every time I talk about this topic, I think it's convenient to have a green card, and then I think EB5 is a conscientious project.
~ Teacher Zhou No special accompanying visa is available.
Some parents choose to apply for B1/B2 tourist visa (valid for 3 months).
This visa is suitable for short-term accompanying reading.
If long-term accompanying reading is required, they should often return home after the expiration of the visA.Or some parents choose to apply for a local community university, apply for a F1 visa, accompany students while learning languages and some simple courses, which is suitable for long-term accompanying study.
2 Many parents accompany their children with B1/B2 tourist visas without the types of visas for their parents.
3 Parents can apply for student visas here, work visas h-1, or multinational manager visas l-1, and if they can, they can go to the public.
Teacher Xia No such visa Teacher Ma Hello, parents in the United States accompany study, there are tourism/business B visa, work visa H/L, and student F visa, the more recommended is to apply for F1 visa, the analysis is as follows:
1. compared with B-visa, F1 visa has a longer period, so that parents do not have to worry about the problem of refusal to leave and re-enter during accompanying study.
As long as they attend classes on time, they can take care of their children in the United States for a long time.
2. New arrivals in the United States will inevitably lead to language strangeness.
In addition, many places will find good mountains, good waters and good boredom.
They can take some relaxed language courses or courses of intereSt.At the same time, they can expand their parents'circle of communication and find like-minded friends.
3. When parents enter the country, they may take B-sign, then transfer F-sign, or they may enter the country directly with F-sign, which can be determined after specific communication.
4. If parents just don't rest assured and accompany for a short time, they can apply for a tourist visa and return home within three months.
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    ABOUT florida local customs, tourist attractions
    The ten major attractions of the beautiful Florida
    Introduction If you are a family of three to take the children into the fantasy world of Disney, Orlando will participate in the six major theme parks in happy journey!
    If you are a young couple in love, for a romantic leisure vacation, warm and romantic charm, Miami is the best choice ~JOY TR1EL Yue Wo tour for you family was on Florida's more than 80 play lines of various themes, perennial big sale promotions ~ a lot of concessions.
    Surprises Oh ~ (http://www.joytrav.com/florida/) Florida is a state in the United States the southernmost, also belongs to the Gulf of Mexico, the United States is the fourth most populous state, famous winterpalace.
    The largest city of Jacksonville, will be the largest area of Miami metropolitan area.
    Buddha Rowley attracted many celebrities and athletes here on vacation, in golf, tennis, water sports, racing for.
    If you are a family of three to take the children into the fantasy world of Disney, Orlando will participate in the six major theme parks in happy journey!
    If you are a young couple in love, for a romantic leisure vacation, warm and romantic charm, Miami is the best choice ~JOY TR1EL Yue Wo tour for you family was on Florida's more than 80 play lines of various themes, perennial big sale promotions ~ a lot of concessions.
    Surprises Oh ~ (http://www.joytrav.com/florida/) Miami Seaquarium Miami Seaquarium Miami Seaquarium is located in Weiss Bay on Kaya Virginia dock.
    Located between Miami city and beach causeway, is a world.class Marine Amusement park.
    In addition to the marine animal performance, there are many pavilions.
    The "Discovery Bay", shown here are 26 Nile crocodiles and other animal.
    In addition to beef Museum, in addition to the two pavilions mentioned above, since the Miami Seaquarium opened in 1955, the exhibition hall is to attract tourists and tunnel Shark Reef aquarium.
    castillo de San Marcos San Marcos Austen is located in San Marcos Shenggu National Monument is America's oldest stone fortress.
    As a residence in the United States the earliest Europeans, full of romantic atmosphere of San Marcos and ancient charm.
    Universal Orlando Resort Resort at Universal Studios As Disney's biggest competitor, Universal Studios resort is the largest theme park universal studios.
    The resort includes the original Florida Universal Studios theme park and adventure island two.
    In addition, also includes restaurants, nightclubs, Xintiandi and three resort hotel.
    Florida reef island group Florida Keys 120 mile long Florida reef island group is tropical islands connected by a series of bridges.
    These spectacular bridge, often be seen on the big screen.
    Such as: lies, speed and real passion 2. Kennedy Space center Kennedy Space center Since 1968, Kennedy Space center has been launching American space flight.
    Today, Kennedy Space center as a unmanned rocket launching role.
    He provides Museum, for visitors film, rocket Park, sightseeing bus project launch preparation facilities etc.
    Miami - world cruise Miami The tropical paradise of Miami has enjoyed the "world cruise" (cruise capital of the World) in the world, is the leading domestic port city, currently has 9 large 1 stationed in our mail.
    Miami port annual reception of cruise passengers in December 2007 about 3700000, a record single day record of 9 cruise carrying 30000 passengers.
    cruise passengers can choose from a wide variety of destinations, including the Bahamas, Mexico and other ports in the caribbean, South America, Europe, the Far East and around the world, and full of fun, rich and colorful journey was from 4 days to 14 days, or even longer.
    Miami Koko nest cocoWalk Is a collection of shopping, dining and entertainment in a good place for fashion.
    cocoa nest in ground and other unique architectural design and the surrounding coconut forest areas of integration, keep pace with the times, Miami is also a trendsetter gathering.
    In addition, here you can also taste Miami around the delicacy dishes, especially seafood and cuban meal most attractive.
    Orlando Orlando central Florida famous city, the urban population is only 180 thousand, but the total annual reception of tourists has reached more than 25 million.
    Here has a par with Losangeles's largest Disneyland in the world, the United States center for space science, space shuttle launch spacecraft and other spacecraft, the nation's largest "ocean world", there is a cost of $1 billion, condensation of sound and light and other high-tech rides "future world", the essence of the display window of the world, Britain, France, chinese Germany, Japan, Italy, Norway, canada, Mexico, Morocco and the former American construction and social culture "".
    The palm beach Palm Beach Florida is the most beautiful scenery in the palm beach is one of the world famous tourist paradise, suitable climate, beautiful beaches, exquisite food, art exhibitions and performances, even the most discerning tourists in palm beach can be satisfied.
    The annual April, Palm Beach is the most rich and colorful art activities, including a variety of beach crafts exhibition, which started on 4 4 on April Palm Beach Jazz Festival to showcase the most outstanding American jazz music and won the art lovers of all ages.
    Everglades National Park Everglades National Park Everglades National Park is the largest subtropical nature park, this vast and dangerous Unlike most other national parks in the United States, the establishment of the Everglades National Park is to protect the fragile ecosystem, which is not only a geographical feature of maintenance.
    50 years, the park management of all knowledge and technology are applied to the wetland national park.
    Miami has the characteristics of cocktail diet
    銆銆銆 銆銆 Many people living in Miami, leisure time and family taste the delicacy is indeed a wonderful thing.
    Then the people tasted delicious at the same time, also need to have some wine to add some atmosphere, we want to introduce the specific characteristics of the diet is Miami cocktail today.
    This cocktail modulation method is very interesting, let's take a look at it!
    The Miami diet featured cocktails A cocktail is also named Miami, the cocktail is how Miami has food characteristic This cocktail is actually a kind of rum, because in Miami port from here in the freight is very developed, so also introduced Miami rum.
    With the progress of time, now part of the Miami diet characteristics, this cocktail has become one of them.
    "The movie" camp Orlando - Universal Studios
    Watch movies in addition to experience on the screen, Orlando came to the universal studios can also be attracted by the amazing picture this "movie" camp in.
    Universal Studios in Orlando walk around, here every venue will be our most beautiful in the movie scene.

    division of Universal Studios Universal Studios in Orlando, a very large area, many of the landscape here is in the form of theme is divided into large and small theme venues.
    Including film production areas, and children's playground, shopping malls and other facilities.
    If there is only one day time, then you will feel this is a movie kingdom.
    Universal Studios in Orlando, the most representative of the building is in front of the great earth.
    The word "Universal" has English ball, came here to play there will be a lot of surprises.
    Miami Beach is a residential track follow the sun
    銆銆銆 On the beach in Miami, christian Wassmann has accomplished a sculpture of the three storey residential expansion work, in contrast to the original site of the cabin in 1930s.
    As the name suggests, "sun path residential" use the sun to help residents improve vitality and health.
    The upper facade is a vine covered Spacious kitchen building as the space between the junction, but also for the owners of the exchange place.
    And the guests behind the house stands spiral wall, such as sculpture, and played the role of structure and function.
    Miami Beach is a residential track follow the sun The three layer architecture and the expansion of the original 1930s cabin in stark contrast At the top of the building, curved wall followed the summer solstice sun trajectory, forming a private sunroom.
    The sun light by the surface wall reflection to the terrace, and the tenants from the wind.
    "People here of nature to experience a sense of seclusion," Wassman explained: "in the open sky, far from trivial interference.
    At this moment, the residents can experience different from the usual sense, immersed in nature, and the interactive world." The Everglades National Park in the thrilling journey
    銆銆銆 銆銆 The first time to see such a large swamp, in front of the overgrown weeds waters is today we will visit the Everglades National park.
    But before entering the Everglades, tour guide or the patient told us here don't climb over the fence, because in the Everglades National Park has a lot of crocodile.
    Hear "crocodile" two words, I was sweating, but the more aroused my great enthusiasm to visit the park.
    Presumably this section of the Everglades journey will be a hard way.
    The Everglades National Park in the thrilling journey In addition to the number of crocodiles in the Everglades National Park a lot, there are many snakes.
    In the tour the way just in time to see the real scene of a snake crocodile war, is really thrilling!
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