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Hello, I am in Grade 11. If I have decided to take the liberal arts (possibly law) course, I don't need to take AP course in science.
emilia 7 answers Teacher Chen AP courses are generally the same as the most basic courses in universities, and the most basic courses are compulsory in universities.
So there is no harm in taking more exams.
3 AP is the embodiment of learning ability.
If the ability permits, we should take an exam.
It's also good to give undergraduate students more choices.
Teacher Liu There is no law for undergraduates.
If you want to enter law school in the future, the richer the background, the better.
You can't just study liberal arts.
Teacher Huang Mathematics is necessary.
Others can consider giving up.
Teacher Fang Even if you take AP courses in science, it's necessary to make up for it.
Teacher Wu Law School has to wait until it graduates.
So the first task is to go to college.
In the United States, liberal arts and science are not as different as in ChinA.A good university is more interested in all-round development of talents and balanced development of Arts and sciences.
Therefore, it is not necessary to set up a framework for children to choose their major or direction after they enter the university, unless they have a clear goal.
Because many children may change their majors when they enter college.
Whether to take AP or not depends on the interest and ability of the child.
Teacher Peng You can not take AP courses in science.
There are many liberal arts AP classes, but Indian children learn harder than science AP classes!
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