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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Can you apply for a school without a green card?
Can parents take turns with a tourist visa?
Luan Luan 7 answers Teacher Wang Private schools can be applied for, that is, private schools with I20.
Travel visa rotation is not recommended and risky.
Teacher Fang There is no green card to apply for.
There are also many parents who come to the United States to take care of them on tourist visas.
But now the entry inspection is becoming more and more stringent, so we should make a good backup plan when parents can't enter the country.
2 A day school that can apply for international students may be interrupted even if the parents take turns to take care of them with a tourist visa, taking into account how to arrange the children at this time.
Teacher Chen There is no need for green cards in day schools for international students.
The advantage of green cards is that they can apply to schools that are not open to international students.
Theoretically speaking, parents can take turns to take care of their children by means of tourist visas when they go to school on a day-to-day basis.
It's still quite expensive for families, so parents must consider whether it's worth it.
Three essential skills for parents who want to take care of their children are cooking, language and driving.
Many beautiful and elegant in small cities or suburbs, these places for parents, life is very monotonous and boring.
If parents'English level is not very good, the day may be even more difficult.
3 All applicants are students who don't have green cards, and some parents do.
Teacher Peng You can come to accompany me, but you can't guarantee that you can enter the country for six months at a time.
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    ABOUT virginia local customs, tourist attractions
    Virginia is a state in the eastern United States along the coast of the Atlantic One of the original 13 states.
    The Atlantic to the East and south of chesapeake Bay, North carolina and Tennessee, west of Kentucky, north of West Virginia and Maryland, across the Potomac River and across washington.
    Area of 105738 square kilometers;
    in fifty states, ranked thirty-sixth in population;
    5135000 people;
    in fifty states, ranked thirteenth.
    The state is one of the oldest state.
    In 1607 the British coastal James Don established the first settlement in North america.
    So the state of "Old Dominion" alias.
    The name "Virginia" to commemorate the contribution of Queen Elizabeth I of British colonization career.
    In 1774 Mr Virginia proposed to convene the first continental congress.
    In 1775, Virginia George Washington became the 13 American colonial uprising military commander.
    In July 4, 1776, the Second continental congress adopted the declaration of independence on behalf of Virginia Thomas Jefferson participated in the drafting of "".
    The 42 president of the United States, there are 8 Virginia, they are: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, William Harrison, John Taylor, Zachary Taylor and Woodrow Werwilson.
    Therefore, Virginia is also known as "President of the township".
    1781 10 19, the British surrendered to American and French troops in the state of York at the end of the war of independence.
    6 1788 26, this month became the first state to ratify the Federal constitution, 10 plus 1 Pradesh state.
    During the civil war Virginia, the most affected, the state is the confederate outpost, and Richmond is the capital of the Southern League, and thus become the main battlefield.
    Many tragic wars happened in this area.
    銆銆 Bristol is an independent city in southwestern Virginia of the United States, was founded in 1890 years 2 months 12 days, Bristol name from the uk.
    The city of Tennessee and Bristol, just across the street, and Tennessee, Bristol is a twin city.
    Bristol is considered the birthplace of country music, country music is to learn and appreciate the ideal place.
    Here has a large size of the park, the park entertainment facilities, to encourage people to go into the park, and family to share the wonderful time, the famous Breedlove charles Square Park, cumberland Park etc.
    In order to facilitate more tourists to better understand the city, built the city a number of hotels, hotels and restaurants, where tourists can live comfortable, eat at ease, have fun.
    In addition, can understand the country music Museum, beautiful limestone cave, sacred cathedral and colorful art Museum is also worth savoring the place.
    Reason: the birthplace of American country music
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions: Virginia, [Virginia, State]
    Bristol city attractions: [Bristol]

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