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Is there a big difference between a four-year high school and a four-year high school?
How much impact does it have?
Are there any non-artificial difficulties in applying for college in American high schools starting in the tenth grade compared with four years in American high schools?
Liu Zhi Tao 7 answers 3 From the perspective of children's adaptation and integration, curriculum planning and so on, it will be more smooth to read the whole senior high school, but it is not impossible to insert the tenth grade.
The key is to look at the individual's situation and try to start reading from the ninth grade if possible.
Teacher Fang The difference between the full four years and the incomplete four years is mainly in children's GPA, letters of recommendation, papers, activities.
That is to say, if all these factors are OK, it does not lie in your years of high school in Meigao.
Generally speaking, the students in Grade 10 may be relatively difficult.
Integration can also be slightly difficult.
But it has something to do with the basis and character of the chilD.So we can't generalize.
Good luck!
2 There are too many factors to consider when applying for a university, such as GPA, recommendation letters, documents, activities and so on.
If all other factors are the same, having a complete American high school is more advantageous for applying to university.
If read from the 10th grade, as long as the GPA is good, it will not affect much.
But it will be more difficult to apply for the 10th grade of MGM, with fewer seats than the 9th grade.
Sun teacher This is based on the specific situation of students, when applying for university, we can not say that there must be some difficulties that can not be overcome artificially.
Any difficulties can be overcome, there are also 11 grade students, but also applied to a better university.
Teacher Chen It's mainly when China's grades in Grade 9 add up to four years'GPA, American universities will pay special attention to your grades in Grade 9 when evaluating them.
If the child is exceptional, three years of performance are A, SAT or ACT scores are also very high, should not have any impact.
Generally excellent students, if your score in China is A, the score in the United States is not all A, in this case, the impact is greater.
For most students with intermediate grades, there should be no impact.
Teacher Peng I think the difference between joining the tenth grade halfway through and finishing four years is that it will be difficult to adapt at the beginning (especially in social aspects), but making good use of resources does not seem to make a big difference.
1 Personally, there is no obvious difference between American high school's four-year participation and American high school's midway participation.
The difference lies in how students make use of school resources and how they use their time to improve themselves.
Maybe the students who start in the ninth grade can adapt better, but for this application, this does not mean that they have more advantages than the students who start in the tenth grade or later.
I'm Fei Wenyi, a LEAP tutor, graduated from Foxcroft School and now studying at Carnegie Mellon University.
I'm glad to answer this question for you.
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